Teeth Whitening – Professional-Grade Results from the Comfort of Home


Don’t let the cost of professional teeth whitening hold you back. With Sentinel Mouthguards, you can get professional-grade results at a fraction of the cost

Many people struggle with tooth discoloration due to age, diet, or lifestyle habits. The problem is, with so many teeth whitening options on the market, it can be hard to know which one will actually work for you and give you the bright, white smile you deserve.

We understand that the process of finding the best teeth whitening solution can be overwhelming and confusing.

While custom take-home teeth whitening kits available at dental offices are generally considered safer and more effective than store-bought alternatives, they can also be quite expensive, often costing upwards of $500- but we’d like to let you in on a secret…

By ordering directly from our lab, we’re able to offer you the same product as the dentist at substantial cost savings compared to traditional teeth whitening prices that involve a dentist. At Sentinel Mouthguards, we’re committed to providing our customers with an affordable and effective solution for achieving a bright, white smile the safe and professional way.

Experience the difference in just three simple steps:

just 3 easy steps to receive your custom at-home professional teeth whitening

Our custom-made reusable trays will keep your teeth consistently white for years to come. Compared to other forms of teeth whitening such as strips and mall kiosks, our custom fit trays are the superior choice for both short and long-term advantages.

What is the gel that comes with the trays?

ZOOM! NiteWhite ACP 22% is specially formulated for sensitive mouths, making it a medium-strength option that is gentle yet effective. Plus, with its proven track record of success, you can trust that you’re getting a top-quality product that delivers real results.

This product is carefully formulated with premium ingredients to provide powerful yet safe whitening results, and we stand behind its quality and effectiveness. When you choose Sentinel Mouthguards for your teeth whitening needs, you can trust that you’re getting a reliable and proven solution that will give you the results you want.

How long does it take to see results?

The timeline for seeing results with Sentinel Mouthguards teeth whitening can vary depending on individual factors such as the severity of staining and discoloration, and how frequently the whitening treatment is used. However, most people typically see noticeable results after just a few uses of our Reusable Teeth Whitening Solution. Many customers report seeing a difference in the brightness of their teeth after just one or two applications. With consistent use of our product, you can expect to see a significant results by day 7.

Product Description

Experience professional-grade teeth whitening results from the comfort of your own home with Sentinel Mouthguards’ Reusable Teeth Whitening Solution.

  • Enjoy the Benefits of a Radiant Smile with our Reusable Custom Trays. Same as dentist!
  • Specially designed for sensitive teeth, our fast and safe whitening solution provides stellar first-time results and delivers consistently whiter teeth.
  • No need to leave your house – our DIY Impression Kit is easy to use and our reusable trays are delivered straight to your door.
  • Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and say hello to a healthy smile with our BPA, silicone, gluten, phthalate, latex, and silicone-free whitening trays.
  • Plus, enjoy free shipping on your order today!

Smart Defense for Your Teeth and Wallet

why choose sentinel mouthguards graphic compare to dentist made custom night guard

What you get:

  • Dental impression kits + extra putty
  • Upper and lower custom trays + 3 syringes of Zoom Whitening Gel
  • Ventilated storage case
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee or your money back!

Here’s how it works:

We mail your impression kits (mixing putty & trays). You take your own impressions. Using the prepaid envelope, mail your upper and lower teeth impressions back to us. Upon receipt of your impressions, we’ll make your new custom fit teeth whitening system within 3 business days. That’s it! You’re on your way to a brighter smile!

Taking your own dental impression is EASY

You need to have a timer, clean hands, & good solid teeth. No braces. Seriously, putty & braces do not mix.

We’ll give you a link to a video, pictures & written instructions to show how to take your teeth impressions and make sure you get a perfect mold of your teeth.

Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your results, don’t worry – we offer a hassle-free return policy. Simply return your items within 30 days for a full refund.


Additional Information

Weight 3 oz


Product Reviews

  • Gloria Robbins

    I’ve been using this same pack of gel I got 9 months ago and I still have 2 syringes left! I whiten periodically whenever my teeth need a boost. I love this because I used to spend so much money on Crest whitening strips. I have everything I need to keep my teeth white any time I want. This really is the best bang for my buck!

  • Vi Henderson

    Wanted these EXACT trays and whitening when I saw them advertised at my dentist for $500! I looked online and got the same product for $300 LESS! The power of the internet!
    Yes, it takes a bit of time to make the impressions and get the final delivery but worth the savings! My teeth have gone from yellow to a nice white. I do have some tetracycline stains that won’t come out but I’ll live with it. Much improved smile! Thank you!

  • Brenna Godwin

    You can’t go wrong with this!!

    This teeth whitening system is the real deal. I’ve been using other types of whitening for years and much of it is expensive junk. I whiten my teeth about every 6 months and this is perfect. The trays fit like a glove. It took about 5 days to see optimal results for me using the zoom gel nightly for a couple of hours. Plenty of gel left over for future whitening! 5 stars!!

  • Julie Mazuroski

    Same exact thing at the front counter of my dental office. Saved several hundred dollars and it works beautifully! I actually had to take two dental impressions because you have to get your teeth all the way in. But there was an extra set of putty for a retry. Nailed it the 2nd time. Beautiful fit. Thank you Sentinel team. -Julie

  • Michelle

    I got this for my mom as a Mothers Day gift to use for her high school reunion.It worked so well that I got one myself. Great buy!

  • Jeff Cohen

    I bought a dental guard from Sentinel and was so pleased with the service and fit of my sleep guard that I decided to try out the teeth whitening. I’ve always had little to no success with other whitening products so I was skeptical. I would recommend this whitening regimen to anyone. Worked absolute wonders on my coffee and tea stained teeth Happy camper!!

  • Meghan Brantley

    Works quicker than I expected with fantastic results A++++

  • Robert F

    Easy to use teeth whitening! I pop them in and watch tv. I had whiter teeth in 2 days.

  • P. Cooper

    Thank you so much Sentinel! The peace of mind from being able to smile without holding back is worth so much more!


  • unknown

    Just wanted to pop in and tell your team thank you for the outstanding customer service. I had a small issue with the fit of my tray for my top teeth and you all were so professional and prompt in getting my replacement to me. Excellent work. Thank you! -Jane

  • Heather R

    This is one of the best teeth whitening products I’ve used. I’ve tried everything including one of those mall kiosk “teeth bleaching” set ups which didn’t work at all. This actually does. Love it!

  • Shelby Seattle, WA

    Wonderful results! My dentist doesn’t offer deals like this! Lucky to have found you Sentinel!

Free Shipping

We ship your kit with everything you need from the molding trays and putty to the prepaid return packaging.

30 day guarantee

Try it out! If you’re not satisfied, you can always return the Mouthguard within 30 days for a full refund.

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