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What Are Craze Lines? Causes, Treatments, Prevention

what are craze lines

What are craze lines in teeth?

Craze lines are tiny, vertical fracture lines in the tooth or teeth. These surface lines in the teeth are caused mostly by bite force and is typically not a cause for concern.

However, sometimes the action that is the culprit of the craze lines can be harmful. If the bite force is excessive and consistent, craze lines can lead to cracks, cavities and teeth breakage.

How can you tell the difference between a craze line and a crack?

Craze lines are most often not a threat. They’re a common occurrence from and happen naturally overtime by normal eating, clenching down, etc.

A crack in the tooth looks and feels different. A crack can be accompanied by pain or sensitivity to air, cold or heat. A crack makes your tooth much more vulnerable to breakage and cavity formation.

Are craze lines dangerous?

Not typically. However, the cause could be dangerous. If your craze lines have occurred because of bruxism or jaw misalignment, a treatment plan will be needed.

How common are craze lines?

It is entirely normal for adults to have craze lines. These tiny lines can happen from normal wear and tear. Wearing a dental night guard consistently will protect your teeth from developing craze lines.

Can you feel craze lines in your teeth?

Some people may be able to feel craze lines on the teeth but generally speaking, most people do not feel them. These lines are detected by visibility and by using an explorer tool.

Causes of craze lines

Most often, craze lines naturally occur overtime due to bite force.

Other causes:

  • Teeth Grinding and Jaw Clenching
  • Jaw misalignment or an uneven bite
  • Chewing ice, gum or chronic nail biting
  • Trauma or injury to teeth
  • Sugar intake


How do I prevent craze lines?

  • Wear a mouth guard
  • Practice good oral hygiene. Regular dental cleanings.
  • Avoid oral jewelry
  • Don’t use your teeth as tools
  • Avoid eating ice, nail biting, hard candy
  • Relax. Lower stress levels

How do I keep craze lines from darkening?

Avoid tobacco, red wine, and coffee. Brush your teeth regularly with a whitening toothpaste.

Consider whitening treatments to lighten teeth.


Can you make craze lines less visible?

Yes. Teeth whitening treatment can lighten the craze lines making them less noticeable.

Other options:

Consider resin composite in the same tooth color to cover up the lines.


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