why do I have tooth sensitivity?

“My Teeth Are Sensitive To Hot & Cold. Why?”

Causes of Tooth Sensitivity “My Teeth Are Sensitive To Hot & Cold. Why?” Tooth sensitivity is the simple term commonly used to refer to root sensitivity or dentin hypersensitivity. Having sensitive teeth means cold, hot, sweet, highly acidic drinks and foods or even breathing cold air will cause your teeth to feel painful or sensitive.

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stress and bruxism

“Does Stress Make Me Grind My Teeth?” | Sentinel Team

Question: Does Stress Make Me Grind My Teeth? The relationship between stress and bruxism Have you ever found yourself grinding your teeth for unexplainable reasons? The answer to this question for quite a number of individuals is yes. Teeth grinding or gnashing as most people call it is not an unusual phenomenon. In fact, if

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soft dental night guard

Soft Dental Night Guards Review

Soft Dental Night Guards Review If you grind your teeth, you may be all too familiar with waking up in the morning with painful jaws and a headache.  So far, nothing solves that more than a mouth guard. The mouth guard for teeth grinding is not like the typical sports mouth guard; rather it is

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hard dental night guard

Hard Dental Night Guard Review

Hard Dental Night Guard Review Written by Michael Dorman The Problem My headachy wake up began a little over two months ago. I kept telling myself that it was because I hadn’t slept well during the night. I was sleep deprived or probably cold. Until my doctor suggested that I might be grinding my teeth

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messed up my dental impression

“If I Mess Up My Dental Impression What Do I Do?” | Sentinel Mouthguards

“If I mess up my dental impression what do I do?” Answer: No need to hit the panic button. If your first dental impression doesn’t go very well simply contact us. We will ship out a new dental impression kit to you. Hang on to your prepaid mailer as you will be needing that to

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night guard with sensor to detect bruxism

5 Things To Know About The Sensor-Laden Smart Guard (night guard for teeth grinding)

5 Things To Know About The Sensor-Laden Smart Guard (night guard for teeth grinding) According to research conducted by the American Psychological Association, the stresses of everyday life are considered to be the key cause of bruxism. Loosely defined, bruxism refers to a medical condition characterized by the inadvertent grinding of ones teeth as well

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damaged teeth from grinding

“Am I Going To Have Damaged Teeth From Grinding?” | SM Team

Do You Know How Much Your Teeth Suffer Because Of Nocturnal Bruxism? What is bruxism (teeth grinding)? Bruxism is basically the condition in which you grind or clench your teeth. Those of us who have this condition may grind or clench the teeth during the day and also during the night. Nocturnal bruxism is considered

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sleep apnea in relation to teeth grinding

Does My Sleep Apnea Also Make Me Grind My Teeth?

“Does My Sleep Apnea Also Make Me Grind My Teeth?” It’s only natural for most people to grind and clench their teeth once in a while. Occasional teeth clenching and grinding does not usually cause any lasting damage or harm. However, when teeth grinding occurs frequently, eventually the teeth can be damaged and other more

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What Is The Difference Between An Upper Or Lower Night Guard?

What Is The Difference Between An Upper Or Lower Night Guard? Many people grind or clench their teeth at night during sleep. This is a condition known as nocturnal bruxism. Over time, bruxism can lead to the wearing away of the teeth’s enamel, as well as a host of other problems such as cracked teeth

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night guard for teeth grinding

Affordable Night Guard For Teeth Grinding

Looking for affordable night guard for teeth grinding? You have come to the right place! Oh and there’s more good news: You don’t have to leave your house. Direct from the lab Easy online ordering Easy do-it-yourself dental impression kit Affordable custom night guard same as dentist Meet Sentinel Mouthguard Company Sentinel Mouthguard Company is

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how do I stop clenching my teeth?

I’m Clenching My Teeth During The Day. Do I Need A Night Guard?

I’m Clenching My Teeth During The Day. Do I Need A Night Guard?  If you have found yourself searching for the answer to this question you should first get a clear understanding of two things: What is a mouth guard for teeth grinding and what is it’s purpose? A mouth guard  for teeth grinding (also

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comfortable dental night guard

Comfortable Night Guards, Where Art Thou?

Is there such a thing as a comfortable night guard? How long does it take to get used to wearing one? These are the two questions that ran through Mary’s mind as she sat with her dentist.”You need a night guard, Mary. Plain and simple. Those teeth of yours are going to look like broken

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2mm sentinel night guard hard dental

How Long Do Dental Night Guards Last? | Sentinel Mouthguards

  DENTAL NIGHT GUARDS FACTS: THEIR LONGEVITY AND HOW TO MAKE THEM LAST How long do dental night guards last? If you have been diagnosed with bruxism by your dentist, he/she may have recommended a night guard for you. Dental night guards are pretty expensive. With such a hefty price tag, you may find yourself

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Does A Mouth Guard Prevent Concussions?

Does A Mouthguard Prevent Concussions? Overview Concerns about concussions among athletes continue to capture the attention of doctors and other sporting officials. A global consensus report has been released that provides useful insight concerning concussions and its appropriate diagnosis and treatment. However, this report does not fully answer the perturbing question - Does a mouth

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does a dental night guard stop teeth grinding?

Does A Dental Night Guard Stop Teeth Grinding?

DOES A DENTAL NIGHT GUARD STOP TEETH GRINDING? Many people grind their teeth subconsciously in their sleep. Medically referred to as bruxism, this condition affects many people in oblivion, leaving the only chance of recognizing this condition to the signs of worn out teeth; which is dangerous. Grinding of teeth takes place when the upper

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Sentinel Mouthguard

What Is The Best Mouth Guard For MMA?

What Is The Best Mouth Guard For MMA? If you are involved in any form of combat sport, such as MMA you need protective gear to avoid head or oral injuries. One of the must-have protective gear pieces for that purpose is a mouth guard. Once you wear it in place, you will eliminate any

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anxiety & bruxism

Can Anxiety Cause Bruxism?

Can Anxiety Cause Bruxism? How Treating Your Anxiety Can Also Treat Your Bruxism (teeth grinding) Bruxism is the repetitive grinding of teeth as well as teeth clenching which usually occurs while the individual is asleep. The side effects of this condition can include worn out teeth, jaw pain, facial pain and temporomandibular joint disorder. Some

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Custom Dental Night Guard

How Does A Dental Night Guard Work?

How Does A Dental Night Guard Work? It is well known that a smile is an important asset in life, yet it is often taken for granted. Whether you flaunt your all-natural teeth when you smile, or have cosmetically enhanced your teeth in one way or the other, a dental night guard may be solution

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how do you make a dental night guard?

How Are Dental Night Guards Made? | Sentinel Mouthguards

How Are Dental Night Guards Made? Teeth grinding, also called bruxism, is a serious condition that can lead to a number of problems like jaw disorders, jaw pain, earaches, and persistent headaches, to name a few. This condition affects people from all ages and the generally identified causes can be physical, psychological, or both, including:

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