National Facial Protection Month – Dental Night Guards

National Facial Protection Month- Cont.

Dental Night Guards 

hybrid night guard for teeth grindingDental problems are some of the most painful problems anyone can ever experience. Just one tooth can cause  great pain, sleepless nights, severe infections, & even illness. There are many causes of dental problems, a major cause being bad oral hygiene. However, injuries during sports and other outdoor activities also contribute to dental issues. Some of these problems are so severe that the victims end up in severe pain, experience tooth loss and costly dental repairs. Some dental problems cannot be avoided but there are some that can be avoided if a measure of protection is taken. Such protection can save a lot of anguish.



National Facial Protection Month
Each year, the month of April is dedicated to raising awareness of facial protection in the dental industry. During this month, people are reminded to take safety precautions as they engage in sports and other recreational activities. Since such events should be fun, you would not want them to end on a sad note due to an injury sustained by yourself or others. Some of the protective measures that can be taken including wearing mouth guards whether taking part in sports or to curb effects of teeth grinding, wearing helmets, having protective eyewear and wearing face shields. All parents, caregivers, teachers, coaches and adults should take this responsibility seriously since it can save a life.

The issue may not seem very important. When you observe some children riding bicycles, you may  notice they do not have helmets and other protective gear for their elbows and knees. At times, parents or caregivers may not see importance of such protective gear especially when the child is riding just around home. Some adults know they are supposed to have protective gear when taking part in activities that could lead to injury but due to overconfidence or any other reason, the matter is either ignored or taken lightly. However, it is important to stress the importance of protective gear as it can save people from serious facial and dental injuries which may cause lasting effects on victims.

Creating Awareness

create awarenessAs a society, we should be concerned about the matter even though we may not have children or take part in any activities that require us to wear protective gear. A good society watches out for others and we can also do this by reminding ourselves and other to always protect ourselves by wearing items designed for our protection. There are many ways of creating awareness so that as many people as possible can receive the message. Social media is the most effective tool but there are others we can utilize to create awareness. We will thus contribute to reducing the number of injuries experienced by many people around the world and even prevent some of the lasting and damaging effects of not wearing protective gear.

Oral injuries are frequently experienced all around the world. Annually, approximately 12 million people between 5 years and 22 years suffer from injuries caused by sports. The cost of healthcare for such injuries is $33 billion. Additionally, school days are lost due to this. When it comes to dental injuries caused by grinding, about 30% of the population suffer from the negative effects of tooth grinding. All these could be prevented by simply wearing a properly fitted mouth guard.

Mouth Protection Industry
With advancement in technology, the mouth protection industry has also improved in various ways. Earlier, in order to get dental night guards, you would have to visit your dentist and have him take your measurements and prescribe a suitable dental guard for you. This would involve paying dentist fees to get what you require. However, with internet and emergence of online stores, you can easily get custom fitted dental night guards online. When ordering online, you can choose the thickness and type of the guard you would like, either for the lower teeth or the upper teeth. You may also be required to state whether you are male or female so that suitable dental guards are customized for you. They can also be delivered to your address thus saving time, energy and money that you would use to go all the way to the dentist.

One of the reasons why some people may require dental night guards even though they are not taking part in sports is due to bruxing. Bruxing is the excessive grinding of teeth and clenching of the jaw. It could occur when you are sleeping or when you are awake. Situations such as nervousness may cause some to excessively grind their teeth. At times, it is a reaction of medication prescribed.

Effects of Bruxing
1. Tooth Destruction
The enamel of your teeth could be completely worn out due to bruxism. This results in tooth sensitivity which is irritating & uncomfortable especially when drinking cold liquids. Parts of the teeth could also chip out thus increasing the risk of infections. Additionally, any restorations such as crown and fillings will usually fail since they are being continually chipped out. Excessive grinding also leads to loose teeth thus making it difficult to chew food properly.

2. Headaches
The headaches are mild and they occur due to muscle pain which results from the excessive grinding.

3. Inflamed Gums
When gums are swollen, the teeth may become sore when biting and it is also the cause of loose teeth.

4. Limited Mouth Opening
Due to the jaw muscles getting tired, you may find it difficult to fully open your mouth comfortably.

5. Lack of Sleep
Due to the pain and uncomfortable effects of bruxing, you may find it difficult to sleep soundly.

There are many more negative effects of bruxing. The cost of healthcare required to treat the effects can be quite costly and the tooth restoration procedures can be taxing. However, all that can be prevented by using dental night guards. Since it is much easier to get them online and even delivered to your doorstep, you should take advantage of the opportunity to get one or inform others who may need it. We definitely would not like to see people lose their teeth prematurely. As the mouth protection industry keeps getting better, a more advanced prevention and treatment method may be created for those suffering from bruxism.