Hard Dental Night Guard for Teeth Grinding and Clenching


The Hard Dental Night Guard is for light to moderate teeth grinding/jaw clenching (bruxism)

  • Custom fit to your unique anatomy
  • Non-flexible. Snaps into place for a perfect fit.
  • Easy dental impression instructions ensures consistent teeth impression results
  • Excellent durability and clarity.
  • Choose your thickness (for light teeth grinding or more moderate/heavy)
  • Can be used for daytime or nighttime (for daytime choose light thickness)
  • Relieves jaw pain, teeth pain, headaches, tooth sensitivity
  • Protects teeth from breakage, cracking, damage
  • Protects veneers, crowns, restorative dental work
  • Combats pain or tenderness of the temporomandibular joints
  • Lifespan 2-5 years
  • All materials are Phthalate, BPA, Silicone & Latex FREE
  • 90 day money back guarantee.
  • One year replacement guarantee if you crack or wear down your guard!
  • Free retainer case
  • FREE SHIPPING IN US (international customers are responsible for shipping on return mailer only)

Product Description

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Hard Dental Night Guard for Teeth Grinding & Jaw Clenching

Choosing Your Thickness

Thin for Light Bruxism 1mm thickness  (think invisalign) can be worn comfortably night after night or as a daytime guard. This night guard secures your teeth in place and provides lasting durability for light teeth grinding and jaw clenching

Thicker for Moderate to Heavy Bruxism An added layer of thickness for more durability. Ideal for moderate teeth grinding or jaw clenching.

If you’re a severe teeth grinder or clencher, check out our Extreme Durability Hard Night Guard

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The Hard Dental Night Guard fits snug & snaps to your teeth. It is an exact fit and leaves plenty of room for jaw movement.

Wake up Smiling or Your Money Back

Located in St. Petersburg, Florida, we specialize in night guard and mouth guard manufacturing.  All of our products are made in the USA by professional lab technicians with a combined dental experience of 20+ years. We guarantee:

  • 100% satisfaction. We stand behind our products and will provide you with nothing less than our personal best from our long-standing team.
  • 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t like your new retainers whether it’s a fit issue or comfort, let us know within 90 days and we’ll refund you in full.
  • 1 Year Warranty. If you grind through your night guard within 1 year of purchase, we’ll replace it for you free of charge.

FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA (international customers are responsible for shipping on return mailer).

Here’s how it works

protect your teeth

Taking your own dental impression is EASY (and you do not need to pay a dentist hundreds of dollars to do it).

What you get

  • Dental impression kit. We send you plastic trays, dental putty, and a a prepaid envelope to mail back to us.
    You need to have a timer, clean hands, & good solid teeth. No braces. Seriously, putty & braces do not mix.
  • (1) Hard Dental Night Guard
  • (1) ventilated retainer case

If for any reason you feel your dental impression did not turn out well the first time around, don’t worry!  We will send you a redo kit free of charge.




Additional Information

Product Reviews

  • Christine

    I grind my teeth at night and in the day and I’ve worn through many night guards. This is the best one I’ve ever had, and it has cost me the least. I’ve had it for several years now and it hasn’t cracked, discolored or changed shape. I still have my wisdom teeth and Sentinel was able to get me a mouthguard that covered those as well.

    I like the night guard is clear, too. It’s easy to leave in Efferdent all day, daily, and it looks obviously clean. It still looks the same as the day I got it and it has definitely saved my teeth from cracking.

    I also like that the 2mm one is still fairly thin and I can fit it in my mouth. It doesn’t force my lips open at night.

    I’ve also been very happy with Sentinel’s customer service. They replied to me quickly and made sure that I was happy with my product. I plan to order more from them again.

  • Tom Lundberg

    I have worn night-guards for over 20 years now, most made by my local dentist. These cost less than 1/4th the price, and are just as good a quality. The fit has been wonderful and I am going to order another pair.

  • Patrick

    Customer Service is A++. I have worn almost every single night for the past 3 years, and the product is still going strong.

  • Valerie Lauterbach

    This is a great service. The response time was excellent, the process easy, and the product just as advertised.

  • Bailey Hamel

    Got my new guard in the mail today! Flawless fit! I’m actually looking forward to sleeping with it in tonight! Thanks Sentinel Team! A++++

  • Janice K.

    I LOVE Sentinel mouth guards! I’ve bought from this company for 5 years – 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm (I’m a heavy grinder) and I’ve always had great service and quality products delivered to my door. For years dentist(s) wanted to charge me hundreds of dollars for just one mouth guard (ridiculous!) and I told them no way and ordered from Sentinel! Don’t let dentists talk you into super expensive mouth guards – Sentinel can make them for you at a fraction of the cost!

  • Bella

    I purchased a hard acrylic mouthguard from Sentinel in 2015 and it still looks great. It fits better than a previous one that a dentist gave me. I sincerely recommend this company for their excellent service and for their low costs. Thank you, Sentinel!

  • R Rambal

    I’ve had my guard for a couple of years and it still works for me…. I am a HEAVY grinder!!! Super comfortable, has held it’s shape perfectly, perfect fit. I will be ordering another one soon, just because I want to have a back up. Amazing product, for real. Incredible price, incredible product.

  • Liz Smentowski

    This is the best nightguard I have ever owned–better than those I paid $500+ for at the dentist’s. It’s thinner than I am used to which initially concerned me, but the material is extremely strong and durable, so the thinness ends up being a positive because it makes the nightguard less obtrusive and more comfortable.

  • Tanya W.

    Thankyou. Your product is awesome. This is my second mouthguard (I lost the first ) and I have recommended you to Dentists and Doctors. It is so comfortable and unobtrusive.



  • Warren White

    Received my Mouth guard fits Perfect!!! -Warren White

  • Jon Brock

    Excellent mouthguard. Does not bother me at night or slip out. Actually fits better than one I had made my dentist. Will definitely buy from Sentinel again.

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