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Can You Use a Sports Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding?

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If teeth grinding is driving you crazy at night and causing some jaw pain, you’re probably searching for an affordable solution to end it. And while popping into your local pharmacy seems like the best solution, or maybe you’re thinking about using your sports mouthguard, we have some news for you. Sure! There are some store-bought options, but when protecting your teeth and eliminating damage and pain, the over-the-counter ones aren’t your friend. 

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Why Can’t I Use My Sports Mouth Guard For Teeth Grinding?

Ok, so here’s the deal. Your sports mouth guard and a custom fit mouth guard are not the same. Not even close. Maybe they look similar, but they really have two different functions, and therefore they are made differently. 

A sports mouth guard is designed and made to protect your teeth from damage that can occur from a physical blow to the face or an accident. A sports mouthguard is usually made with thicker material, and given its purpose (to protect from a hard, sudden impact), it is made to extend to cover your entire jaw, even the gum tissue, so that your whole mouth can be protected. And a sports mouthguard is actually made from a softer material so that it can absorb the impact. 

As a solution to your teeth grinding, you need a product that can fit your teeth perfectly. A store-bought mouthguard won’t be a snug fit which may do more damage than good, and a sports mouthguard isn’t good either. This is why you should get a custom-made night mouth guard. And yes, while you may have a custom-fit sports mouthguard, that is not the same as a dental mouth guard, as we explain below.

Why? A dental mouthguard is designed to protect your teeth from damage that can occur from grinding or clenching. It only covers the occlusal surface of your teeth which allows saliva to still wash over your gums. This is important because saliva helps to neutralize cavity-causing acids as well as washing away any food particles. If you’re wearing a sports mouthguard, the saliva cannot reach your gums, which can cause plaque and do more damage than good. 

Sports mouthguards are designed to be worn for short periods during a game, a couple of hours at a time. However, they are not intended and shouldn’t be worn for long periods like 8 hours while sleeping. A dental night guard is a much healthier solution.

So, what do you do when you don’t want to fork out several hundred dollars at the dentist of a night guard?

An Affordable Option For Dental Mouth Guards That Doesn’t Require A Visit To The Dentist

Luckily there is an incredible option for you to get a dental mouthguard to help with your teeth grinding and clenching. A convenient and easy solution is to simply order your custom-fit mouthguard from the comfort of your home – online. So, in a dentist’s office, you can expect to pay anywhere from $300 – $1,000. That’s a big chunk of dough! 

Many people don’t have an extra $1,000 laying around, so we created an affordable option. You can now order a custom-made night mouthguard from Sentinel Mouthguard at a fraction of the cost of what you would spend at a Dentist’s office.

Why Buy Your Night Mouthguard From An Online Mouthguard Lab?

Costs Less

Well, the no-brainer answer is that ordering your night guard online from a reputable mouthguard lab is less expensive. Don’t get us wrong; there may be times that you will still need to consult with your dentist on precisely what type of appliance you need. However, the night mouthguards at Sentinel Mouthguard are explicitly made to help with teeth clenching and grinding. If you’re having other issues, seeing a dentist first should be considered. 


Most dentists are not going to offer any type of guarantee on your night guard. So, if you lose it, don’t think that you can waltz into your dentist’s office and get a replacement guard. They may make you a new one at a discount, but it will not be free most of the time. However, with an online mouthguard lab like Sentinel Mouthguards, you can stress less knowing that you have a 90-day money-back guarantee. Not only that! Your dental impressions are stored for 1 year after your purchase date for easy reorder.

Tru-Fit Process

We’re going to let you in on a little secret. Mouthguards are not made in your dentist’s office. Instead, most dentists will take your teeth impressions and then mail them out to a mouthguard lab to be made. This is part of why it costs more to get a mouthguard at the dentist’s office. They have to pay the fee to the lab, pay for shipping and make a little money, so you pay more to get it made there. 

At Sentinel Mouthguards, we use laser-etched precision, superior material, and advanced imprint mapping to ensure unmatched comfort. Our Tru-Fit dental impression kit precisely maps the one-of-a-kind fit for your mouth to maximize your comfort and protection.

Made In The USA

Yep! That’s right. Our night guards are made in the USA. We do not outsource our work.

How Does Ordering A Night Guard Online Work?

Now that you understand why you shouldn’t wear your sports mouthguard at night, it’s time to order a custom-fit mouthguard. And since there are affordable options for getting a custom-fit nightguard, it’s really a no-brainer. Here’s how easy it is. 

Order Your Night Guard Kit Online

Simply choose the style you want, select your gender, select for upper or lower teeth, and select the thickness. That’s it! Within 24 hours, your easy-to-use do-it-yourself dental impression kit ships 24 hours after you complete your purchase.

At-Home Dental Impression Kit

dental impression for sports mouth guard

Once you receive your at-home, do-it-yourself dental impression kit, follow the easy-to-use step-by-step guide to create your mouthguard impression. Once you’re done, ship it back, and we’ll have your night guard ready to deliver to you within 4 – 7 business days. That’s the fastest turnaround and delivery time. 

It can become a real problem when you experience jaw pain, discomfort, and headaches from teeth clenching or grinding at night. Not only for the condition of your teeth but also your mental and emotional state as well. Nothing can be worse than waking up to start your day already experiencing pain. It’s time that you stop “just dealing with it,” and you get started having a sound sleep at night. So order your custom-fit nightguard today and say goodbye to your teeth grinding. Your teeth will thank you!


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