does my teeth grinding make me look older?

“Is My Teeth Grinding Habit Making Me Look Older?”

“Is My Teeth Grinding Habit Making Me Look Older?” When Glamour magazine ran an article  last month about preventative aging & the benefits of wearing a night guard, many became enlightened to one of the sneakiest signs of aging. Teeth grinding and (as a result) teeth shortening. Our Skin Is Nothing Without Good Bones, Muscles and Teeth

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Mouth Guards – The Bad, the Good, and the Perfect Mouth guard

So you’ve decided that you need a mouthguard. Maybe you’re an athlete or maybe you grind your teeth at night, or maybe both. Maybe you already use a mouthguard, and you want an upgrade or a replacement. Whatever your circumstances, you’ve made a good choice. Take care of your teeth, and they’ll take care of

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hard acrylic night guard for teeth grinding fits seamlessly on teeth

Difference Between Dental Night Guard Types

WHICH DENTAL NIGHT GUARD TYPE IS RIGHT FOR ME & WHAT IS A NIGHT GUARD MADE OF? So you’re faced with the decision to buy a custom fit night guard for your teeth grinding or jaw clenching habits. But which one? Should you go with the less expensive soft night guard? Or the dual laminated

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