Mouth Guards

Sentinel Custom Made Athletic Mouth Guard

Based on a dental impression of your teeth, your mouth guard will hug your unique dental anatomy giving you the most comfortable, superior fit available today. Your athletic mouth guard is fabricated using high heat and pressure technology that combines layers of dentist-approved athletic mouth guard material to create the most protective, comfortable athletic mouth guard available on the market today.

You will never go back to wearing cheap, store bought athletic mouth guards once you have experienced the difference of the Sentinel Athletic Mouth Guard.

We store all dental impressions in the Sentinel Mouth Guard Lab for two years from the purchase date.

If you need to reorder, simply contact us and we will supply you with a 20% off coupon code. No need to take your dental impression again (as long as there have been no changes to your dental anatomy).

Learn why Sentinel Mouth Guards is rated #1 for dental night guards and athletic mouth guards.

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