April Is National Facial Protection Month | SM TEAM

April Is National Facial Protection Month!

And the Sentinel Team is here to help answer your questions surrounding teeth protection such as why wear a mouthguard? What types of mouth guards are there to choose from? What is the best choice for the most protection? What is the most comfortable mouth guard type?

First! Some stats you should know:

  • 600,000 annual emergency room visits due to sports related cranio-facial injuries
  • 80% of dental injuries occur to the upper front teeth
  • The ADA recommends mouth guards for 29 sports    dental injury from no mouth guard

Mouth guards are an important structure that have been used for years to protect from any kind of damage to the teeth. Sports risk the participants and players to major teeth damage. In fact, 39% of all dental injuries are sports related. Contact sports expose players to different types of forces from the other team mates and the opponent team members. Athletes should understand that they can purchase mouth guards from dentists directly which can be customized and adjusted in the best way or they can order directly online and make their own teeth molding at home! Most of the mouth guards are made for the upper teeth as the upper teeth are at more risk for damage from injury in sports. If required mouth guards for the lower teeth are also made for the individuals requiring it.

There are different types of mouth guards available in the recent times. This includes custom – fitted mouth guards, stock mouth guards and boil and bite mouth guards.

Custom-fitted mouth guards : The custom fitted mouth guards are of great benefit for the individuals who require mouth guards fitted to their unique dental anatomy. Benefits include superior comfort, high quality dental material and the choice to get their mouth guard adjusted according to their requirements including thickness preference, height extension, etc. The custom-fitted mouth guards are molded with special material on the stone cast of the teeth.

Stock – fitted mouth guards : The stock fitted mouth guards are a ready made type of mouth protectors. These are available directly in the sports departmental stores and the individuals can buy them for using them. The downside is that these type of mouth guards can’t be adjusted before insertion. This can lead to poor user experience as it causes breathing difficulties in the individuals using it on regular basis.

Boil and bite mouth guards : These are the mouth protectors which are made up of thermoplastic resin. It can be boiled and then adjusted before inserting into the mouth. The mouth guard can then be shaped by the tongue and the fingers. Still not on the same level as the custom made mouth guards but at least offers a bit of adaptability.

Why wear a mouth guard?

There are several major reasons to wear a mouth guard. Mouth guards prevent fractures/breakage of teeth as well as prevents knocking out of teeth in sports like boxing and football. The soft tissue injuries can be prevented by timely wear of the mouth guards during the sports. The best part is that the mouth guards will cushion the gums as well as the teeth in the mouth of the individuals wearing them. Again, a custom mouth guard is very comfortable to use. It is the top tier in mouth protection.

In this way, it is proved that the custom mouth guards are the best option for individuals who want the most comfort & to use the mouth guards to prevent injuries in contact sports. Sentinel custom mouth guards are available at just $64.50 which ensures that these custom mouth guards are accessible and affordable for individuals in different fields. Thus, custom made mouth guards prove to be of great benefit for everyone who requires mouth guards in daily life.