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Taking Your Own Dental Impression

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Why pay a dentist hundreds of dollars to make your custom fit night guard when you can go direct through our professional dental night guard & mouth guard lab? If you have ever had a dental impression taken you have probably noticed that this task can easily be done by a dental assistant. NOT the doctor. We supply instructions + an online video  to take your teeth impression for your occlusal guard (mouth guard for teeth grinding), athletic mouth guard, or custom teeth whitening trays.

We mail out a dental impression kit to you (putty & trays). Following the easy instructions, you take your own dental impression. Using the prepaid envelope, mail the impression back to us. Upon receipt of your impression we will fabricate your new athletic mouthguard within 9-14 business days. Custom-fit night guards & whitening trays within 8-12 days. That’s it!



Sentinel Mouth Guard & Night Guard Written Impression Kit Instructions BELOW

Please read thoroughly before taking your impression!!

  1. Brush Teeth. Clean teeth will help make a precise impression.
  2. Wash hands – Any lotion/gloves will ruin impression material.
  3. Take purple putty and white putty out of pack and QUICKLY mix together for 1 min trying to make white streaks disappear.
  4. After 1 min roll the mixed putty up into a hotdog-like shape and place on tray.
  5. Evenly push the material into all portions of the tray quickly.Center the tray with the front teeth close to the rim of plastic, but not hitting the plastic & firmly press the upper tray into your teeth until you feel the tips of your teeth going through the putty material and lightly touching the bottom inside of the plastic tray. (Do not bite into it, simply press the upper tray into your teeth making sure back teeth are covered as well)
  6. HOLD for 3 minutes. (Do NOT open and close because it will distort the impression)
  7. Take impression out of mouth, rinse with water, pat dry, and place in bag. Mail back to Sentinel Mouthguard Co.

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