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Are Night Guards BPA Free? Pthalate free?

BPA free dental night guards

If you have ever experienced chronic teeth grinding or had a family member affected by the problem, you probably realize that this is a matter that should not be overlooked. You only get one set of adult teeth.  Grinding or clenching comes with serious consequences such as teeth flattening, teeth cracking/ breakage, tongue indentation, headaches and could even strip your teeth of their enamel. Some of these damages can result in major dental costs. The good news is, the use of BPA free dental night guards is an approach that is non-invasive, SAFE and you don’t need to take prescription medication to curb bruxism (actually prescription meds may be making your bruxing worse). The use of a BPA free dental night guard is more of a preventive remedy.You don’t have to wait until it is too late when your teeth are seriously damaged to take measures to protect your teeth.


Episode #1178 of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast opened with Dr. Rhonda Patrick providing some great examples of her own thoughts on BPA and why she is hyper-aware of which bottles she gives her 18 month old baby, why she is concerned with her plastic coffee cups and more!

She worries quite often that she is exposing her baby to too much BPA. This is an excerpt from the podcast of her thoughts on BPA.

“Boiling water and putting it in plastic increases the BPA that leaches into solution by 55 fold. So, yes, definitely heating it up is way worse. One of the things I’m always thinking about is…, there are now studies that have come out and these studies have been done in animals that show that BPS and some of the other BPA replacements also have negative consequences on the endocrine system, on reproduction and in some cases they’re passed on to multiple generations. Now, how much of that actually translates to humans is unknown but there have been studies at least with BPA that have shown that you can give a person a single dose of BPA and it disrupts their insulin sensitivity. It also plays a role in causing problems with in vitro fertilization so it’s disrupting hormones and things like that. So, I was really cognizant about it during pregnancy because typically we do “detoxify” it quite well. The half life is less than 5 hours and we excrete it through urine. It also comes out through sweat ,by the way, which is really good. But when you’re pregnant, for whatever reason, the placenta.. well when you take in the BPA and your liver will inactivate it into this more benign compound but when it gets into your placenta it becomes activated again so I made sure I was not drinking anything out of a plastic or anything like that while I was pregnant.”

As a scientist, she is concerned. So should we all be?


sentinel soft dental night guard anti grinding device“Are Night Guards BPA free?”

A big concern for many people regarding night guards is whether or not they contain bisphenol-A (BPA). BPA is a synthetic compound used in the manufacture of plastic to harden it. If body organs get exposed to large amounts of this compound, some complications such as hormonal disorders, heart problems, brain and behavioral issues can be a consequence. This has led to the compound in countries such as Canada and the European Union to be banned for use in making baby bottles. It might be hard to determine whether a night guard contains BPA or not, but that should never be a matter of major concern because most dental material brands out there DO NOT include this compound in their products. This is according to the American Dental Association. There may be an exception out there somewhere but generally night guard use is not a health risk at all & most do not contain BPA.

All Sentinel Mouthguards are completely BPA Free

logo_SM_250_blackAre Sentinel Mouth Guards & Night Guards Phthalate Free?
Phthalates, commonly known as plasticizers, are chemicals included in plastics to make them flexible and harder to break. The CDC affirms that any dangers posed by low amounts of phthalates are unknown but have also revealed that in large amounts, phthalates have had an effect on laboratory animals’ reproductive systems. Most forms of vinyl need phthalates in their processing but lucky for us, EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) vinyl, which is used in making soft night guards, contains absolutely no phthalates. Dialkyl ortho-phthalate (o-DAPS) is used in the manufacture of some hard acrylic night guards to give them the thermoplastic nature. While people are exposed to phthalates from an array of products & sources such as dietary sources, teething rings & toys, indoor air pollution and, to a lesser extent, dermal contact, human health effects from phthalates at low environmental doses are currently unknown.

Sentinel Dental Night Guards do not contain phthalates

“Are Sentinel Mouth Guards & Night Guards Silicon Free?”
Just because silicon is an inert element does not mean it does not have side effects. Silicon, in the form of silicon dioxide (crystalline silica) could be a chronic respiratory hazard as researches on laboratory animals have shown that lung damage can occur. Silicon crystalline, when in contact with the skin and the eyes, causes irritation, scaling and itching. Crystalline silica, in the form of quartz and cristobalite, has again been associated with lung cancer. It is however a respite to learn that the most common and natural forms of silicon (silica and silicates) are non toxic and there is generally no threat posed by these forms of silicon. Silica and silicates is popular with sippy cup manufacturers like Nuby because it’s considered nontoxic. Though if you’re still not at ease, dental material makers have recognized the increasing public awareness & concern for what we put in our mouths and have made purchasing silicon free night guards easy.


“Why do we not like BPA?”

BPA is linked with

cardiovascular disease

breast, brain & prostate cancer

Attention related disorders

Erectile dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction

Learning disorders

Early onset puberty




Did you know 93% of Americans have BPA in their body?

All Sentinel Mouthguards are BPA, silicon and latex free.