Will Dental Insurance Cover My Night Guard?

Will Dental Insurance Cover My Night Guard?  Has your dentist suggested you wear a night guard because you are grinding or clenching your teeth? You may initially balk at the dental office price but you have good dental insurance and your custom night guard is surely covered right? Many people assume that all dental insurance

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why am I clenching my teeth?

“Why am I clenching my jaw?”

The Effects of Teeth Clenching and How to Prevent It “Why am I clenching my jaw?” It is very easy to imagine that your oral health especially the condition of your teeth ends with good diet and mouth cleaning habits. Unfortunately, there are other habits like teeth clenching which can easily cause destruction to your

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Product Returns All returns must receive a RETURN MATERIALS AUTHORIZATION (RMA) number from the Sentinel Mouthguards Customer Service Department prior to shipment. This RMA number must be clearly noted on the outside of the returning package. Please contact customer service at info@sentinelmouthguards.com to request refund. An RMA number will be supplied in reply email. If

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jaw pain & tenderness on just one side

Why Do I Have Jaw Pain & Tenderness? | Sentinel Mouthguard Co.

“I have jaw pain & tenderness. Why?” Jaw pain & tenderness during the day. Jaw pain refers to an uncomfortable feeling or the popping sensation that is associated with tooth pain, tenderness, aching of the other areas of the neck or face, and difficulty in chewing. In some cases, this condition is also known as

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ptsd & bruxism

Could PTSD be Causing me to Grind and Clench my Teeth?

“Could PTSD be Causing me to Grind and Clench my Teeth?” The Relation of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) & Bruxism (Night Teeth Grinding) The Relationship Between PTSD & Bruxism (nighttime teeth grinding) When one thinks of PTSD they might picture a man that once wore army green trying to cope with the horrors of

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5 bad habits that can wreck your teeth

5 Dental Habits That Can Wreck Your Teeth

5 Bad Dental Habits That Can Wreck Your Teeth Do you know how long your teeth can last? If properly cared for, human teeth can last their entire lifetime. The Academy of General Dentistry reports that there is no reason senior citizens can’t keep their natural teeth for a lifetime since tooth loss is the

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botox used to treat teeth grinding decreases bone density

Botox For Teeth Grinding? Not Such a Good Idea After All.

Botox For Teeth Grinding? Botox has long been used worldwide for medical or cosmetic reasons. The botox injections have been successful in what they were to do. However, research has shown that though positive results have been noted, there are negative side effects that outweigh the benefits. This was noted when studies on effects of

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reventing gum recession

3 Ways To Prevent Gum Recession | SM Team

Gum Recession – Causes and Prevention When the margin of your gum tissue starts pulling back, your teeth are exposed. This process is known as gum recession. It is not something that can be easily noticed since the process is gradual and the early symptoms are usually ignored. Gum recession is a serious dental condition

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night tongue biting

Habitual Nighttime Tongue Biting Is A Real Thing

And it’s much more common than you think! Nighttime Tongue Biting Nighttime tongue biting is a condition that has disturbed many people leaving them frustrated and seeking answers. Everyone has bitten their tongue at one point or another but this is mostly accidental and happens mostly when eating meals or when talking. Once in a

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my night guard broke

“My Night Guard Broke. What do I do?” | Sentinel Team

Broken Dental Night Guards Dental night guards are devices which are worn by dental patients who suffer from unconsciously grinding their teeth during the night while they sleep. Grinding your teeth during the night can cause tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, jaw pain, and other negative health consequences. Night guards protect the teeth of individuals who

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facial protection gear

National Facial Protection Month – Dental Night Guards

National Facial Protection Month- Cont. Dental Night Guards  Dental problems are some of the most painful problems anyone can ever experience. Just one tooth can cause  great pain, sleepless nights, severe infections, & even illness. There are many causes of dental problems, a major cause being bad oral hygiene. However, injuries during sports and other

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april is national facial protection

April Is National Facial Protection Month | SM TEAM

April Is National Facial Protection Month! And the Sentinel Team is here to help answer your questions surrounding teeth protection such as why wear a mouthguard? What types of mouth guards are there to choose from? What is the best choice for the most protection? What is the most comfortable mouth guard type? First! Some

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thin mouth guard

Athletic Mouth Guards In Sports

Athletic Mouth Guards In Sports By simply failing to wear a mouth guard while playing sports, you increase your odds of experiencing an injury to your mouth by about 60 times. Common mouth injuries include loss of teeth and jaw fractures. These injuries are both painful and serious, and often require surgeries and days or

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yoga helps with bruxism

Want to Stop Grinding your Teeth at Night? Start Doing Yoga.

Want to Stop Grinding your Teeth at Night? Start Doing Yoga. Do you grind your teeth at night? The main reason for that could be stress. Teeth grinding is something that many people develop involuntarily and can hang onto for many years. For this reason, it may become frustrating when trying to stop the action,

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what is bruxism

What Is Bruxism?

What is bruxism? Many people are not familiar with the word bruxism but have commonly seen the behaviors caused by this condition. Bruxism is a teeth grinding disorder which causes you to clench your teeth together, grind or gnash them involuntarily. People suffering from bruxism occasionally find themselves unconsciously clenching their teeth together either during

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Teeth Falling Out Nightmare and Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

 Teeth Falling Out Nightmare and Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) Overview  Dreams of teeth falling out are among the most popular dreams that are received by the dream moods. Most of such dreams revolve around the teeth crumbling in your own hands, start to rot, grow crooked or fall out each one at a time with just

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my night guard broke

Sentinel Mouthguard Co. 2016: Frequently Asked Night Guard Questions, Answered

Your 2016 Frequently Asked Night Guard Questions, Answered Q: How do I know if I’m grinding my teeth at night? A: A dentist can tell whether or not you are grinding or clenching your teeth either through observable wear and/or tiny fracture lines or through x ray. Other common ways of learning you do grind

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dental mouth guard cost

How Much Is A Mouth Guard From The Dentist?

  Our teeth tend to be resilient considering the constant biting, chewing and grinding they are prone to. With time, however, changes keep occurring to our teeth. For instance, they continually wear and tear as one ages, and you may experience problems such as grinding your teeth at night or even clenching your jaw. Such

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Holiday Stress Already Have You Grinding Your Teeth More Than Usual?

Bruxism: What Is It And How Can You Manage It During The Holidays? Does holiday stress already have you grinding your teeth more than usual? For many people, holidays are the most stressful periods of the year. This is when many social events like family gatherings, office parties and parties with friends take place. Amidst

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i bite my tongue in my sleep

“I Bite My Tongue In My Sleep. Why?”

BITING YOUR TONGUE DURING SLEEP. Why it’s happening and what you can do to protect your tongue from damage   Question: “I bite my tongue in my sleep. Why?” Tongue biting is a common problem. So many people bite their tongue while eating, speaking or sleeping. Biting your tongue when sleeping is irritating, especially after

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