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Custom-fit upper & lower whitening trays + 3 syringes 2.4 mL ZOOM! NiteWhite 22 % bleach. This is the same take home kit sold in dental offices for $500 & up. Immediate results. Fast and highly effective.

Here’s how it works: We mail out an upper & lower dental impression kit to you (putty & trays). Following the EASY instructions, take your impression(s) and using the pre-paid mailer-mail back to us. Upon receipt of impressions, we will fabricate your new custom fit trays within 2 business days. That’s it!

If you like to keep your teeth consistently white throughout the year, this is the option for you. When we compare custom-fit trays that are made specifically for you, and the other forms of whitening(crest white strips etc) one can quickly see the short term & long term advantages of using the custom-fit trays. You cannot get a more comfortable fit than thin clear trays that are designed just for you. Many people wear these trays while they’re at work interacting with clients & co-workers because they’re so unobtrusive & unnoticeable.

Taking your own dental impression is EASY!! Click on our “How it works” tab to read more on the simplicity of taking your own impression.

NiteWhite ACP 22% is a popular at-home tooth whitening gel thanks to the safety of its medium-strength. It is manufactured by Discus Dental, the maker of the venerated ZOOM! one-hour tooth whitening system, so you know its products have to be the best! NiteWhite ACP 22% is a clinical-grade tooth whitening gel of 22% carbamide peroxide. Compared against the range of take-home tooth whitening gels, 22% is a medium strength tooth whitening gel that is an excellent option for sensitive mouths.


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