Want to Stop Grinding your Teeth at Night? Start Doing Yoga.

Want to Stop Grinding your Teeth at Night? Start Doing Yoga.

Do you grind your teeth at night? The main reason for that could be stress. Teeth grinding is something that many people develop involuntarily and can hang onto for many years. For this reason, it may become frustrating when trying to stop the action, especially because it is something that happens when you are sleeping. However, most people positively overcome the condition. Therefore do not let it overcome you. You can try different methods to see how you can deal with it. One thing is for sure- Yoga is helping in an unsuspecting way.

Teeth grinding is also known as bruxism. It refers to excessive clamping together of the upper and the bottom jaw that is accompanied by the grinding of the lower teeth with the upper ones. Most people are not aware of the problem because it happens at night. Normally it is only when a dentist points out the teeth damage from grinding that a person with bruxism becomes aware of the problem. Grinding of teeth affects both adults and children, though adults are the most affected. Even though it is not a serious medical problem, it can cause havoc in the mouth. It can lead to painful teeth and cause them to loosen. Parts of the teeth can also break and this can lead to jaw disorders, pain, damaged teeth, and headaches.

Stress is the main cause of teeth grinding. When someone is stressed, he or she gains a form of energy that need to be released. Even though every person responds to stress, some people respond through muscle contraction. For example, if you have an existing bite problem, and you bring in some stress, your body may find grinding of teeth as a relief. By simply reducing your level of stress with lifestyle changes, you may find that you can put an end to this problem. You can actually reduce stress by doing more exercise or, if you have certain problems in your life that are causing problems, you should talk to a therapist. Other simpler things you can make is listening to your favorite music, going for a walk or having a pet. You can also ease stress by taking a warm bath, relaxing and doing yoga. In fact yoga has been identified by many as the golden ticket to lessen teeth grinding. Different yoga techniques help to reduce tension in the body and muscle activity.

Experts say yoga and meditation can help. There are numerous yoga techniques that can help you stop grinding your teeth at night. First, relaxation is very important if you want to overcome teeth grinding. As stated above, stress play a very big role in teeth grinding. Therefore, it is very important to adapt a daily routine that focuses on relieving your stress to ensure you are stress-free at night. Yoga stretches are very important not just to reduce teeth grinding but also for your health. Some of the yoga poses that can help reduce grinding of teeth include:

  1. Eyes around the clock pose– Shockingly, stress on the eyes can drop down to the rest of your face including your jaws. You need to relax your eyes by doing this yoga pose known as Eyes around the clock pose. Start by closing your eyes slightly and rotate your eyes clockwise twenty times, then rotate your eyes counter clockwise for twenty times.
  2. Warrior 2 Pose – this pose opens the sub-occipital muscles in the neck. When you stand to do the pose, make sure one of your legs is at 45 degrees and the other one is facing straight ahead, then your arms should be out at shoulder level, and the shoulders back and relaxed. Increase your spine, and then turn your head to the left or right. Hold this pose for about 10 breaths. Then turn and face the other direction with your legs (the leg that was straight let it face 45 degrees and the one that was at 45 degrees should now face straight forward)
  3. The Camel Pose – this also opens the sub-occipital muscles found in your neck. Sit on a mat and bring yourself onto your knees that are hip width apart. Then gradually straighten up on your knees. Then lengthen your spine to the sky as high as you can, push your pelvis forward and up. And then keep your hands on your lower back and let your neck be long. Gradually bring your head back as far as you can bring it. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed. You should hold the pose for 10 deep breaths. Your jaw physiques will be strained and tension will be released.
  4. Bridge Pose – This is another yoga pose that can help get rid of teeth grinding. Lie on your back, and gradually lift your hips high then push them slightly forward. At the same time interconnect your fingers behind your back without squeezing your shoulder edges together, and then fold your chin into your chest. Hold this pose for 10 deep breaths. You will feel a nice upper back release.how to stop bruxism

Yoga is a practice. The yoga cure will not work overnight. As you get deeper into your yoga practice, you will start to notice a lighter feeling & a sense of ease that you will carry with you throughout the day and into the night. Hence, the most important thing to remember is to stop, relax, take a deep breath and commit yourself to your practice every day. In short, the more you can let go of stress during the day, the less likely you are to be overwhelmed by the issue at night. Through consistency and deep breathing/yoga improvement, the likelihood of teeth grinding occurring at night &/or during the day will begin to lift.

Since grinding your teeth when you sleep is a disorder related to sleep, another way to deal with the problem is to visit a sleep study center. You can get these centers at universities or hospitals. They can use their sensors to take measurements of all the things your body does while you fall asleep. They can even tell if you have other sleep disorders such as snoring and sleep apnea which are common with people who grind their teeth. Your doctor will then recommend treatment based on those results.

Though it is difficult to stop the habit of grinding your teeth at night, it is not impossible. It is therefore necessary to visit your dentist, and make yoga your favorite workout.