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Professional custom night guards for teeth grinding, mouth guards for athletes and custom teeth whitening take home kits. Dentist quality without the high cost. Premium teeth protection products at affordable prices.

Why make a custom night guard for teeth grinding?

When A Dental Night Guard Or Athletic Mouth Guard Is Super Comfortable It Is More Likely To Be Worn.

We know the struggles and outright avoidance of a dental night guard or sports mouth guard because it’s uncomfortable. It can get in the way of sleep and sometimes hamper breathing. Even a custom dental night guard can put stress on your jaw if it doesn’t fit perfectly.

“A Properly Fitted Custom Dental Night Guard Is Top Tier In Mouth Protection.”

Why Wear A Custom Mouth Guard For Teeth Grinding While I Sleep? What is it really going to do?

A custom night guard will protect your teeth from each other. Nocturnal teeth grinding and jaw clenching are involuntary actions with no known medical cure. The most effective way to prevent damage is to simply wear a mouth guard. The dental night guard creates a space between your upper arch and lower arch so there is no direct tooth to tooth contact. This protective case for your teeth can save you thousands of dollars in teeth repair bills down the road.

WHY Wear A Custom Made Athletic Mouth Guard??

Athletes often complain about store bought, mass-produced mouth guards being too uncomfortable to wear. They can be bulky to the point you can’t talk with it in or you can’t focus on the game because it won’t stay in place. Athletes sometimes have to choose between two unfortunate options: A.) not wearing the guard at all or B.) cutting the guard’s back molars off and only wearing the front portion to make it “look” like you have a guard in. Sentinel Mouthguard Lab not only allows you to choose the thickness of your guard but the guard is molded to your anatomy guaranteeing a fit like no other. Try it out! If you’re not satisfied, you can always return the mouth guard within 90 days for a full refund. We stand behind our products and exacting methods of fabrication. We guarantee you will love your Sentinel Athletic Mouth Guard!

Custom Night Guards Are Different





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Your Most Common Questions Answered.

Q: What is the difference between a custom made dental night guard or mouth guard and a store bought one?

A: A custom dental night guard is made from a mold of your teeth using the best quality material. With store bought guards like the boil and bite kits, the sizing is limited and any modification can jeopardize protection. Most importantly, you can lose up to 70% of the protection after the boil process.

Q: Do you sell stock night guards (or mouth guards), what kind?

A: No. Professionally fitted mouth guards are the absolute best mouth protection money can buy. All other mouth guard types are subpar. Over the counter or “stock” mouth guards for teeth grinding or sports, will not offer complete safety for your teeth and they are uncomfortable to use. You need your athletic mouth pieces, to maximize protection.

Q: You offer three different types of night guards. Which one do I choose?

A: We offer the Sentinel Hard Dental Night Guard, Sentinel Dual Laminated Night Guard, and the Sentinel Soft Dental Night Guard. Each of these can be ordered in any thicknesses. When it comes to choosing the right dental night guard there are several things to consider. Has your dentist recommended a specific type? Are you a grinder or clencher? How severely are you experiencing this? Your answers to these questions will determine which night guard type is suitable for you. Our team has written some great articles to help guide you:

Q: How long will it take to get my custom Mouth Guard?

A: Upon receiving your home dental impression, we need 8-12 business days lab time. Once completed you will receive an email with USPS tracking info at time of shipment. We mail USPS First Class Mail. An expedited service option is available. For an additional $75 we guarantee a 2 business day lab turnaround time and includes USPS Priority shipping.

Q: How does the custom night guard fit?

A: All Sentinel custom fit guards are individually made from the impressions of your teeth. Follow the simple directions with our send home kit, and your mouthguard will be snug and comfortable. A good impression should include all your teeth and extend to the gum tissue above the teeth.

Q: How long will my custom night guard last?

A: Stored properly in its case and cleaned regularly, your guard should last 2+ years. We stand by our products and will always work with you to your absolute satisfaction. The Sentinel warranty and return policy is unlike any other. If you are dissatisfied with your product for any reason, you can either contact Sentinel within 90 days for a full refund or opt to continue working with us until you get a great fitting guard. Our commitment is 100% satisfaction.

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"I really love the Sentinel mouthguards. They are very comfortable, personal & they give me the protection I need. Having a personal mouth piece adds to an athlete’s character and confidence. It’s a wonderful way to add to a performance and bring that extra edge and character to the sport."

–Roy Jones Jr
World Champion Boxer