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Transitioning from Smile Direct Club: Where to Find Replacement Retainers

Where can I get replacement dental retainers after Smile Direct Closure?

SmileDirectClub, a prominent telehealth company offering mail-order teeth alignment solutions, recently ceased operations after facing significant financial struggles. Founded in 2014, the company gained traction by providing teeth aligners both online and in physical stores at a price of $1,850, presenting itself as a more affordable and rapid alternative to traditional braces. However, despite serving over two million customers, SmileDirectClub encountered severe profitability issues. In September, burdened by nearly $900 million in debt, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

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Additionally, it faced legal challenges, including a lawsuit settled with the District of Columbia attorney general’s office, which accused the company of suppressing consumer criticism using confidentiality clauses. With its global operations immediately shut down, SmileDirectClub apologized to its customers, cancelling outstanding orders and ceasing the provision of guaranteed free touch-ups for completed treatments. The company recommended seeking future dental advice from healthcare professionals and indicated a forthcoming process for potential refunds as determined by the bankruptcy proceedings.

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Why did Smile Direct Club close down?

SmileDirectClub’s closure stemmed from a culmination of financial difficulties and operational challenges. Despite its initial promise and widespread advertising, the company grappled with persistent financial losses. Despite its substantial valuation, SmileDirectClub faced escalating costs and struggled to convert its popularity into sustainable profits. These financial woes became increasingly apparent, with the company reporting a staggering loss of $86.4 million in 2022.

In September 2023, SmileDirectClub filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in a bid to restructure its business and debts, aiming to continue operations. However, the company failed to secure a partnership or financial support to sustain its operations, leading to an abrupt and complete cessation of its global services. This closure left customers stranded mid-treatment, halted ongoing support, and reneged on previously promised services, ultimately forcing SmileDirectClub to shut down its operations entirely.

Where to find replacement Smile Direct Club retainers?

For customers of SmileDirectClub seeking continued dental care post-closure, Sentinel Mouthguards emerges as a reliable option for replacement retainers. While Sentinel Mouthguards doesn’t specialize in teeth straightening akin to SmileDirectClub, we offer a crucial service—providing replacement retainers after the completion of teeth straightening treatments. Understanding the importance of maintaining the results achieved through alignment procedures, Sentinel Mouthguards focuses on post-treatment dental care. Our expertise lies in crafting custom-fit replacement retainers, ensuring customers preserve the outcome of their previous teeth straightening efforts.

What if I’m in the middle of the process of straightening my teeth? Where do I go now?

If you find yourself mid-process in straightening your teeth and were previously using a service like SmileDirectClub that has now ceased operations, it’s crucial to seek immediate guidance from a licensed dentist or orthodontist. They can assess your current progress, provide professional advice, and recommend the best course of action to ensure the continuity of your treatment. Additionally, there are alternative teeth straightening companies online (such as Byte or Candid) that can provide further assistance to help maintain the progress you’ve achieved so far.

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Sentinel Mouthguards stands as a dedicated provider of replacement retainers, offering a vital service for individuals who’ve completed teeth straightening treatments, such as those formerly serviced by SmileDirectClub. While not involved in the initial alignment process, Sentinel Mouthguards specializes in creating custom replacement retainers tailored to maintain the results of completed orthodontic work. Our commitment lies in ensuring customers retain their newly aligned teeth by providing precision-crafted retainers that fit comfortably and securely. With a focus solely on replacement retainers, Sentinel Mouthguards assures SmileDirectClub’s former clients of reliable post-treatment dental care to sustain the outcomes of their orthodontic journeys.

Would you like to learn more about Sentinel Mouthguards’ products and services? Visit our help center today!

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