Custom Sports Mouth Guard


All Sentinel Sports Mouthguards are:

  • Custom fit to your unique dental anatomy

  • Highest-quality, dentist-grade materials 

  • Offers superior protection to store bought guards
  • Much longer lasting than mass produced mouth guards
  • BPA, Latex, Silicone, Gluten, Phthalate & Latex Free
  •  Plus:
    • ONE YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY (if your guard wears down or becomes defective)

    * Free shipping does not include international return mailers.

Product Description

Choose Custom Every Time.

Simply put, a custom sports mouth guard is the highest grade, best fitting mouth protection available.

Based on a dental impression of your teeth, your sports mouth guard will fit over your unique dental anatomy snug like a glove, giving you the most comfortable, superior fit.

Here’s what you get:

(1) Complete dental impression kit

(1) Upper Teeth Sports Mouth Guard

(1) Breathable Retainer Case

You take your own dental impression following the instructions and mail it back to us in the prepaid envelope.

Have questions? Visit our help center today!

take your own dental impression

Upon receipt of your dental impression, we will fabricate your custom sports mouth guard within 3-7 days. That’s it!

A professionally made sports mouth guard is highly recommended for athletes who play sports.
Mouth guards should be worn during training as well as during games.
The Sentinel Sports Mouth guard is available in a wide range of colors.

The cost of a custom mouth guard is a small fraction when compared to the cost of dealing with dental trauma.
Up to 40% of dental injuries are sustained during sports activities.

When A Mouth Guard Is  Comfortable, It’s More Likely To Be Worn

We know that a lot of people avoid wearing mouth guards because they’re uncomfortable. They get in the way of speech, and sometimes hamper breathing. An improper fit can also put stress on the jaw.

As an athlete you should be focused on the game, not your mouth guard!

Our Commitment To You

Keep in mind the Sentinel warranty and return policy is unlike any other. We stand by our products and will always work with you to your absolute satisfaction. This means that if you are dissatisfied with your product for any reason, you can either contact Sentinel within 90 days for a full refund or opt to continue working with us until you get a great fitting guard. Our commitment to you is 100% satisfaction.

Additional Information

Product Reviews

  • Sean Hilditch

    I’ve played Hockey since I was little and have always hated buying mouth guards. They;re uncomfortable and I get yelled at for not having it hang out of my mouth. This is the first guard that has actually fit correctly. There is nothing that comes close to this fit and it’s impossible to have this one hang out of my mouth because I have to physically remove it by popping it off of my back teeth. No comparison. 5 stars and highly recommended!

  • Patrick Thompson

    I have spent a small fortune on mouth guards at Dick’s sporting goods. I’ve tried all kinds of different brands. Some are decent but the problem is, none of them last. I end up replacing them after a few months. This guard is the real deal. I don’t chew on this one (which is a first for me) because the material is not as soft as the ones you buy at Dick’s and it stays in place so it’s not hanging down. I like that Sentinel keeps my mold on file so that I can reorder in the future. Really nice guard and good price. I will recommend them to anyone.

  • Daniel S.

    As a professional fighter I’m always looking for good solid gear that can last through intense training while giving the comfort to focus on what I need to do. The fit is excellent. The guys at Sentinel are great too. Easy company to work with. I’ve ordered a few guards over the years. Can’t beat the fit.

  • Danny Matchett – Oklahoma

    Aside from unbeatable comfort, the second best aspect of the Sentinel mouth guards is that you can customize them to any color you desire. You can have your name imprinted on them or your team name and colors. I still have my first mouth guard that I ordered from Sentinel in 2011 (just a plain dark blue) and just had a second one made in honor of my dad. I recommend you guys all the time. You’re the best!

  • Richard H. Cassidy II

    A common question I am asked from other fighters is if the mouth guards are breathable and if they’re thin or bulky. The answer is definitely yes they are extremely easy to breath and talk with, and you can get your mouth guard made as thick or thin as you want. I prefer the 2mm thickness. It’s not bulky at all and I still feel protected.

  • Tim Meek

    Got my mouthguard in today. Just wanted to tell your team thanks. I love the fit and the customer service was great. Best Regards, Tim

  • Brad Cleckler

    Man I did not know what I was missing. Everyone told me to go custom fit but I thought my chewed up, germ infested one from Academy was pretty good lol.
    You can’t chew on this! It stays up there locked onto my teeth until its ready to come down. Amazing!! So comfortable. The difference is just unbelievable. Thanks Sentienl Team! Great staff btw

  • Sandip Yucan

    Didn’t follow the directions well enough the first time around and messed up my mold. Contacted Sentinel and they were super nice! Sent another putty kit right out. I got it the second time! My mouthguard fits flawlessly.
    Thank you!! A+++++++++

  • Jonas Guichet

    Great Mouthguard. I use it for football. It stays in place. I actually have to pop it out with my fingers after practice. I’m QB so I need to communicate. Perfect for me. Thanks!

  • Unknown

    So nice to have a mouth guard I can actually wear! I’ve gone through a gazillion store bought ones and this is by far worth every penny. Two thumbs up! -Kirsten

  • Eleanor T.

    I needed an extra thin mouthguard because I’m not competing in a contact sport (just dance- I have veneers). I got a thin clear guard and you can hardly tell I have anything in my mouth. Wonderful job! It’s exactly what I wanted.

  • Frank Middleton

    Honestly I dont know why people waste their money on over the counter guards. I will always buy custom and recommend them to everyone I come across. Here’s some things to consider:

    You can breathe better. You can actually talk with it in your mouth and you can drink water without taking it out!

    Plus it has a really good warranty. I promote this company so much to my friends and family. Great job.

Free Shipping

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90 day guarantee

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