Dental Night Guard vs. Dental Retainer

sentinel dental retainer

Dental Night Guard vs. Dental Retainer

Dental Night Guard vs. Dental Retainer What is the difference between the two? After braces, the teeth are highly susceptible to movement/shifting as they just underwent some intense re-positioning and even though your new, beautifully straight teeth may look like they’re here to stay, your freshly positioned dental anatomy is still trying to find its

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Will Dental Insurance Cover My Night Guard?

Will Dental Insurance Cover My Night Guard?  Has your dentist suggested you wear a night guard because you are grinding or clenching your teeth? You may initially balk at the dental office price but you have good dental insurance and your custom night guard is surely covered right? Many people assume that all dental insurance

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why am I clenching my teeth?

“Why am I clenching my jaw?”

The Effects of Teeth Clenching and How to Prevent It “Why am I clenching my jaw?” It is very easy to imagine that your oral health especially the condition of your teeth ends with good diet and mouth cleaning habits. Unfortunately, there are other habits like teeth clenching which can easily cause destruction to your

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Product Returns All returns must receive a RETURN MATERIALS AUTHORIZATION (RMA) number from the Sentinel Mouthguards Customer Service Department prior to shipment. This RMA number must be clearly noted on the outside of the returning package. Please contact customer service at to request refund. An RMA number will be supplied in reply email. If

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jaw pain & tenderness on just one side

Why Do I Have Jaw Pain & Tenderness? | Sentinel Mouthguard Co.

“I have jaw pain & tenderness. Why?”   Jaw pain & tenderness during the day. Jaw pain refers to an uncomfortable feeling or the popping sensation that is associated with tooth pain, tenderness, aching of the other areas of the neck or face, and difficulty in chewing. In some cases, this condition is also known

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my night guard broke

“My Night Guard Broke. What do I do?” | Sentinel Team

Broken Dental Night Guards Dental night guards are devices which are worn by dental patients who suffer from unconsciously grinding their teeth during the night while they sleep. Grinding your teeth during the night can cause tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, jaw pain, and other negative health consequences. Night guards protect the teeth of individuals who

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dental mouth guard cost

How Much Is A Mouth Guard From The Dentist?

How much is a mouth guard from the dentist?   Our teeth tend to be resilient considering the constant biting, chewing and grinding they are prone to. With time, however, changes keep occurring to our teeth. For instance, they continually wear and tear as one ages, and you may experience problems such as grinding your

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i bite my tongue in my sleep

“I Bite My Tongue In My Sleep. Why?”

BITING YOUR TONGUE DURING SLEEP. Why it’s happening and what you can do to protect your tongue from damage Question: “I bite my tongue in my sleep. Why?” Tongue biting is a common problem. So many people bite their tongue while eating, speaking or sleeping. Biting your tongue when sleeping is irritating, especially after you

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soft dental night guard

Soft Dental Night Guards Review

Soft Dental Night Guards Review If you grind your teeth, you may be all too familiar with waking up in the morning with painful jaws and a headache.  So far, nothing solves that more than a mouth guard. The mouth guard for teeth grinding is not like the typical sports mouth guard; rather it is

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hard dental night guard

Hard Dental Night Guard Review

Hard Dental Night Guard Review Written by Michael Dorman The Problem My headachy wake up began a little over two months ago. I kept telling myself that it was because I hadn’t slept well during the night. I was sleep deprived or probably cold. Until my doctor suggested that I might be grinding my teeth

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What Is The Difference Between An Upper Or Lower Night Guard?

What Is The Difference Between An Upper Or Lower Night Guard? Upper or lower night guard? Which one do I choose? Many people grind or clench their teeth at night during sleep. This is a condition known as nocturnal bruxism. Over time, bruxism can lead to the wearing away of the teeth’s enamel, as well

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night guard for teeth grinding

Affordable Night Guard For Teeth Grinding

Looking for affordable night guard for teeth grinding? You have come to the right place! Oh and there’s more good news: You don’t have to leave your house. Direct from the lab Easy online ordering Easy do-it-yourself dental impression kit Affordable custom night guard same as dentist Meet Sentinel Mouthguard Company Sentinel Mouthguard Company is

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comfortable dental night guard

Comfortable Night Guards, Where Art Thou?

Is there such a thing as a comfortable night guard? How long does it take to get used to wearing one? These are the two questions that ran through Mary’s mind as she sat with her dentist.”You need a night guard, Mary. Plain and simple. Those teeth of yours are going to look like broken

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2mm sentinel night guard hard dental

How Long Do Dental Night Guards Last? | Sentinel Mouthguards

  DENTAL NIGHT GUARDS FACTS: THEIR LONGEVITY AND HOW TO MAKE THEM LAST How long do dental night guards last? If you have been diagnosed with bruxism by your dentist, he/she may have recommended a night guard for you. Dental night guards are pretty expensive. With such a hefty price tag, you may find yourself

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does a dental night guard stop teeth grinding?

Does A Dental Night Guard Stop Teeth Grinding?

DOES A DENTAL NIGHT GUARD STOP TEETH GRINDING? Many people grind their teeth subconsciously in their sleep. Medically referred to as bruxism, this condition affects many people in oblivion, leaving the only chance of recognizing this condition to the signs of worn out teeth; which is dangerous. Grinding of teeth takes place when the upper

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Custom Dental Night Guard

How Does A Dental Night Guard Work?

How Does A Dental Night Guard Work? It is well known that a smile is an important asset in life, yet it is often taken for granted. Whether you flaunt your all-natural teeth when you smile, or have cosmetically enhanced your teeth in one way or the other, a dental night guard may be the

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how is a dental night guard made

How Are Dental Night Guards Made? | Sentinel Mouthguards

How Are Dental Night Guards Made? Here is the process to make a night dental guard: Step 1: Impression Taking This is a critical step to guarantee an excellent end result. A negative copy of the lower and/or upper teeth is taken in order to create a stone cast from it. The impression gels have

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dentist made night dental guards

Why Do Night Guards Cost So Much?

Why Do Night Guards Cost So Much? Short answer: Dental night guards vary in price. Store bought “ready to wear” dental night guards can cost as little as $20.00. Some dentists are charging upwards of $800. Online you can purchase a custom made night guard by taking your own dental impression for as little as

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different types of dental night guards

Night Guard For Teeth Grinding: Soft, Hard, Or Dual Laminate? Which type is right for you?

First, what is teeth grinding and why is a professionally custom made night guard for teeth grinding (based on a dental impression of your teeth) the preferred choice Teeth Grinding a.k.a Bruxism Bruxism is excessive grinding of the teeth and/or excessive clenching of the jaw. Bruxism is an oral parafunctional activity; i.e., not an activity

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