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Don't pay a dentist to make your custom dental night guard

You can get your dental night guard from an online dental lab for WAY Less. You can get the same exact product through an online dental lab. Most dental offices offer no replacement warranty or satisfaction guarantee. 9 times out of 10 the dental night guard is not covered by your insurance. The dentist does not make your night guard. They hire someone like us. You are perfectly capable of taking your own dental impression. The process is easy and we can help you!

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The process is as easy as one-two-three. Just click to buy and checkout through our safe and secure shopping cart. No additional out of pocket expenses.

Take your dental impression and ship back to us

We ship a kit to you with everything you need; from the molding trays and putty to the prepaid packaging you return to us.

We create your night guard

After we receive your dental impression, we get right to work crafting a stone mold of your teeth. Once we have a stone casting of your teeth and gum line we create the perfect custom fit mouth guard. Guaranteed.

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We have taken all the efforts to streamline the process of ordering your new custom fit mouthguard. Including pre-paying all the shipping.

Night Guard Free Shipping Step Two

We ship to you a kit with everything you need from the moulding trays and putty, to the pre-paid packaging the return it to us.

Custom Night Guard Free Shipping Step Three

After we recieve your dental impression, we get right to work crafting a stone mould of your teeth. Once we have a stone casting of your teeth and gumline we craft a perfect mouthguard to fit your mouth. Guaranteed.

A Great Fitting Dental Night Guard for Teeth Grinding Minus the High Price Tag

The Secret is Out

Dental offices are charging anywhere from $500-$1500 for the exact same custom made dental appliances we are able to offer you at lab direct cost.

With a combined 30 years experience in the night guard industry, our dental lab technicians are trained extensively in safe and proper night guard fabrication.

How Do We Do It?

Our game is mouthguards and our team is lean and efficient. By cutting out the high costs of the dental assistants, offices and insurance companies, we eliminate all the middlemen and deliver the same high-quality product directly to the customer. Since we specialize in mouth guards and custom night guards without all the other dentist office expenses, we are able to use the highest quality materials, state of the art pressure forming machinery, trained technicians to deliver the highest quality product at a fraction of the cost.

When it Comes to Treating Teeth Grinding, You Should Not Have to Choose Between What is Best for Your Teeth and Your Budget

A custom night guard will protect your teeth from each other. Nocturnal teeth grinding and jaw clenching are involuntary actions with no known medical cure. The most effective way to prevent damage is to simply wear a mouthguard. The dental night guard creates a space between your upper arch and lower arch so there is no direct tooth to tooth contact. This protective case for your teeth can save you thousands of dollars in teeth repair bills down the road and a bonus, it fits like a glove!

We’re Committed to You: 100% Money Back Guarantee

We know the struggles and outright avoidance of a dental night guard because it’s uncomfortable. It can get in the way of sleep and sometimes hamper breathing. Even a custom night guard can put stress on your jaw if it doesn’t fit perfectly.

Upon receiving your home dental impression, we need 8-12 business days of lab time. Once completed you will receive an email with USPS tracking info at time of shipment. We mail packages using USPS First Class Mail, but an expedited service option is available. For an additional $75, we guarantee a 2 business day lab turnaround time and includes USPS Priority shipping.

Professionally Made Dental Night Guard is the Best Solution

Grinding and/or clenching your teeth together may not seem like a big deal at first, but the constant action over time will create multiple dental issues including abrasions, abfractions, broken teeth ranging from hairline fractures to severe breaks, and thinning of the enamel.

The “fix” for these dental issues can be costly to say the least. For example, on average, one root canal on one tooth costs anywhere between $800-$1500. That’s just one tooth! There is no known cure for teeth grinding. Wearing a dental night guard is the only proven, effective way to prevent further damage.

The fit of the night guard is just as important as your decision to wear one. Simply put, if the night guard is uncomfortable, you’re not going to wear it. A custom dental night guard is made from a mold of your teeth using the best quality material. With store bought guards like the boil and bite kits, the sizing is limited and any modification can jeopardize protection. Most importantly, you can lose up to 70% of the protection after the boiling process.

All Sentinel custom night guards are individually made from the impressions of your teeth. Follow the simple directions with our send home kit, and your mouthguard will be snug and comfortable. A good impression should include all your teeth and extend to the gum tissue above the teeth.

This is why you should avoid store bought, mass produced night guards. If the appliance is not made for your unique dental anatomy, it is going to position your bite unnaturally and this can cause stress on the jaw joints which can lead to many other issues including bite misalignment and even inflammation.

We offer the Sentinel Hard Dental Night Guard, Sentinel Dual Laminated Night Guard, and the Sentinel Soft Dental Night Guard. Each of these can be ordered in any thicknesses. When it comes to choosing the right dental night guard there are several things to consider. Has your dentist recommended a specific type? Are you a grinder or clencher? How severely are you experiencing this? Your answers to these questions will determine which night guard type is suitable for you

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Try it out! If you’re not satisfied, you can always return the Mouthguard within 90 days for a full refund. Our commitment to you is 100% satisfaction. We stand behind our products and will provide you with nothing less than our personal best from our long-standing team. We guarantee you will love your Sentinel Mouth Guard product. If you are dissatisfied with your product for any reason, you can either contact Sentinel within 90 days for a full refund or opt to continue working with us until you get a great fitting guard.