Magnesium examples

Can Taking Magnesium Stop Teeth Grinding?

Can taking Magnesium daily stop my teeth grinding? Yes and maybe and possibly not at all. So why do so many people recommend taking Magnesium to stop teeth grinding? Many people all around the world have attested to the positive impact that a daily dose of magnesium has had on their teeth grinding habit. Magnesium…

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alcohol make my teeth grinding worse

Alcohol & Teeth Grinding

Does Drinking Alcohol Make My Teeth Grinding Habit Worse? Carla noticed that her teeth and jaw hurt more after the nights that she would have a couple of drinks before bed. “My teeth pain is definitely worse the next morning after drinking alcohol compared to nights when I don’t drink” she tells her dentist. “Wearing…

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custom dental night guard occlusal guard

5 Reasons Not To Pay A Dentist To Make Your Custom Dental Night Guard

A Quick Note On The Information Provided: We strive to provide the most accurate information possible. The dental night guard (sometimes referred to as occlusal guard) suggested in this article are basic appliances used to alleviate teeth grinding (bruxism), jaw clenching and to protect your veneers, crowns and bridges. They can even be worn as…

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sentinel night guard packaged

Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth and Clenching

The need to find a mouth guard for grinding teeth is usually the result of teeth grinding and jaw clenching, also known as Bruxism. Why is a professionally custom made mouth guard for teeth grinding (based on a dental impression of your teeth) the preferred choice to help relieve Bruxism? Bruxism is excessive grinding of…

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tmj mouth guard

The Best Mouth Guard for TMJ

Mouth Guard for TMJ What should I look for when shopping for a TMJ mouth guard? First, it is important to note the umbrella term that is used to cover all problems relating to TMJ is actually called TMD, or Temporomandibular Disorders. TMJ stands for Temporomandibular Joint. “What is TMJ  and do I have it?”…

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dental retainer vs dental night guard

What Is The Difference Between a Dental Retainer vs. Dental Night Guard?

Dental Night Guard vs. Dental Retainer “What is the difference between the two?” After braces, the teeth are highly susceptible to movement/shifting as they just underwent some intense re-positioning and even though your new, beautifully straight teeth may look like they’re here to stay, your freshly positioned dental anatomy is still trying to find its…

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walmart mouthguard

Custom Dentist Night Guard vs Oral-B Night, Dentek, & Walmart Brands

I see you. Lady in the dental hygiene section of Walmart. An Oral-B Night Guard in one hand. Doctor’s Choice Night Guard in the other. You look perplexed. Confused. I imagine you’re wondering if either Walmart mouth guard brand will work for you. Is it a waste of $30?  You think of your last dental…

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natural cure for teeth grinding

Alternative Tools To Help You Stop Grinding Your Teeth

Tooth grinding, also known as bruxism, is an unfortunate condition that affects many people. More often than not, this is an unconscious action as the majority of sufferers do this in their sleep. The only way they know is through the ongoing damage to their teeth, and sometimes the frustration of the partner sleeping beside…

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best tooth brush for teeth whitening

5 Best Tooth Brushes for Hygiene & Super White Teeth in 2018

5 Best Tooth Brushes for Hygiene & Super White Teeth 2018 I think we can all agree, white teeth are an immediate physical sign of self care and even physical attraction. If you do a quick “google search” on how to brush your teeth properly, you are going to find plenty of information. Of course,…

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1mm Lower Dental Night Guard

Where Can I Get a Dental Night Guard for Lower Teeth?

Dental Night Guard for Lower Teeth “Is A Night Guard For Lower Teeth Better Than Upper Night Guards?” Do you often grind your teeth when you sleep at night? A quick visit to the dentist will determine if you have nocturnal bruxism. Bruxism is a condition where constant grinding wears away your teeth’s enamel and…

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how white can I get my teeth?

How White Can My Teeth Get?

The Ultimate Guide to Various Teeth Bleaching and Whitening Procedures Many people today suffer from dental discolorations which may be intrinsic or extrinsic. Extrinsic discolorations are due to a buildup of stains on the surface of the teeth. The stains may be caused by dental plaque, calculus, specific medical applications, betel chewing, and smoking tobacco….

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does adderall cause teeth grinding

Is Adderall Causing Me To Grind My Teeth at Night?

How many people in the United States are on adderall? A quick google search says A LOT. Over 16 million people were prescribed adderall in 2012 . How many of these people find themselves grinding their teeth at night? Teeth grinding and jaw clenching, medically known as bruxism, can be caused by various factors including…

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sentinel athletic mouth guard for weight lifting

What is the Best Mouthguard for Hockey?

Finding The Best Athletic Mouth Guard For Hockey You probably already know that every hockey player, (whether professional or not) is required to wear a protective mouth guard when playing. Hockey involves a lot of force and energy. Many times, falls and collisions (not to mention a hockey puck or stick to the mouth) can…

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mouth guard for weight lifting

Should I Wear a Mouth Guard for Weight Lifting?

The Importance of Wearing a Mouth Guard for Weight Lifting While not so many strength athletes (especially weight lifters) like using mouth guards when training or competing, it turns out these mouthpieces are very valuable for any weightlifter. Although many people think mouth guards are only important in sports that involve a lot of contact…

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Will Dental Insurance Cover My Night Guard?

Your Dental Insurance and Purchasing a Night Guard Has your dentist suggested you wear a dental night guard because you are grinding or clenching your teeth? You may initially balk at the dental office price but you have good dental insurance and your custom night guard is surely covered right? Many people assume that all…

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why am I clenching my teeth?

Why Do I Clench My Teeth?

The Effects of Teeth Clenching It is easy to imagine that your oral health (especially the condition of your teeth) ends with good diet and mouth cleaning habits. Unfortunately, there are other habits like teeth clenching which can easily cause destruction to your teeth. Teeth clenching  (whether during the day or at night) is a…

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why do I have jaw pain on one side of my mouth?

Jaw Pain on One Side of the Mouth

Why does my jaw hurt on one side? Notice jaw pain and or tenderness on one side of your mouth lately? Is there a popping sound accompanied with it? There are various reasons both or one side of your jaw is throbbing with pain when you chew, speak or just open your mouth. While jaw…

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ptsd & bruxism

“Could PTSD be Causing me to Grind and Clench my Teeth?”

“Could PTSD be Causing me to Grind and Clench my Teeth?” The Relation of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) & Bruxism (Night Teeth Grinding) The Relationship Between PTSD & Bruxism (nighttime teeth grinding) When one thinks of PTSD they might picture a man that once wore army green trying to cope with the horrors of…

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5 bad habits that can wreck your teeth

5 Bad Dental Habits That Can Wreck Your Teeth

5 Bad Dental Habits That Can Wreck Your Teeth Do you know how long your teeth can last? If properly cared for, human teeth can last their entire lifetime. The Academy of General Dentistry reports that there is no reason senior citizens can’t keep their natural teeth for a lifetime since tooth loss is the…

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botox used to treat teeth grinding decreases bone density

Botox For Teeth Grinding? Not Such a Good Idea After All.

Botox For Teeth Grinding? Bruxism (teeth grinding and jaw clenching) affects millions of people of all ages and nationalities around the globe. When teeth grinding and jaw clenching become a regular occurrence, unanticipated real problems can arise. These complications include tooth pain, facial and jaw pain, fracture lines in the teeth, even cracks and breakage…

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