Night Guard

Sentinel Custom Dental Night Guard

We offer three types of dental night guard including the soft, dual laminate (soft inside/hard outside) and hard type.
  • Dental Night Guard professionally made for teeth grinding and jaw clenching
  • Over 20 years experience in dental field specializing in mouth guard and night guard fabrication
  • All of our dental night guards products are BPA, Silicon and Latex FREE
  • Used for treatment of bruxism which is classified as a sleep disorder.
  • Combats teeth damage (teeth wear, flattening and breakage), jaw pain, teeth pain, and headaches
  • Best product at an affordable price.
  • Same materials, methods and machinery used in dental office. You save by ordering lab direct!
  • Know your facts! You can clench up to 130% harder at night than during the day, because your protective reflexes are turned off. You cannot stop nocturnal bruxism or grinding your teeth at night but you can get a custom made appliance that will protect yourself from pain associated with teeth grinding/clenching & from any further teeth damage.
  • Free all inclusive shipping in USA
  • Custom crafted by our experienced lab technicians for your unique dental anatomy
  • Get fitted. Get Protected.

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