i lost my dental retainers

I lost my dental retainers! Now what?

Back when I was in high school, our lunch ladies were a mean bunch. Students would take their dental retainers out while they ate and place them on a white napkin only to accidentally throw them away. Those lunch ladies wouldn’t let anyone go through the trash to find their dental retainers and lost dental retainers happen way more often most would think.

I always felt bad for the kids that had to go home and explain to their parents that they threw out their dental retainers & needed a new set.

lost dental retainers at lunch

In most orthodontist’s offices, that’s about a $500 mishap.

That was back in the late 90’s. The beginning of the internet boom.

Fast forward to today, and you can order a replacement set of dental retainers online! You don’t even have to leave your house.

If you’ve misplaced your dental retainers or maybe your dog chewed them up, stress no more.

dental retainer set
(pictured) Sentinel Mouthguards Custom Dental Retainer Set

Ordering your new set of dental retainers online is quicker, easier and more affordable than you may think! Below, we discuss some common dental retainer questions and answers.

I’ve been without my dental retainers for over a month. Have my teeth shifted?

A common regret of people that had braces when they were young is that they did not wear their retainer like they were supposed to and their teeth shifted. This can be a small or major shift depending on the individual and it can happen quickly or it can take years. You will know if your teeth shifted after one month if you reinsert your retainers only to find they’re no longer fitting properly. Your orthodontist can also determine if your teeth have indeed shifted due to not wearing your dental retainers consistently.

Can I force my old retainers to fit if my teeth have shifted?

Don’t force your retainers to fit. If your teeth look like they’re straight but your retainers are no longer fitting, subtle teeth shifting may have occurred. In this case, if you’re fine with the subtle movement, you can still order replacement retainers. You will need to take new impressions and the retainers will be made based on your present teeth anatomy (not how they were a month ago).

Your new retainers will not shift your teeth back to their newly perfect position. They will only retain the current position of the teeth. Be sure to wear your new retainers consistently to prevent any more unwanted shifting.

Can I shift my teeth back to their original position if I give you my molds from my dentist?

No. We do not straighten teeth. When straightening your teeth, you need to always be under the care of a qualified orthodontist. If you didn’t wear your dental retainers after braces and your teeth have shifted, you cannot correct the position of the teeth on your own. Always contact your orthodontist to discuss options for correcting your teeth alignment once they have shifted.

My dog chewed my dental retainers. Will my dentist make new ones for free?

This depends on your dentist but most likely no. You will likely incur a fee to have a new set of replacement retainers made.

How often should I wear my retainers?

Follow the guidelines set by your orthodontist. Most orthodontists recommend consistently wearing your retainers every night for the first year. Some even recommend wearing your new retainers for 22 hours per day for the first several months. Always remove your retainers while eating and drinking. The more you wear your retainers, the less likely they will feel uncomfortable.

After one year, some orthodontists suggest sleeping with your retainers in 3 to 5 times per week while others state that nightly wear 7 days per week is necessary to prevent teeth shifting. The popular teeth aligner company, Byte, states that one must consistently wear dental retainers at night for 10 years post orthodontic treatment.

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