how do I stop clenching my teeth?

I’m Clenching My Teeth During The Day. Do I Need A Night Guard?

I’m Clenching My Teeth During The Day. Do I Need A Night Guard?  If you have found yourself searching for the answer to this question you should first get a clear understanding of two things: What is a mouth guard for teeth grinding and what is it’s purpose? A mouth guard  for teeth grinding (also

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comfortable dental night guard

Comfortable Night Guards, Where Art Thou?

Is there such a thing as a comfortable night guard? How long does it take to get used to wearing one? These are the two questions that ran through Mary’s mind as she sat with her dentist.”You need a night guard, Mary. Plain and simple. Those teeth of yours are going to look like broken

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2mm sentinel night guard hard dental

How Long Do Dental Night Guards Last? | Sentinel Mouthguards

  DENTAL NIGHT GUARDS FACTS: THEIR LONGEVITY AND HOW TO MAKE THEM LAST How long do dental night guards last? If you have been diagnosed with bruxism by your dentist, he/she may have recommended a night guard for you. Dental night guards are pretty expensive. With such a hefty price tag, you may find yourself

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Does A Mouth Guard Prevent Concussions?

Does A Mouthguard Prevent Concussions? Overview Concerns about concussions among athletes continue to capture the attention of doctors and other sporting officials. A global consensus report has been released that provides useful insight concerning concussions and its appropriate diagnosis and treatment. However, this report does not fully answer the perturbing question - Does a mouth

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does a dental night guard stop teeth grinding?

Does A Dental Night Guard Stop Teeth Grinding?

DOES A DENTAL NIGHT GUARD STOP TEETH GRINDING? Many people grind their teeth subconsciously in their sleep. Medically referred to as bruxism, this condition affects many people in oblivion, leaving the only chance of recognizing this condition to the signs of worn out teeth; which is dangerous. Grinding of teeth takes place when the upper

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Sentinel Mouthguard

What Is The Best Mouth Guard For MMA?

What Is The Best Mouth Guard For MMA? If you are involved in any form of combat sport, such as MMA you need protective gear to avoid head or oral injuries. One of the must-have protective gear pieces for that purpose is a mouth guard. Once you wear it in place, you will eliminate any

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Custom Dental Night Guard

How Does A Dental Night Guard Work?

How Does A Dental Night Guard Work? It is well known that a smile is an important asset in life, yet it is often taken for granted. Whether you flaunt your all-natural teeth when you smile, or have cosmetically enhanced your teeth in one way or the other, a dental night guard may be the

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how is a dental night guard made

How Are Dental Night Guards Made? | Sentinel Mouthguards

How Are Dental Night Guards Made? Here is the process to make a night dental guard: Step 1: Impression Taking This is a critical step to guarantee an excellent end result. A negative copy of the lower and/or upper teeth is taken in order to create a stone cast from it. The impression gels have

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sentinel mouthguard promo codes

Looking For Sentinel Mouthguard Coupons? | Sentinel Mouthguards

Looking to Save Even More Dough? Check out our Sentinel Mouthguard Coupons!Sentinel Mouthguard Co. offers discounts on orders over $200 and a discount if you already have your dental stone mold. See coupon information below:BIG SPENDER Save 20% on orders over $200 by entering coupon code “BIG SPENDER” at checkout! ALREADY STONED Save 20% on

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dentist made night dental guards

Why Do Night Guards Cost So Much?

Why Do Night Guards Cost So Much? Short answer: Dental night guards vary in price. Store bought “ready to wear” dental night guards can cost as little as $20.00. Some dentists are charging upwards of $800. Online you can purchase a custom made night guard by taking your own dental impression for as little as

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What’s the Difference Between Jaw Clenching and Teeth Grinding?

What’s the Difference Between Jaw Clenching and Teeth Grinding?   Jaw clenching and teeth grinding are both common manifestations of a condition known as “bruxism.” Bruxism usually happens unconsciously, and can occur either while you’re awake, or while you’re asleep. So what’s the difference between jaw clenching and teeth grinding? Waking bruxism is usually characterized

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What Age Can a Child Wear a Dental Night Guard?

Can a Child Wear a Dental Night Guard? The short answer: Ask your dentist. Recommended use for children varies greatly. As parents we deal with miniature crisis’ all the time–scraped knees, growing pains, hunger pains, sick days and everything in between. These common issues have aided us in becoming pretty proficient in what to do

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head trauma in athletes

Head Trauma In Athletes | Sentinel Mouthguards

Head Trauma In Athletes: Should We Start Rethinking Careers In Contact Sports? Head trauma in athletes has been known as a possible consequence of taking part in contact sports for a long time, but recent research has shown that the damage done to the brain may be much worse than previously realized. Given this new

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does botox help stop teeth grindng

“Can Botox Stop My Teeth Grinding?” | Sentinel Mouthguards

Update 06/15/16 Recent research suggests Botox for teeth decreases bone density in jaw. More on this can be found here: Botox for Teeth Grinding and TMJ Teeth grinding, aka bruxism, the unconscious clenching and grinding of the teeth that takes place during the night (while you are asleep) has been a fairly recent and

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teeth grinding and stress

Is My Teeth Grinding Caused By Stress?

“The dentist recently told me I grind my teeth at night and suggested I wear a night guard. He asked if I was under any notable stress lately. I looked at him and said “you mean any more than usual?!”. I have 3 kids and a full time job. ‘Stressed’ is pretty much a constant

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sentinel athletic mouthguard custom

What In The Hay Is A Gum Shield? | Sentinel Mouthguards

THE GUM SHIELD AND ITS IMPORTANCE Sometimes the English language is just downright confusing. Must we have 10 variations of the same word? Is there a difference between the mouthguard and the gum shield? A gum shield is a protective appliance or device that is used to cover the teeth and gums. It is always

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how long do dental night guards last?

What Is The Difference Between Bruxism and TMJ?

Bruxism (Teeth-Grinding) vs. TMJ Syndrome Introduction Disorders of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can have many names. These include TMJ syndrome, TMJ dysfunction, and TMJ disorder, among others. Throughout this article, we’ll use these terms interchangeably. Regardless of the names, these conditions are often exacerbated by persistent teeth-grinding (bruxism). Before we talk more about TMJ problems,

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i grind my teeth at night

“I Grind My Teeth At Night. Do I Really Have To Wear A Night Guard?”

Night Teeth Grinding 101 “I grind my teeth at night. Do I really have to wear a night guard?” Picture it: You and your new beau are getting ready to go to sleep. You lean in to give each other a kiss goodnight and his lips graze the plastic night guard appliance that you have

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teeth sore when I wake up

“My Teeth Are Sore When I Wake Up. Why?”

The problem of waking up with sore teeth is common amongst many people. “My Teeth Are Sore When I Wake Up. Why?” Often times, when a person goes to sleep, their teeth feel healthy and fine but when they wake up the teeth will feel sore. This may or may not be accompanied by a

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