Dual Laminated Dental Night Guard

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The Sentinel Dual Laminated Dental Night Guard® is designed for moderate to severe teeth grinding  and/or jaw clenching (bruxism). Soft on the inside, hard on the outside. Ideal for persons suffering from light to moderate bruxism.

  • Easy “how to” instructions ensures consistent teeth impression results
  • BPA, Phthalate, Silicon & Latex FREE
  • Excellent custom fit to your unique dental anatomy
  • Variable thickness option allows you to choose based on your individual needs
  • Protect your teeth against cracking, breakage, damage, tooth sensitivity
  • Protects veneers, crowns, combats pain or tenderness of the TMJ
  • Alleviates headaches, jaw pain, facial pain
  • Highest quality, dentist-grade night guard
  • Retainer case included
  • Complete satisfaction or 90 day money back guarantee
  • 1 year warranty. If you wear through your dental guard within one year Sentinel will replace at no cost to you!
  • FREE SHIPPING IN US (International orders are responsible for shipping on return mailer only)


taking your own dental impression

How it works

Taking your own dental impression is EASY (and you do not need to pay a dentist hundreds of dollars to do it). We will send you a plastic tray, dental putty, & a pre-paid envelope to mail back to us. You need to have a timer, clean hands, & good solid teeth. No braces. Seriously, putty & braces do not mix. We will give you a link to a video, pictures & written instructions to show how to mold, and make sure its a good mold.

What You Get:

  • dental impression kit
  • (1) dental night guard
  • ventilated retainer case
  • 1 year replacement warranty

Upon receipt of your impression, we will fabricate your new custom fit dental night guard within 4-7 business days. That’s it!

Want your Sentinel Night Guard faster? Choose the expedited shipping option at checkout. This service includes all inclusive USPS Priority Shipping + a (2) business day turnaround time ($75 additional charge).

The Sentinel Hybrid/Dual Laminate Dental Night Guard (soft inside/hard outside) is the newest style on the night guard scene and gaining a lot of popularity!

This night guard is available in 2 thicknesses & takes a special machine that combines layers to give a soft inside and a durable, hard outside. The result? A cozy, soft gel-like feel against your teeth coupled with a hard outer shell for the long lasting protection you need.

Why choose a dual laminated night guard? The two layer construction wherein a soft layer is bonded to a hard outer layer allows a comfortable wear.

There is no comparison to wearing a true custom made dental night guard and the Sentinel Dual Laminated Dental Night Guard excels in every facet you have come to expect; fit, durability and comfort. Find out more about the benefits of a custom made dental night guard and answers to your most common questions on our custom dental night guard FAQ page.

Our Commitment To You

Keep in mind the Sentinel warranty and return policy is unlike any other. We stand by our products and will always work with you to your absolute satisfaction. This means that if you are dissatisfied with your product for any reason, you can either contact Sentinel within 90 days for a full refund or opt to continue working with us until you get a great fitting guard. Our commitment to you is 100% satisfaction.

106 reviews for Dual Laminated Dental Night Guard

  1. Dale McCarthy (verified owner)

    We love this service. My wife and I both use the Sentinel night guards because they’re very comfortable, affordable and now that the Sentinel lab has our dental impressions on file we can order future guards with ease if we grind through these!

  2. Mckenna (verified owner)

    Oh man what a deal! One night guard at my dental office is $650. I can get two for less than $200 here. Shall we say awesome??

  3. Raymond Thomas Jr. (verified owner)

    ****I have had extensive dental work and my dentist recommended a night guard to protect my teeth and prevent any further damage. Sentinel was recommended through a chat forum on Reddit. So happy I stumbled across the conversation because this company is great. Saved me about $500. Highly recommend *****

  4. Kaylee R. (verified owner)

    Great service which has saved us a lot of time. Very quick and good communication throughout. Thank you.

  5. Mary Paterla (verified owner)

    This guard is the best I’ve ever worn. I’m missing all of my right side molars & still a superb fit. Hands down! The best! , Mary B.

  6. Sonny Erickson (verified owner)

    A++ Customer service!! Very pleased with my product..better than my dentist made

  7. unknown (verified owner)


  8. unknown (verified owner)

    I have TMJ and absolutely have to sleep with a nightguard. My dog chewed mine from the dentist and I desperately needed an affordable replacement. This did the trick! Very happy with the product and excellent customer service!!!

  9. Nancy Barone (verified owner)


  10. Olga Popov (verified owner)

    Easy and surprisingly quick process. Anthony handled my initial million questions over the phone beautifully. Will be ordering a second backup guard soon! 100% satisfied 😀 😀 😀

  11. Marcus Parker (verified owner)

    Great product! Great service! I totally recommend Sentinel!!

  12. Brenda R. (verified owner)

    I’ve continued to wear my night guard regularly and though it does take some getting used to, I have gotten used to it. The fit is spot on. No need for any adjustments. Ordering for my wife and daughter soon.

  13. Erica M. (verified owner)

    This is a quality product like you would get from a dentist. Thanks.

  14. Landon Davis (verified owner)

    I would agree with everyone below. Sentinel’s customer service is #1. I received several emails throughout the process keeping me informed. I was thinking to myself another automated email system but they were all informative, useful emails with my tracking information etc. They are quick to respond through email as well and I received my night guard within about 3 weeks from the order date. *****

  15. Tinnia (verified owner)

    Researched a few companies online before settling on Sentinel. My main grievance with the other night guard labs was that none of them answered the phone. Some didn’t even have numbers to call (just emails) and they were slow to respond. Sentinel was prompt and happy to answer my million questions. They made me an exceptional comfortable and STURDY dental guard. Happy customer here! Thanks a ton!

  16. unknown (verified owner)

    Love my guard! Easy to use at home kit. I’ve sent several people your way since I received my dental guard. THank you!

  17. Paula Wright (verified owner)

    Finding the perfect nightguard can be a lot like the Goldilocks story. As a nightguard user, I have gone through many and it really does come down to personal preference and the ability to have a custom made nightguard for such an affordable price is a blessing!

  18. Kenneth (verified owner)

    I guess I wasn’t staying still enough the first two times because the Sentinel lab contacted me and said my impression was distorted. I stayed perfectly still the third time and made sure I waited the full three minutes before I removed the tray. Scared me for a brief second because the putty was so hard I thought it was going to pull my teeth out!! But it came out just fine and I got a great fitting nighttime guard. Thank you for working with me 😀

  19. Brody Phillips (verified owner)

    Your business is greatly appreciated! Thank You!-Brody

  20. Svetlana Kopko (verified owner)

    Love the glow in the dark case! Opened my mail in a dim lit room and the little box was glowing back at me! Perfect fit. Terrific experience!!

  21. Gaylord Brisbin (verified owner)

    Great customer service. Excellent product! Chose the hard dental guard at first and switched to this dual laminated type because the hard felt a little too tight on my teeth. The soft inside lining of the dual makes the night guard very comfortable to wear. Only night guard I’ve ever been able to sleep with comfortably. Thanks for working with me Sentinel team.

  22. Sal N. (verified owner)

    The putty hardened up on me too quick the first time I tried it but the second time I made sure I paid attention to the time. Love the fit of my bite splint. Easy to sleep in and overall easy process.

  23. Sera Foster

    I’m a pretty hard grinder.. being that I’ve gone through a few night guards from my dentist which was getting really expensive. My husband did some research and he came across Sentinel and thought I should try them out. I was a little skeptical about taking my own impression at first but it ended up being pretty fun for my husband and I. We sent the impression back in a prepaid envelope. My nightguard came back in about 10 days and I was blown away with how well it looked and fit. I don’t know why dentist charge so much seeing that companies like these don’t have to. Getting ready to buy another as back up!

  24. Phillip Paulson

    Honestly I wasn’t too sure about buying a night guard online so I called the company to test the waters a little bit. I can’t remember the name of the guy I spoke to, but I could tell it was a real company and he made me feel a lot more comfortable about buying online. He didn’t try to up sell me or anything shady, was just friendly and came across very down to earth. I like that in a company, and I def like saving money.

  25. Harold Davies (verified owner)

    Got my night guard about a week ago and have been sleeping with it every night. I was going to send an email saying thanks but decided to write it here for everyone to see. Not knowing that I could buy online, I had a dentist make one for me years back and I wore it because I paid so much for it but it was never comfortable. I did a lot of research on this dual laminated type and decided it has to be more comfortable than the one I had and I was right. It’s been great so far and I just wanted to share my quick story. Thanks!

  26. Tess Donaldson

    Thank you so much Sentinel! You saved me money and from a lot of frustration! Fits perfect!

  27. David (verified owner)

    This is a nice night guard. The night guard fits around my teeth perfectly and they feel secure and safe in the guard. I am able to close my mouth all the way and even communicate (if I am in need of having a conversation at 2am). Well made and does its job perfectly. I have not had any issues.

  28. Jasmine Hoolin (verified owner)

    I received my first night guard and had an issue with the fit. Contacted Sentinel and we traced it back to the initial teeth impression. It did take several weeks to get everything squared away but the upside is it was still a hell of a lot cheaper than the dentist AND I ended up with a great fitting guard that I can actually sleep in. These guys will work with you until you’re satisfied. A+ guys. Thanks for working with me.

  29. Joshua C. Alachua, FL (verified owner)

    Fast delivery. Easy impression system, good product and prompt communication. From one business owner to the next, I’m thoroughly impressed. Two thumbs up!

  30. Unknown (verified owner)

    My experience with the Sentinel team has been wonderful. From start to finish I had a million questions that they were great at answering. I was a nervous nancy about taking my own teeth impression but the written instructions and video were easy to follow. I’m glad I went with the hybrid guard. It’s very comfortable on my teeth and I have no trouble sleeping at all.

  31. Colleen W. (verified owner)

    Both thumbs up! Terrific job. Saved me a ton. Heed my advice people: Keep these things away from CATS! This is my third one in about 6 months because of my little guy Rupert! Luckily they’re affordable!

  32. Crissy Melton (verified owner)

    Taking my own teeth mold was weird and I was a little nervous to do it right but the video defiantly helped. I’m happy with my guard and have told my mom and friends to order from y’all.

  33. Colton James (verified owner)

    I live in New York but from the south. My dentist back home made these guards for $400. In NY, the dental office wants to charge me $950. Umm no. Taking my teeth mold was easy and to save me that much money? I’ll take it. Thanks.

  34. Michael P. (verified owner)

    I have purchased a night guard from my dentist in the past and paid $500 (or so for it). I decided to order from Sentinel and it’s is every bit as good and fits just as well for far less money. I was a little concerned making the impressions myself however after watching the video and following the instructions it is VERY simple. Great product and great company!!!! BTW the turn around time including the original shipment of the impression kit was faster than my dentist said they could do it.

  35. Brittany Maize (verified owner)

    I had a little trouble taking my dental impression(I let the putty get too hard the first time) and had to ask for another kit but I got it right! The whole process took about 5 weeks for me. My dentist promised a 2 week turn around (tempting but not for an extra several hundred dollars). Overall, I’m very satisfied. Good customer service too. Nice and quickly responds to emails. Thanks Sentinel!

  36. Sharon Henry (verified owner)

    My longtime dentist sold me a dental guard for $750 and it cracked within a few months. I called to see about getting another and they offered to discount $200 but still that’s wayyyy too much!! Found this company through a quick search and I’m very happy. Very satisfied customer. I’ll continue to use Sentinel for years to come.

  37. Ryder G. (verified owner)

    My dog chewed up my $600 night guard from the dentist. I purchased from Sentinel Mouthguards and waited several months to write a review.
    It has been a great purchase. It fits great and does its job. I keep it far far away from Babsy (my dog) as I hope to hang on to this one for a while! Excellent option for people who don’t have $600 for a night guard.

  38. Annette S. (verified owner)

    08/14/14 I purchased this night guard to protect my new veneers. I decided on the dual laminated because of the soft inside. I was a little worried about it being too thick because of the two layers but it’s perfect. It’s comfortable. I sleep easily with it and though I haven’t tried the other styles I can vouch for the comfort and ease of wear of this type.

  39. Jacob S.

    Saw that this site was mentioned on Reddit as a good place to get a night guard so I decided to give it a try. Very, very, glad I did! Saved me 500 bucks! I’ve sent some friends this way too and they were all happy as well. Thanks a ton!

  40. Casey Rickles (verified owner)

    I bought my Sentinel guard back in April. I cannot sleep without this night guard or I’ll wake up with severe jaw pain!! So thankful for companies like this that cut out the middle man because the ones from the store are the worst and the ones from the dentist are too expensive!

  41. Rhonda Campbell

    Oh my gosh! It fits so well! I didn’t think it would fit so perfectly to my mouth and I slept better than I have in years!! A+++

  42. Jessica (verified owner)

    I highly recommend the dual laminated night guard. Like many others, I chose this company over my dentist because of their stellar reviews and the affordable cost. It took some time to find just the right customized fit, but Sentinel was totally understanding and worked with me until everything was perfect. Needless to say, they stand by their word on customer satisfaction. This particular guard is great because it gives you both the durability of the outer acrylic layer, as well as the softness of the inner, more pliable layer. The fit is very precise, and the guard stays in place through the night. Overall, wonderful customer service and a great product at an affordable price.

  43. Jace Asher (verified owner)

    My neighbor recommended this company after I was complaining to him about what the dentist wanted to charge me. What a life saver & getting close to Xmas time I sure appreciate the money saver. This is my first time ever having to wear a night guard so I’m still getting used to it but does fit my teeth snug like a bug in a rug and I’m happy with it so far. Thank you!

  44. Lois Griffin MN

    I’ve ordered 3 from this company. Love what they do. My dentist has charged me a small fortune over the years. Can’t say thanks enough!!

  45. Nichole C. (verified owner)

    Just wanted to say thank you for your work. I have multiple missing teeth and I have gone through other companies online. You guys have exceeded my expectations. The fit is perfect despite my very imperfect teeth. Thank you. Thank you. Happy holidays!!

  46. Leslie Barnes (verified owner)

    I have front upper porcelain veneers and just wanted something to protect my teeth while I sleep because I do grind a bit. I originally tried a one size fits all type from Walgreens and it was awful! Glad I found Sentinel. I love my night guard. It’s so tiny and just fits perfect. A++++++++

  47. Dakota Merritt (verified owner)

    Positive feedback rating. Very happy with my purchase

  48. Kim Kanter (verified owner)

    Hello Sentinel Mouthguards!
    Got my guard in today and it works and feels great! Thanks, Kim K.

  49. Trent Thurman (verified owner)

    Just got my custom mouth guard in. Wanted to send a quick thanks! So much better than the store bought one I was using. World of difference! I will definitely be referring you to my friends, family, coworkers. Also, the glow in the dark case is super cool! Thanks, Trent

  50. Erin (verified owner)

    Lightening fast shipping, great correspondence throughout and excellent high quality product!

  51. Sebastian (verified owner)

    So excited! I received my bite guard today. Fits perfectly and the look of it is very high quality. Can’t wait to use it tonight and finally quit waking up with teeth and jaw pain. Thanks guys!

  52. Vicky (verified owner)

    I got my guard today and I love it! It hugs my teeth softly and gives me the protection I need on the outside. I will definitely recommend this product!

  53. Eddie P. (verified owner)

    Big up to Sentinel Mouthguards for making a thin comfortable device I can actually sleep with. Thank you!

  54. Benjamin Peckham (verified owner)

    I don’t normally write reviews but I feel compelled to give you all a huge thanks for making me a mouthguard for my teeth grinding on my poor college student budget. I had some trouble with the fit on the first one but I received a great fitting replacement promptly. Service was exceptional. Huge thanks to you all! -Ben

  55. Peter J. (verified owner)

    I was “already stoned” (love that) and received 20% off for already having my stone mould. I live in Ireland and shipping was quick and easy. Couldn’t be happier with the Sentinel lab!

  56. Jim Anderson (verified owner)

    Sentinel does what they say they are going to do with excellence. I have used other online companies in the past with okay results but Sentinel seems to genuinely care. Clear, easy, concise process. Would also like to mention that their customer service is great! They are kind and professional.
    Highly recommend. Highly trust.

  57. E. Shock (verified owner)

    Headaches gone! Mouth pain gone! Only complaint is that I did have to use my replacement warranty within 9 months of purchase as the laminate was beginning to separate. No problems getting my replacement and I am a very heavy grinder so maybe it’s not supposed to last the full two years for people like me. The staff did tell me that individual grinding habits vary from person to person. Either way, it’s comfortable and I’m happy with the overall purchase :))

  58. Noah (verified owner)

    Great service. My night guard came in the mail quicker than I had hoped. It saved me a ton of time and headache (literally my headaches and facial aches are gone!). Thanks guys!

  59. Russell Kirby (verified owner)

    This is a great product. It is very easy to make the mold and took all of three minutes to form, submerge the teeth and let harden. The night guard is top-notch and the material is comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

  60. Max W. (verified owner)

    I have been using the night guard now for over a month. I can clean it with a light soap, my teeth don’t ache. It is comfortable and has been a minimal /not bad adjustment to my sleep routine. I would and have been recommending this to all of my family/friends who grind or clench their teeth. I am currently disciplining myself to wear the guard every night all through the night. This is definitely an excellent product to help in my bruxism.

  61. Gretchen (verified owner)

    I had first ordered the hard night guard and couldn’t get used to it. I was pleased to learn that Sentinel will work with you to make sure your satisfied. After talking to a customer service rep we decided to try the dual laminate type. I’m very happy with the choice and have been wearing this dual one for 4 months. No issues and my jaw pain is gone! I will recommend them to any teeth grinding sufferers. Amazing job!

  62. H. Mitchell (verified owner)

    5 *****I have been wearing night guards for 10 years and this is the best looking and best fitting one I’ve ever worn. Beautifully crafted and polished perfectly. I’ll be ordering one for my wife soon. Thank you for the excellent product and service. -Harold

  63. Min Chu (verified owner)

    As I get older I’ve realized the importance of my teeth. I feel so much better knowing that I’m taking the right measures to make sure they last as long as they possibly can. I’ve tried many mouth guard types and not only is the Sentinel guard affordable, it is comfortable. I chose the 2mm Dual Laminate and am very satisfied. Thank you@ Sue & team

  64. Destin Tillman (verified owner)

    I had a small issue with the initial fit of my night guard. I contacted Sentinel and they promptly sent me a replacement. Fits extremely well and couldn’t be happier with the professional and timely customer service!

  65. Denise Boutin (verified owner)

    I am very happy with my night guard and I recommend this. The customer service is exceptional!

  66. Daniel Loyd (verified owner)

    Sentinel Mouthguards was very accommodating when I realized I needed to switch my order to a male kit at the last minute. Got the correct kit & impression process was easy.

  67. Brandon Myers (verified owner)

    Oh my god I love this mouth guard. It is THE most comfortable one I’ve ever had!! Thank you!

  68. I. Kundawala (verified owner)

    Sentinel! Thanks for keeping my teeth protected! I’ve been a customer now for 4 years and am a bad grinder. You stood by your warranty when I ground through my first night guard after 16 months. Just ordered another. Can’t thank you guys enough for making custom night guards affordable.

  69. Christy Flynn (verified owner)

    After one year of use I noticed the dual lamination separating on my guard. Contacted Sentinel and they allowed me to simply upload a picture (proof of dual lamination separating) and sent me a replacement free of charge. Zero hassle. Wonderful customer service. Also, the night guard has helped me tremendously with my teeth grinding pain. I continue to recommend!!

  70. Todd Matherson (verified owner)

    I ordered a dual laminate and a thin hard night guard (for daytime use). Got my two mouth guards and both fit great! You all have been a pleasure to work with. Thank you!!

  71. Richard A. (verified owner)

    I can’t believe I have been paying $600 a pop all these years for the exact same nightguard as this one. After I lost my last one, I contacted my dentist who wanted to still charge me full price for a replacement. I was hesitant to order from Sentinel because how could it be the exact same thing for so much less?
    I’m so relieved I went ahead and made the purchase. You all have a customer for life. Thank you. Rich

  72. Jeffrey Bosley (verified owner)

    Placed my order on June 12th and the process is already complete! Customized night guard arrived in a retainer case & enclosed in a large bubble mailer. Craftsmanship is high quality. Fit is superb. I look forward to getting many years of use. Thank you team!

  73. Kathy Bailey (verified owner)

    The mold kit arrived by 21 September & after mailing in your mold, it takes an additional week to receive your customized mold…which fits perfectly as advertised…

  74. Bert Mazzocco (verified owner)

    The mold arrived fast but the guard takes a while to make and ship, be patient. It is worth the wait.

  75. Theresa Logan (verified owner)

    Came on time as promised. Love it!!

  76. Rebecca Furrow (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping and excellent customer service. Would recommend.

  77. Robin Harris (verified owner)

    I just received my night guard and it fits perfectly. I am going to order a second one to have on hand because I travel a lot…this way I can keep one at home and one in my luggage. The process was easy and quick, except the return was delayed by USPS. When I talked to my dentist about needing a night guard they quoted almost $700 for one and I will pay under $150 for two. Also a co-worker just ordered one from her dentist for over $800. This is the way to go if you need a night guard and if you have a Health Reimbursement Account you can use that to pay for the guard. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a quality product (same as you get from the dental office) for an affordable price.

  78. Amber Demery (verified owner)

    Sentinel Mouthguards were great and very responsive to my emails when I messed up the first package they sent me. The second one was just as quick in arriving and the final mouthguard was as well. I have only good things to say about this company.

  79. Jeremy S. (verified owner)

    Hey guys,

    I’ve loved the nightguard so far – it’s the most comfortable one I’ve ever had, and I now rarely find myself having dreams where I’m pulling hard candy or gum out of my teeth!


  80. Julie Tutt (verified owner)

    LOVE it! Entire process was easy. The mold fits perfectly! Good job! I have worn a night guard in past which was ordered from my dentist at the much higher prices, and this Sentinel guard is even better than that one. I ordered the 2 mm dual guard. I barely notice it in my mouth and it fits snugly. I also am thankful it’s BPA-free. Highly recommended for protecting your pearly whites!

  81. Edward (verified owner)

    I stumbled upon sentinel mouthguards about 2 years ago (after not being able to afford one from the dentist) and have been using their dual laminated guards ever since. Their customer service is very responsive and helpful. I’ve had issues with the first couple nightguards since the laminate would come apart between the hard and soft layers, but they were always quick to replace it and send a new one out. My most recent nightguard help up a lot better and didn’t come apart until after about 5 months versus the 2-3 months before.

  82. Marcy (verified owner)

    Thank you for your comfortable dual laminated night guard and fabulous customer service with Ashley. I once spent $700 for a TMJ splint that lasted less than 2 years. When it cracked in half, I freaked! Then I found Sentinel Mouthguards online and was so relieved that I could get a professional custom-made nightguard for $129! Great deal and a good quality product. I took it to my dentist to check the fit and he approved! He said even HE grinds his teeth at night! (I recommended Sentinel. LOL!) Taking the impression was so easy and it’s great knowing they can make a future guard from my impression. As far as customer service, they really stand by their product. When my first night guard split after only a year, they honored their guarantee and sent me another. What can I say other than you guys ROCK! I’m so thankful that you’re here. I couldn’t live without my Sentinel Mouth Guard!

  83. Judi (verified owner)

    This is by far the best mouth guard I’ve ever owned! I bought one from my dentist last for 3 times the price and 1/2 the quality of Sentinel mouth guard! It lasted less than 6 months. I like to use the product I buy before I leave a review and I have used this one! Every night for the last 2 years and occasionally during the day if I’m grinding my teeth due to stress. I have the dual guard that is just starting to show enough wear that I need to replace it. I will never use any other mouth! Sentinel is the best!

  84. Judi (verified owner)

    This is by far the best mouth guard I’ve ever owned! I bought one from my dentist last for 3 times the price and 1/2 the quality of Sentinel mouth guard! It lasted less than 6 months. I like to use the product I buy before I leave a review and I have used this one! Every night for the last 2 years and occasionally during the day if I’m grinding my teeth due to stress. I have the dual guard that is just starting to show enough wear that I need to replace it. I will never use any other mouthguard! Sentinel is the best!

  85. Jessica (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Sentinel night guards for several years now. Their quality night guards have helped reduce wear on both my enamel and my expensive veneers. In fact, I’ve had no breakage whatsoever since using their product. But the best part of Sentinel is their customer service. Any time I’ve had a question or a concern, they have been super quick to respond and remedy the issue. The warranty period on their products is very important to me. And any time I’ve worn through a night guard that is still within the warranty period, Sentinel has replaced it free of charge. I plan to have more dental work done in the near future, and without question I will be placing a new order through Sentinel.

  86. Baylee M. (verified owner)

    I am downright STUNNED at how well this night guard fits.

    Buying a night guard is typically a recipe of sadness for me when ordering online, but I took a chance.

    It is AMAZING. It is a nice thickness and the teeth do not feel constrained. The guard is a little bendy which is nice and the look of it is exactly what is pictured in the product images. I love that this is BPA free too. The inside part is soft and the hard outer lining feels good. It looks and feels outstanding.

    The only concern I have is that when cleaning I noticed the two layers are visible. I can see where the soft meets the hard and I wonder if this may be prone to separating. I contacted the company and they said this is solved by being sure to keep the guard completely dry between uses and store in the dental case provided. So far so good. I might eventually buy another as a backup but for now, I am left 100% satisfied and amazed at the overall experience.

  87. Cathy (verified owner)

    They have good service. The 1MM night guard is very comfortable, and when it wore through, they replaced it at no charge.
    And you can’t beat the price – oddly, my dental insurance does not cover night guards. The ones offered at my dentist’s office are way too expensive.

  88. E Fernandez (verified owner)

    This was easily the best online purchasing experience I’ve ever had. My night guard is extremely comfortable; Sentinel worked with me until the fit was just right. Their customer service is fantastic. The product is also considerably more affordable than I was quoted at the dentist, and the dentist himself was very impressed with the quality when I took it in to reassure him I had found a legitimate lab to make one for me. Honestly, if you need a night guard don’t hesitate; you’re not going to find a better deal or a better product.

  89. Adam T (verified owner)

    I’ve used a sentinel mouthguard for a few years now and I recommend it to everyone I know who has had issues with bruxism. The quality and customer service are excellent. Sentinel provides an exceptional product at a fraction of the cost of most dental professionals.

  90. Wendi Richards

    I have used this Sentinel night guard nightly for the past 4 years with absolutely no trouble. The process of making an impression and ordering was well explained and easily accomplished. This night guard is a high quality product and is a great option to save money over ordering one through the dentist. I have recommended this service to friends and plan to order another night guard when needed without hesitation.

  91. Peter K (verified owner)

    I’ve been using my Sentinel Mouthguard about 3 years now. They have good customer service. My first one got damaged while I was cleaning it and because it was still under warranty, they sent me a new one. Since they already had my mold, I didn’t have to go through the whole process again. I also used other mouthguards from retail stores, but this one felt very natural especially when I woke up in the mornings.

  92. Peter K

    I’ve been using my Sentinel Mouthguard about 3 years now. They have good customer service. My first one got damaged while I was cleaning it and because it was still under warranty, they sent me a new one. Since they already had my mold, I didn’t have to go through the whole process again. I also used other mouthguards from retail stores, but this one felt very natural especially when I woke up in the mornings.

  93. D. Shanabrok

    I have used their mouth guards for over 5 years. High quality, they work as well as what you would get at the dentists. Customer service has been great, they have gone out of the way to make sure things are right. Highly recommencded

  94. Lillie Webb

    The process of creating your own mold is so simple and easy to execute at home. Unfortunately, my dog ate my first guard but ordering a replacement has been a breeze. Thanks for an affordable and quality product!!

  95. Christy O. (verified owner)

    We are huge fans! My mother needed a few attempts with the impressions, as it was difficult with her arthritic hands, and they were so patient and lovely about it. After a few back-and-forths we now have a PERFECT fit! We also required a custom size of 1.5mm for dual-laminate, versus the standard 2mm, so don’t hesitate to ask if you think 2mm might be too thick. Ashely was such a pleasure to work with, and a very fast response time.

  96. Jackie Locke (verified owner)

    My mouth is on the small side. I was worried the guard wouldn’t work for my small mouth. I contacted customer service and they said to just request smaller trays for the impression process. One of the tray sizes was perfect. I absolutely recommend this product. Aside from the guard fitting perfectly and serving its purpose, the customer service team is the real gem. They are responsive and very knowledgeable. 5 Stars

  97. J.H. (verified owner)

    Not bulky. The fit is very nice. I have used this for 3 nights so far and I think this may be the best purchase I’ve ever made. I highly recommend this product for anyone who experiences pain from teeth grinding.

  98. Bill G. (verified owner)

    I am a horrible nighttime teeth grinder and clencher. I have managed to chew threw so many of these things. I am very happy with this guard. I love that the company keeps impressions on file for 2 years because I don’t enjoy taking my dental impressions and I may need another soon!

  99. Sarita Ocampo (verified owner)

    Well worth it!!
    Easy to follow directions. Great for both beginners and experienced dental night guard wearers. Only would have loved a faster turnaround time but I’m pleased with the final product. Now I can’t wait until my nighttime grinding is cured so that I can quit sleeping with plastic in my mouth!!

  100. Karlene Williams (verified owner)

    Bought this for my daughter. She said on a scale of 1 to 10 it is a 10 in comfort! She’s been a longtime teeth grinder. The dentist said she would grow out of it as a child but here she is at 18 still doing it. We have tried the walmart guards and they never were comfortable enough for her to wear during sleep. Truly the best! We looked around and decided on Sentinel. Glad we did. Thank you!

  101. Eva

    Love everything about my new Sentinel night guard!

  102. Wendy Kim (verified owner)

    Very impressed with this product! I ordered the Sentinel nightguard to replace an older, worn down guard that I had gotten from my dentist about 15 years ago. I was skeptical that it would be the same as the one I had gotten originally. It is much more comfortable than my dentist made one. Less bulky. I don’t know if it’ll last 15 years but at this price I’ll take it!

  103. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Great company to work with. They’ll make sure your guard fits right, and there is a real person on the other end of the phone.

  104. Julia (verified owner)

    I ordered a dual laminate nightguard. The kit came quickly and following the steps was clear and easy. Even with Covid19 shutting things down I received my guard in good time and it fit like a glove. Unfortunately I had bigger issues that appeared with my jaw. I emailed my problems and Alexandra replied promptly but my problem requires a more complex solution that has to be done in person with a dentist. Sentinel refunded my entire purchase price just as they guaranteed when I mailed the guard back. I would definately use their company again if my family needs other products!

  105. John C. Smith (verified owner)

    Thank you!
    Sentinel mouth guards has made a huge difference for me. For years dentists would talk to me about my teeth grinding and then want to charge me $600-800. I was always concerned with the fit and whether I’d take it out in my sleep. I had one over a decade ago and it didn’t stay put over night. When I heard about Sentinel and saw the savings of going through you direct, I knew I had nothing to lose. The value has well exceeded the cost. The fit, comfort, & protection have made a difference in protecting my teeth. Thank you.
    Now my only question is in the next one I order will I try the all hard/soft or stick with the dual laminate.

  106. Bettina D. (verified owner)

    I have tried those boil-it-yourself mouth guards and they never make it through the night. They always end up on my nightstand.

    I gave Sentinel a shot. I was probably their worst nightmare of a customer. I had a ton of questions and low expectations.
    I got the kit to make a mold quickly, followed the instructions, sent in my pictures of my impression to Sentinel. After approval, I sent the mold to their lab using the shipping package they sent me. Sentinel took about 7 days to make my guard. I received it and immediately LOVED it.

    The guard is not bulky at all. It is very thin and comfortable to wear. I highly recommend this guard!

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