Love my bleach trays! First night I saw a HUGE difference. They are so easy to use and very comfortable!!

Kimi Canter, Pensacola, Fl.

My mouthguard is so comfortable! I never take it out while I’m at practice-I can talk with it and even drink water without any problems. I absolutely love it!!

Emily O. Baton Rouge, LA

I love my new bleach trays!! I have only used them twice and already have noticed a huge difference. I highly recommend them for anyone looking for pearly whites:)

Zack Sindylek, Pensacola, Fl.

After trying multiple styles of mouthguards, I decided to give Sentinel Mouthguards and Design a try. I did the molding myself, which was super easy! My guard fits perfect, I can talk clearly and it’s not bulky like so many I have chunked in the trash. I love my guard!

Mauley Rinkwyld

I Love my new mouthguard from Sentinel Mouthguards & Design! Ashely was great to work with and I ended up with an awesome sparkly guard that fits great. If you have to wear a mouthguard it might as well be stylie!

Nicole B.

So I received my Zoom whitening gel and bleach trays from Sentinel Mouthguards and Design recently, and after just a week I can’t believe the results. My teeth have never been whiter! If your’e looking for a confidence booster, I strongly recommend contacting Sentinel Mouthguards and Design today!!

Olan Smith, Pensacola, Fl.

Sentinel Mouthguards & Design was wonderful to work with. The process was easy and explained well. My night guard fits to a t, and it was $700 less than what my dentist wanted to charge.

Candace Young, Baton Rouge, La.

Got mah grillz and I love them!!! I cannot express how big a difference it is to have a custom made mouthguard!

Debbie Rice Tampa Tantrums Roller Derby Rep/Sponsorship/Pro Team Manager at Bont Skates

After just two days of using the bleaching trays, I saw better results than I received after following a TEN day course of the store bought strips. Also, you can’t beat this price. Highly recommended.

Mike Hathaway, Palm Desert, CA

My Sentinel mouthguard held up perfectly in Rio. Thanks Sentinel!

Tony Erard, Instructor/Fighter at Competition 1 BJJ Pensacola, Fl.

I got my custom mouth guards from Sentinel recently and absolutely LOVE them. I have been doing martial arts since childhood and decided that now that I own a school I would treat myself to a nice mouth guard and I’m very glad I did. The customer service was above and beyond with constant contact back and forth to make sure the mouth guard was right. The final product sticks to my teeth perfectly with no need to constantly readjust it while rolling. Cannot recommend Sentinel enough!

Brannon Remaklus, Owner- Atlas Martial Arts, Crestview, FL

Thank you for the great service, shipping and excellent mouthguard. Fits and looks amazing! I’ll definitely order from you again.

Giovanni, UT.

I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful job on my order. I had been using cheap boil & bite mouth guards for years. My new guard not only looks awesome, it fits absolutely perfectly & I feel 100x more protected than I did with the ‘cheapies’. Not to mention fast shipping, easy to use impression system, & really great customer service. You guys rock!!

Jamie Thompson, Ga.

I got my new Sentinel mouthguard and it has the most comfortable fit and jaw support I’ve ever felt from a mouthguard. I will most definitely only use Sentinel guards for my fighting career. I can trust them to keep me safe in the cage.

Cody “Cowboy” Phillips- Pro MMA fighter

The fit of the bottom night guard(s) are very good. I tried the soft cushion first, very comfortable and tight fit. The next night I tried the hard guard, also a good fit and comfortable. You did a wonderful job. Thanks again.

Manny Cohen, Boca Raton FL.

Great product & service A++++++ seller. Highly recommended.

Robin O. Seattle, Washington

Ashley, got the guards today. They fit like soft gloves. Much more comfortable than the generic OTC. I’ll wear these a while & will get a spare set eventually. Thanks for the great service.

Randy C. Mobile, AL.

My night guard is great! Fits perfectly. Thank you Sentinel!

Mariana Davis, FL.

By far, the most comfortable night guards on the market. These guys take pride in their work and will work with you to your absolute satisfaction.

Richard Moudry, Baton Rouge La.

I have purchased a night guard from my dentist in the past and paid $500 (or so for it). I decided to order from Sentinel and it’s is every bit as good and fits just as well for far less money. I was a little concerned making the impressions myself however after watching the video and following the instructions it is VERY simple. Great product and great company!!!! BTW the turn around time including the original shipment of the impression kit was faster than my dentist said they could do it.

Michael Pippin

I am very impressed that your team noticed the chip in my stone mold and that you made me a new guard.  It definitely fits better than the first one, but the first one will still make a good backup. Thank you again for such great customer service! Have a great new year!

Joan W. Tucson, Arizona