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Night Guard For Teeth Grinding

night guard for teeth grinding

In this article we’ll explore where to find the best night guard for teeth grinding, the difference between OTC night guards vs custom made and how you can get relief from teeth grinding FAST.

There’s more good news.You don’t have to leave your house.

The perfect fit is just a few clicks away

  • Direct from the lab
  • Day guard or night guard available
  • You choose the thickness based on your teeth grinding level
  • Easy online ordering
  • Easy do-it-yourself dental impression kit
  • Affordable custom night guard for teeth grinding. Same as dentist

An affordable solution for teeth grinders available online

When you want to protect your teeth against the irreversible effects of involuntary teeth grinding, the only true option that is available is to protect your teeth with the use of a dental night guard.

A dental night guard is for those who want to preserve their teeth, and perhaps, save on huge dental bills they will likely incur in the future. Instead of paying dental office prices, check out our direct lab services.

We send out a DIY teeth impression kit with everything you need to take a nice cast of your teeth. Simply mail it back in to us using the prepaid mailer and never leave your home!

If you live in Tampa, Idaho, Montreal or even Singapore we can help! It’s time to shield your teeth from the  effects of jaw clenching or teeth grinding.

Don’t waste your money on some other store-bought night guard product. The reason behind the high dissatisfaction rate amongst most of the night guards available is because these are not designed from a mold of your teeth and not crafted by a professional mouth guard technician.

So how do you get the best night guard for teeth grinding?
best night guard for teeth grinding

Most night guards for teeth grinding are cut straight across. This can result in a good fit sometimes. However, by taking the extra time to trim and scallop the guard, the plastic between the teeth is removed. If left unscalloped, this unnecessary and annoying material can grip the gum and teeth area causing the guard to fit too tight. This is one of the reasons why so many night guards (even custom made guards) are still extremely uncomfortable. Taking the time to trim, scallop and polish a night guard for teeth grinding makes all the difference in ensuring a great fit every time.

With that in mind, you should be sure your next custom-made dental night guard will fit your teeth like a glove and not add stress on your jaws.

Affordable Night Guard For Teeth Grinding Lab

Our low-cost dental night guards are customized for you and able to fully protect your teeth.  The Sentinel Night Guard is made by experienced, professional lab technicians & designed with the unique dental contours of the customer in mind.

Types of night guards offered

These include the hard dental night guard, dual laminated night guard, and the soft dental night guard. Each one of these come in varying thicknesses & material unique to patients who order them.

Which do I choose?

The decision to choose a particular night guard over the other depends on your dentist’s prescription and whether you’re an intense or moderate clencher/grinder. If you have questions on which to choose, we can help!

How it works

The mechanism behind the Sentinel Night Guard is very straight forward. The night guard for teeth grinding simply creates a small space between your upper and lower arch. This way, your teeth will not come into contact with one another. It really is like wearing a glove for your teeth!

These customized night guards are made out of the mold of your teeth with the best material money can buy and because they are designed to follow the impression of your teeth, they will fit snugly and comfortably, whether you’re using them for sleeping at night or athletics purposes. The correct dental impression will include your teeth and also extend towards the gum tissues on the upper or lower part of the teeth.

Why these night guards for teeth grinding are different from others

sentinel mouthguards

Customers can enjoy the fact that these night guards are more superior than boil & bite models. They’re the highest tier in mouth protection and outperform over the counter or stock mouth guards.

What does this mean?

  • highest quality mouth guard material for extra durability
  • professional, knowledgeable mouth guard technicians creating products from your unique dental anatomy
  • trimming, scalloping and polishing method to ensure top comfort
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back

What’s more: they’re thin and all excess material is removed for the utmost comfort. This makes talking, breathing or even swallowing easier for the wearer.

night guard for teeth grinding made in usa

Sentinel Mouth Guard experts are readily available for your questions. The company is situated in St. Petersburg/ Tampa Florida area and serves customers across the globe. Never outsourced. All products are created right here in the good ol’ USA. Therefore, it only makes sense to protect your teeth using this low-cost solution rather than visiting your dentist for costly tooth repairs in the future.


Ashely Notarmaso

Ashely Notarmaso is the author behind the Sentinel Mouth Guard Blog. She is the CEO and founder of Sentinel Mouth Guards (Founded in 2012) Her long-time work in the dental mouth guard arena and her excellent ability to listen to customer concerns in this often contradictory field has laid the groundwork to explore night guard/mouth guard fabrication in-depth and address real concerns. With the help of her team, she has created a unique fabrication method that promises a great fitting custom oral appliance every time. Amazon’s choice for #1 mouth guard! Visit the online store

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