Exceptional production

An exceptional mouthguard calls for top-quality material and process... and we only make exceptional mouthguards. That’s why all of our products are completely free from harmful substances found in other, inferior mouthguards.





No Resin

No Silicone

No Latex

No Leaching


It only takes three minutes to create your perfect impression using our dental impression kit.

Tru-fit Comfort

Boil and bite? We’re a bit more advanced than that method.

That system is pretty much a one-size-fits-all mouthguard with a small amount of customization shaped to your mouth. Our Tru-Fit impression kit precisely maps the exact fit for your mouth in order to maximize comfort and protection.

Our process utilizes a catalyst putty to activate the base putty when the two are combined. Together, they become an adhesive to rubber surfaces and stick to the rubber mouth tray in your kit. After just three minutes, the putty hardens with your exact teeth impressions perfectly preserved.

Check out how it works for the detailed instructions of our process.

See how easy it can be

Hit Harder, Play Harder

If you’re involved in contact sports, wearing a custom-fit sports mouthguard has many benefits. The baseline is SAFETY—sport mouthguards are designed to absorb the shock on impact in order to protect your jaw, mouth, and teeth.

But did you also know that wearing a mouthguard during contact sports has cognitive benefits as well?

Think about it—if you’re wearing a mouthguard, you’re likely to have a boost in your game performance because you’re not worried about potential damage to your jaw, mouth, or teeth. You know you can get rattled a little bit, so your competitive edge increases.