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  • sentinel hard dental night guard

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    Hard Day or Night Dental Guard 1mm or 2mm


    The Sentinel Hard Dental Night Guard® is for light to severe teeth grinding/jaw clenching (bruxism)

    • Easy “how to” instructions ensures consistent teeth impression results
    • Excellent durability and clarity. Custom fit to your unique dental anatomy
    • Choose your own thickness
    • Can be used for daytime or nighttime (for daytime choose a 1mm thickness)
    • Relieves jaw pain, teeth pain, headaches, tooth sensitivity
    • Protects teeth from breakage, cracking, damage
    • Protects veneers, crowns, restorative dental work
    • Combats pain or tenderness of the temporomandibular joints
    • Lifespan 2-5 years
    • All materials are phthalate, BPA, Silicone & Latex FREE
    • 90 day money back guarantee
    • One year replacement guarantee if your hard dental night guard wears down!
    • Free retainer case
    • FREE SHIPPING IN US (International customers are responsible for shipping on return mailer only)
  • sentinel soft dental guards for tongue biting/cheek biting

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    Soft Dental GuardsUpper & Lower Guards for Tongue Biting

    $189.00 $159.00

    Product description

    The Sentinel soft dental guards for tongue biting were designed for comfort, ease of wear and effective protection from the damages that result from tongue biting during the night or day. Our high polishing system and thin design ensures a supreme fit. Your upper and lower guards are to be worn at night or during the day to protect your tongue from damages associated with nocturnal/nighttime or daytime tongue biting. The soft padding on both the upper and lower teeth prohibits direct tooth to tongue contact thus preventing damage. Taking your own dental impression is EASY (and you do not need to pay a dentist hundreds of dollars to do it). We will send you a plastic tray, dental putty, & a pre-paid envelope to mail back to us. You need to have a timer, clean hands, & good solid teeth. No braces. Seriously, putty & braces do not mix. We will give you a link to a video, pictures & written instructions to show how to mold, and make sure its a good mold. All inclusive free shipping. Here’s how it works: We mail out an impression kit to you (mixing putty & a tray). You take your own impression & using the pre-paid envelope, mail it back to us. Upon receipt of your impression, we will fabricate your new custom fit night guard within 8-12 business days. That’s it!

    Many people search the internet daily in hopes of finding a product that will protect their tongue or cheeks from damage associated with tongue and/or cheek biting. The Sentinel Soft Dental Guards are made to fit your teeth like a glove. The soft padding disallows the chewing surfaces of the teeth to catch the tongue or cheek area. The product will prevent any trauma to the tongue or cheek area and will allow any previous trauma to heal.

    Want to reorder your custom dental guards for tongue biting?

    We keep all dental impressions on file for two years from the purchase date. As long as  your dental anatomy has not changed, we can make you a replacement set of upper and lower dental guards at a 20% discount. The coupon code to apply if you already have your stone molds on file with us is alreadyhavestone

    Our Commitment To You

    Keep in mind the Sentinel warranty and return policy is unlike any other. We stand by our products and will always work with you to your absolute satisfaction. This means that if you are dissatisfied with your product for any reason, you can either contact Sentinel within 90 days for a full refund or opt to continue working with us until you get a great fitting guard. Our commitment to you is 100% satisfaction.


  • dual laminated night guard hybrid

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    Dual Laminated Dental Night Guard


    The Sentinel Dual Laminated Dental Night Guard® is designed for moderate to severe teeth grinding  and/or jaw clenching (bruxism). Soft on the inside, hard on the outside. Ideal for persons suffering from light, moderate or severe bruxism.

    Don't know which thickness to choose? Check out “How Thick Is My Night Guard?” to help guide you or ask a LiveChat representative!

    Stumped on whether an upper or lower night guard is right for you? Either one will serve the function of protecting your teeth and most of the time it comes down to customer preference. “What is the Difference Between an Upper or Lower Dental Night Guard?”

    • Easy “how to” instructions ensures consistent teeth impression results
    • BPA, Phthalate, Silicon & Latex FREE
    • Excellent custom fit to your unique dental anatomy
    • Variable thickness option allows you to choose based on your individual needs
    • Protect your teeth against cracking, breakage, damage, tooth sensitivity
    • Protects veneers, crowns
    • Combats pain or tenderness of the temporomandibular joints
    • Alleviates headaches, jaw pain, facial pain
    • Helps stop disrupted sleep patterns
    • Avoid the doctors visit
    • Highest quality, dentist-grade night guard
    • All materials are hypoallergenic & FDA approved
    • Retainer case included
    • Complete satisfaction or 90 day money back guarantee
    • 1 year warranty. If you wear through your dental guard within one year Sentinel will replace at no cost to you!
    • FREE SHIPPING IN US (International orders are responsible for shipping on return mailer only)



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    sentinel teeth whitening

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    Dentist Grade Teeth Whitening With Custom Fit Trays

    $450.00 $149.50

    Sentinel Teeth Whitening Kit

    • Best teeth whitening system. Same as dentist office take home kit.
    • Direct from the lab
    • Easy online ordering
    • Easy do-it-yourself dental impression kit 
    • BPA, Latex, Silicon FREE upper & lower dental trays
    • Retainer case included
    • 100% Satisfaction or 90 day money back guarantee
    • All inclusive free shipping

    Not only does the powerful ZOOM! whitening gel give stellar first time results, the Sentinel upper & lower custom made reusable teeth whitening trays are the solution you've been looking for to keep your teeth consistently white. When we compare custom fit trays that are made specifically for you to other forms of teeth whitening(white strips, white lightening, mall kiosks, etc) one can quickly see the short term and long term advantages of using the custom fit trays. You cannot get a more comfortable fit than thin clear trays that are made specific to your exact dental anatomy. Many wear these trays while they’re at work interacting with clients & co-workers because they’re so unobtrusive & unnoticeable. Unlike most teeth whitening methods that are only good for one treatment, your custom trays can be used and reused for years. When you run out of gel, simply order more! Your teeth will stay white year after year. The Sentinel Teeth Whitening System truly does give you the biggest “bang for your buck”.

  • dental retainers

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    Ultra Thin Clear Dental Retainers Upper & Lower Set

    • Clear, hard upper & lower retainer trays
    • Ultra thin design (.75mm thickness) allows you to communicate and breath with perfect ease. Wear them daily while at work, school, or the gym. No one will know!
    • Easy to use dental impression kit
    • Backed by our 90 day money back satisfaction guarantee
    • One year warranty (if your guards wear out or become defective we will replace them for FREE-up to one year)
    • 20% Discount for only needing one retainer (either the upper or lower). Simply type in promo code “justone20”
  • sentinel soft dental night guard

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    Soft Dental Night Guard

    • Get instant relief from facial/jaw pain, headaches, & tooth sensitivity. Sleep better. Feel better.
    • You choose your thickness! 1mm ,2mm or 3mm (1mm for light, 2mm for moderate or 3mm for heavy grinder or teeth/jaw clencher)
    • Protect against teeth breakage, cracking, damage
    • Combats pain or tenderness of the temporomandibular joints
    • Protects veneers, crowns, dental work
    • Prevents disrupted sleep patterns
    • BPA, Phthalates, Silicon, Latex Free and FDA approved materials. Just like the dentist. 100% satisfaction money back guarantee
    • Easy to use do-it-yourself impression kit ships within 24 hours after purchase.
    • Upon receiving your dental impression, 4-9 business day turn around time, fastest delivery!
    • 90 day money back guarantee
    • 6 month replacement warranty
    • Superior Fit- Proper Jaw Support- Maximum Breathability, Comfort, & Protection
    • ALL INCLUSIVE FREE SHIPPING IN US (International orders are responsible for shipping on return mailer only).
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    sentinel athletic mouth guard

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    Custom Athletic Mouth Guard

    $120.00 $98.00

    All Sentinel Athletic Mouthguards are:

    • Custom fit to your unique dental anatomy

    • Highest-quality, dentist-grade materials 

    • Offers better protection than store bought guards
    • Much longer lasting 3+ years
    • BPA, Silicone, pthathlate & Latex Free
    •  Plus:
      • ONE YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY (if your guard wears down or becomes defective)

      * Free shipping does not include international return mailers.

    • COLORS AVAILABLE: clear, white, black, neon green, dark green, baby blue, dark blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, pink (email color choice to upon purchase)
    • SPLIT COLORS AVAILABLE: black/yellow, white/black, purple/yellow (email color choice to upon purchase)