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Should I Get a Night Guard From My Dentist?

should I get a night guard from my dentist?

Receiving a recommendation from a dentist to wear a night guard can be perplexing for many individuals. While a night guard can effectively alleviate the negative consequences associated with bruxism or teeth grinding, there are significant considerations to keep in mind.

These include where to obtain the night guard, the expenses involved, and the compromises that come with purchasing decisions. As numerous factors influence this decision, it’s crucial to address the fundamental query: should you get a night guard from your dentist?

should I get a night guard from my dentist

When buying a night guard, there are four essential factors to consider: quality, durability, affordability, and fit. Ensuring that each of these factors is met is crucial, particularly if you suffer from severe bruxism or other related issues.

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Quality is paramount when selecting a night guard. It is necessary to use a high-quality plastic material that adheres to recognized dental standards and meets your dentist’s requirements.


Durability is another crucial factor to keep in mind. Since bruxism can be a long-term issue, you may need to wear the night guard for several years. Therefore, it is essential to select a night guard that is thick enough to last and made from a high-quality plastic material.


Affordability is subjective but still essential to many people. Some dentist-made night guards can be costly, and not everyone has the financial means to purchase them. Therefore, cost should be considered and evaluated based on personal financial constraints and insurance coverage.


Finally, the fit of the night guard is crucial. Bruxism and other alignment issues can be individualized to your bite, so selecting a night guard that can properly address your specific concerns is necessary. For those with bite alignment problems, direct consultation with your dentist is necessary to determine the appropriate type of night guard.

what are my options when purchasing a dental night guard

Your Options:

Purchasing directly from the dentist

When it comes to buying a night guard, one of your options is to purchase it directly from your dentist. This option offers several benefits, such as a custom fit, professional quality, and personalized advice. However, it may come with a higher price tag than other options, which can be a factor for some individuals.

Despite this, obtaining a night guard from your dentist is typically the most reliable way to ensure that your mouthguard meets all necessary criteria for effectiveness and comfort.

Depending on your insurance plan, the cost of a dentist-made night guard may be partially or fully covered.

Cheap drugstore night guard

The low-end option is to buy something cheap from a drug store. This possibility may seem attractive from a distance, but the likelihood of satisfaction is low. Here are some reasons to avoid the mass produced, OTC night guard types:

  1. Limited customization: Drugstore night guards are typically one-size-fits-all, which means they may not fit your teeth and mouth properly. This can lead to discomfort or even worsen the symptoms of teeth grinding and clenching.
  2. Poor quality: Drugstore night guards may be made with lower quality materials that are less durable and less effective at protecting your teeth compared to those made by dentists or online labs.
  3. Lack of professional guidance: Purchasing a night guard from a drugstore means you miss out on the professional guidance and advice that a dentist or online lab can offer. They can provide recommendations on the type of night guard that best suits your individual needs and ensure it fits properly.
  4. Less effective: A poorly fitting or low-quality night guard may not effectively protect your teeth from the effects of teeth grinding and clenching, leading to further damage or pain.

Direct from night guard lab

  1. Affordability: One of the main benefits of ordering a night guard from an online lab is affordability. Night guards from online labs are often less expensive than those made by dentists, making them a more cost-effective option for many individuals.
  2. Convenience: Online labs offer the convenience of being able to order a night guard from the comfort of your own home. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals who live in remote areas or have mobility issues.
  3. Customization options: Many online labs offer a range of customization options, such as different colors or thicknesses, to suit your personal preferences.
  4. Quick turnaround time: Online labs often have a quicker turnaround time for producing and delivering your night guard than traditional dental offices. This means you can receive your night guard sooner and begin treatment faster.
  5. Satisfaction guarantees: Many online labs offer satisfaction guarantees or warranties, ensuring that you are happy with your purchase or can receive a replacement or refund.

Overall, buying a night guard from an online dental lab can be a more affordable and convenient option for individuals seeking treatment for teeth grinding or clenching. However, it’s important to do your research and choose a reputable and trustworthy online lab to ensure the quality and effectiveness of your night guard.

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