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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Safety Update

Dear Customers,
We know that many of you are concerned about the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We would like to reassure you that we are using the most current information available to mitigate risk. We are closely monitoring the information provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for guidance and will continue to update our procedures accordingly.
Please note we do not outsource ANY dental work to other countries. All production occurs within our lab in the USA. Additionally, our small employee number makes communication and cooperation within our team much easier to manage than larger corporations. We are all on board in making sure we take extra measure to protect the public from harm.
We take the cleanliness and sanitation of our products and facility very seriously. Sentinel Mouthguards always has full time cleaning staff and has added additional procedures during this time. We are also regularly communicating with staff members and stressing the importance of following the general flu prevention guidelines. For everyone’s convenience and safety, we have added additional hand sanitizer stations throughout our facility.
Sentinel Mouthguards takes the safety, health, and well-being of our staff and customers very seriously and will continue to vigilantly monitor the situation.

A note from the CDC on shipping products and packaging:

“In general, because of poor survivability of these coronaviruses on surfaces, there is likely very low risk of spread from products or packaging that are shipped over a period of days or weeks at ambient temperatures. Coronaviruses are generally thought to be spread most often by respiratory droplets. Currently there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 in the United States with goods.”

What are public health officials are saying about receiving packages?

Ask the delivery person to leave the package outside. Open the package with a glove or wipe. Dispose of the packaging and glove/wipe outside. Wipe down the contents of the package with disinfectant and bring the contents inside.
Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.
Thank you,
Ashely Notarmaso
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Ashely Notarmaso

Ashely Notarmaso is the author behind the Sentinel Mouth Guard Blog. She is the CEO and founder of Sentinel Mouth Guards, LLC. (Founded in 2012) and has over a decade of experience in the dental field. She has worked as a laboratory technician in several dental laboratories and dental offices in the US. She has written over 70 highly regarded articles on all things mouth guard related. Ashelys long-time work in the dental mouth guard arena and her excellent ability to listen to customer concerns in this often contradictory field has laid the groundwork to explore night guard/mouth guard fabrication in-depth and address real concerns. With the help of her team, she has created a unique fabrication method that promises a great fitting custom oral appliance every time. Amazon’s choice for #1 mouth guard! Visit the online store http://sentinelmouthguards.com

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