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Smile on Purpose.

It’s time for custom, dental-grade mouthguards to be affordable without compromising the quality. We utilize the same teeth impression process that your dentist would administer, and we use the latest dental-grade material to produce your precision-fit mouthguard. Our optimized process means less money out of your pocket—and that’s on purpose!

Why Sentinel?

Our company was built to eliminate the juggling act individuals face when shopping around for a mouthguard solution.

The juggling act consisted of navigating these factors in search of the perfect solution, but it often resulted in disappointing options or having to settle for 2 out of the 3 features. We’re continuously involved in the latest industry news and education to ensure we are delivering exceptional products to our clients who are looking for a guard that is:

  1. Custom & comfortable
  2. Made from top-quality, nontoxic, and durable material
  3. Affordable and doesn't require expensive office visits + other dental fees

Enhancing our products and the industry as a whole is an on-going, passion-driven project for us, so you can be assured that we’ll always provide advanced, custom solutions at an unbeatable price.

Oh, and not to mention... our guards are crafted in our dental grade lab made 100% in the U.S.A.!

Our mission

To provide exceptional dental mouthguard solutions that are cost effective, customized to a perfect fit, and constructed with the industry’s best and safest material. We believe smiles are part of the universal language that make a positive impact, so we strive for our products and service to help you keep on smiling.

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