dog ate my night guard

My dog ate my night guard!

I have a 10 month old Australian Cattle Dog. Her name is Loki. Yes, I named her after the Norse god of mischief. You may say that I was  tempting fate. I say that I was just giving in to the inevitable. If you are a dog lover, you know that they like to chew and as a puppy they will chew on just about anything and everything.

Loki has destroyed shoes, socks, and other bits of laundry. She has chewed pencils and pens, gloves and hats, cat toys, and entire boxes of tissue. She chewed a hole in the back of my brand new couch and ate a stack of student homework (in a new twist on an old excuse).

She has plenty of toys and raw hides and she chews on those, too. But today she ate my night guard. My very, very expensive custom night guard purchased from the dentist to protect my teeth from my midnight clenching and grinding. The daily mantras in my house are “It’s a good thing you’re cute” and “I can’t wait until you grow up.”

Written by contributing author Amanda Woodard, Florida State University

my dog ate my night guard

Why do dogs seek out night guards and mouth guards?

Dogs (and even some cats) are attracted to the smell of the night guard. It is important to store your night guard in its retainer case when not in use and keep it out of reach. A hard night guard when torn to shreds can become sharp and can be harmful to your pup. If you’re sure your dog had ingested your expensive plastic night guard, call your veterinarian to seek advice.

After My Dog Ate My Night Guard

Through Sentinel Mouthguards you can replace your custom night guard for a fraction of the amount that you pay your dentist. This is because you take your own dental impression and order the mouth guard directly from the lab.

How To Replace Your Night Guard Affordably

Here’s how it works:

Sentinel Mouth Guards sends a dental impression kit with the putty and trays just like they use in the dentist’s office. Follow the easy step-by-step instructions to mix the putty, put it in the tray, and make an impression of your teeth. In addition to the written instructions there’s an online video as well. In five minutes the impression will be done, all in the comfort of your own home. Use the prepaid envelope to mail it back to the lab. Your new night guard will be delivered within a week and you will be sleeping easy again for much less money than you paid the dentist for the previous puppy chew toy.

Which Night Guard Type Is Best For You

Need help choosing the right night guard for you? Keep in mind, any custom night guard will protect the teeth from the damages. However, there may be a certain material type that works better for your individual needs. We offer three different material types:

Soft Night Guard– Completely flexible, soft, comfortable material

Hard Night Guard– Rigid, non-flexible, snaps into place

Dual Laminated Night Guard– A hybrid of the two. Soft inner lining. Hard outer shell.

Additionally, we offer a day guard that is virtually undetectable in the mouth. This is a great option for those who need to wear a guard during the day for teeth clenching or grinding but do not wish for it to be seen. This style of guard is cut to hug the back teeth only so that you can smile with confidence!

dog chewed my night guard

Rest Easy Knowing Your Night Guard Is Safe To Use

All Sentinel Mouthguards are made using dentist-grade BPA, Phthalate, Latex and free material.

Still not sure which guard to choose? We can help! Contact our customer service specialists Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Easter Time


Phone: 888.317.0724


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Ashely Notarmaso is the author behind the Sentinel Mouth Guard Blog. She is the CEO and founder of Sentinel Mouth Guards (Founded in 2012) Her long-time work in the dental mouth guard arena and her excellent ability to listen to customer concerns in this often contradictory field has laid the groundwork to explore night guard/mouth guard fabrication in-depth and address real concerns. With the help of her team, she has created a unique fabrication method that promises a great fitting custom oral appliance every time. Amazon’s choice for #1 mouth guard! Visit the online store

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