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5 Ways Wearing a Night Guard Improves Sleep and Overall Health

improve sleep by wearing a night guard

Are you aware that wearing a night guard improves sleep and overall health?

Read about the health benefits here including better sleep patterns.

5 Ways Wearing a Night Guard Improves Sleep and Overall Health

Did you know that about 47% of adults have sleeping issues? When you have trouble sleeping at night, it’s smart to consider it might be a teeth problem.
The pressure in your jaw induces more concerns than you might think! Therefore, taking steps to fix the strain solves health problems related to your mouth.

Wearing a night guard improves sleep and overall health!

Keep reading to know more about the five benefits of wearing night guards and how they can help you

Night Guard Improves Sleep Quality

Night guards help prevent clenching and grinding and improve the quality of sleep. The jaw joint that
experiences strain is the temporomandibular joint. A night guard can secure your jaw at its ideal position to enable more in-depth muscle relaxation.
Wearing a custom-made night guard for teeth helps relieve discomfort and offers stress-free sleep. Be sure to use a custom-made night guard if you always wake up with muscle aches around your jaw, head, or neck.

Prevents Snoring

Did you know that when you clench your jaw, it can cause breathing problems? A snore guard is constructed differently than a standard night guard. The most effective snore guard can prevent snoring by pushing your lower jaw forward and creating an open airway. Other types of snore guards keep your bottom and upper teeth from touching.
Keeping your teeth separated can increase the air you breathe in during sleep. So this boost in air improves your breathing and reduces snoring.

Night Guards Prevents Headaches

If you always wake up with headaches, you may be clenching your jaw and grinding your teeth while you
sleep. Clenching and grinding your teeth also induces toothaches, jaw pain and facial tension.
Intense clenching and grinding of your teeth may cause problems opening and closing the jaw, muscle fatigue, neck pains, and earaches.
Wearing night guards prevents direct tooth on tooth contact and helps prevent associated pain.

Avoids Tooth Damage

A night guard for teeth grinding ensures that your upper and bottom teeth separate during sleep. Teeth
grinding may cause a lot of issues for your teeth. You may not be aware that you’re grinding your teeth
during sleep.
Therefore, you don’t have any control over this unless you wear a night guard. Grinding teeth may lead to
losing enamel, which can cause over-sensitive teeth. Grinding hard can chip or break your teeth and damage preexisting fillings. Teeth flattening is also a common occurrence amongst teeth grinders.

Prevent Long-Term Damage and Save Money
The damage from jaw clenching and teeth grinding can be costly. Your teeth can become more damaged over an extended period.

Final Word

So it’s better to address it at the first signs of bruxism or jaw clenching and teeth grinding.

If you prevent it early on with a night guard, you save yourself some money later on.

Wearing a Night Guard Improves Sleep and Overall Health!

Controlling the damage before it occurs can save you from money loss and a lot of pain. Also, the most important reason is that wearing a night guard improves sleep and overall health! So it’s crucial to recognize the symptoms and signs we listed above.

If you think you’re suffering from jaw clenching or teeth grinding, contact us now! We have all the products and information to help prevent these bad habits to avoid severe teeth damage.


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