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We often get a lot of questions from customers struggling with teeth grinding and clenching. Today, we explore if the custom-fit dental night guards you order from your dentist are covered under warranty. We will also cover related questions that you may likely have in mind.

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Mouth Guards and Warranty

So, are dental night guards covered under warranty? Most dental providers offer a money-back guarantee for tooth grinding guards. However, they typically do not provide warranties. If your nocturnal bite plates wear down more quickly than expected (maybe due to poor quality), you will be responsible for buying another.

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With some research, though, you can find some online mouth guard labs offering warranties on their products. For example, here at Sentinel Mouthguards, customers purchasing night guards get a 6-month or a 1- year warranty, depending on the type of guard they choose.

Suppose you buy hard or dual laminated guards and, within one year, they become damaged or cracked under normal wear and tear circumstances. In this case, Sentinel Mouthguards will replace your dental night guards free of charge.

A 6-month warranty applies to those who purchase soft tooth grinding guards. If you grind or wear through the night guard, you will not pay a dime to have Sentinel Mouthguards make another guard for you.

Another point worth highlighting is that customers can request a full refund or replacement within 90 days of purchase. This happens if they are not completely satisfied with the quality and comfort of their mouth guards. Just visit our help center for assistance!

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Read Mouth Guard Warranty Terms and Conditions

While your dental night guard may be eligible for a warranty replacement, not all dentists offer 100% free replacements. Some will only cover a percentage of your mouth guard cost. Also, it is imperative to be aware of the actions that might void your warranty.

How Much Does a Replacement Night Guard Cost?

If you are covered under warranty, replacing a night guard can be free or a fraction of the cost. For non- covered customers, the cost of mouth guard replacement will be about the same price you paid for your first guard. Repeat clients may be eligible for discounts, which reduce the replacement costs.

Generally, ordering a custom-fit tooth grinding guard from an online mouth guard lab costs between $100 and $250. When purchasing from a dentist, you will pay $200 to $800.

What Dental Insurance Covers Night Guards?

There are hundreds of different plans customized according to the insured needs. Therefore, no two dental plans offer the same benefits. The dental office you purchase mouth guards from may help you understand if the type of dental insurance you carry covers night guards.

Alternatively, you can contact your insurer to seek the answers. In fact, you should ask the insurance company to explain your dental benefits even if your dentist says your tooth grinding guards are covered. Otherwise, you might have to pay everything out of your pocket if it turns out that you are not covered.

Depending on your plan, the insurance company may cover a percentage of the night guard costs. Others do not cover anything at all. Plans offering major dental care benefits with procedures like crowns, dentures, and bridges are likely to cover your nocturnal bite plates.

Most policies will only help with about 50% of the mouth guard price. When ordering from an in-network dentist, your out-of-pocket expenses will be half. With an out-of-network orthodontist, you may have to pay more than half the price — even though your plan covers you at 50%.

Bruxism carries many consequences that could cost you several thousands of dollars to fix. For example, getting a single dental implant to replace your painful cracked or fractured tooth could cost you $2,000 to $5,000. If your dental insurance does not cover night guards, it should not prevent you from getting the guards. Paying out of pocket may help save you money in the long run.

Does Medicaid Cover Night Guards?

The dental coverage children receive under Medicaid varies from state to state. However, the dental services must at least include dental health maintenance, teeth restoration, and relief of pain and infections.

Your child’s dental provider can argue that wearing a custom-designed tooth grinding guard is crucial for dental health maintenance. But some states may not allow Medicaid claims on mouth guards, regardless of the dental problem. Since this is not a clear-cut case, do not be surprised to find some dentists unwilling to help you apply for Medicaid benefits.

What about Medicaid coverage for adults? The federal government does not require states to provide minimal dental benefits for Medicaid-eligible adults. However, many states still include emergency dental care for adults. At the moment, comprehensive dental care exists in less than half of the states. The best course of action is to check with providers in your state to confirm if Medicaid covers your dental night guards.

What Is the Most Durable Night Guard Type That Will Not Break Easily?

When selecting tooth grinding guards, experts will tell you to opt for custom-fit guards. Labs making these guards use professional techniques and materials that deliver a high-level comfort and durability.

But custom made mouth guards are also available in different materials to match the severity of your teeth grinding or clenching. In line with that, there are sub-categories of custom-fit dental night guards: Hard night guards, dual laminate (hybrid) night guards, and soft night guards.

Hard dental night guards are the most durable night guard type that will not break easily. Laboratories make these guards from firmer plastic that can withstand heavy grinding. That is why they have a longer warranty period.

Dual laminate night guards also do wear down quickly. Hybrid mouth guards have a soft inner core with a firm outer layer. It is an excellent option when you need a guard that offers a good balance between durability and comfort.

Soft dental night guards are ideal for light to moderate teeth grinding and clenching. They are more flexible than the other materials.

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