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How a Whiter Smile Can Have an Effect on Makeup

white teeth make lip color pop

You may have come across many articles discussing the opposite if this headline like, How Makeup Can Make Your Smile Look Whiter or 5 Lip Shades That Will Make Your Teeth Pop This Holiday Season

While it is certainly true that the right, bright shade of lipstick can make the teeth appear whiter, the more common result of wearing a bright or dark lipstick is that it draws attention to the mouth and simply accentuates what is already there.

If the teeth are already stained, focusing on a whiter smile first to enhance your natural beauty is hands down the way to get that wow factor you’ve been looking for. Once your teeth have been whitened, applying makeup including or excluding a seasonal lip color will make that new, white beautiful smile pop!

Most of us have picked up a few good makeup tips & tricks over the years.

My Mema used to say “If there’s only one thing you can put on your face, it better be a nice red lipstick.” But red lipstick and yellow teeth? Not such a great match.

So what’s a girl to do? Focus on a whiter smile first. Then build on that.

Why whiten your teeth in the first place?

Our teeth naturally darken over time. Drinking tea, wine or coffee daily can cause the teeth to yellow. All sorts of foods and drinks stain our teeth. For example, blueberries, beets, curry, tomato sauce, certain candies, soda, Gatorade are all delicious yet yellowing culprits.

Studies have shown that we humans have a positive response to a bright smile.

We attribute many characteristics (albeit presumptuous and possibly incorrect) to a nice set of pearly whites. This includes attractiveness, a certain level of assumed success, cleanliness and good oral hygiene. Hey, I know how this sounds BUT it’s a material world and I am a material girl.

Remember: Don’t let your makeup enhance your smile. Let your smile enhance your makeup.

Tips to Keep Your Teeth Bright and White

  • Whiten your teeth! There are hundreds of whitening products online all claiming to do a better job than the other at whitening your teeth. Be leery of high concentration of peroxides and bleaches as it can cause severe tooth sensitivity. Whitening your teeth with a safe, dentist recommended gel and using custom made trays will minimize contact with the gums (which can cause irritation) and has been proven to be the quickest, most effective way to whiten the teeth.
  • Brush your teeth often and use an electric toothbrush-not a manual. The cleanse you get from a good electric toothbrush is far superior.
  • Avoid coffee or red wines. Easier said than done, I know. If you simply can’t skip it, try drinking from a straw instead and/or brush your teeth soon after finishing your drink.
  • Eat super foods that help whiten your smile. Strawberries contain malic acid which is a natural whitening agent!
  • Stick to blue toned lip colors. Blue toned lip colors to bring out that white smile while more yellow tones enhance imperfections.

A whiter smile is worth investing in. Take care of your teeth and smile with confidence. We are here to help! Have a question or comment? You can also visit our website for dental night guards, athletic mouthguards and more! Feel free to comment below or email us at info@sentinelmouthguards.com


Ashely Notarmaso

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