Hard Dental Night Guard for Teeth Grinding and Clenching


The Hard Dental Night Guard Is for Light to Moderate Teeth Grinding/Jaw Clenching (Bruxism)

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  • Made in the USA! All materials are BPA, Phthalate, Silicone, MMA, Gluten & Latex FREE. Learn more about material safety here
  • Custom fit to your dental anatomy
  • Non-flexible. Snaps into place for a perfect fit.
  • Easy dental impression instructions + extra putty if reattempt if needed
  • Relieves jaw pain, teeth pain, headaches, tooth sensitivity
  • Protects teeth from breakage, cracking. Protect veneers and restorative dental work
  • Combats pain or tenderness of TMJ
  • 90 day money back guarantee + 1 year replacement warranty if you crack or wear down your guard!
  • Free retainer case
  • FREE SHIPPING IN US (international customers are responsible for shipping on return mailer only)

Product Description

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Hard Dental Night Guard for Teeth Grinding & Jaw Clenching

Choosing Your Thickness

Thin for Light Bruxism 1mm thickness  (think invisalign) can be worn comfortably night after night or as a daytime guard. This night guard secures your teeth in place and provides lasting durability for light teeth grinding and jaw clenching

Thicker for Moderate to Heavy Bruxism An added layer of thickness for more durability. Ideal for moderate teeth grinding or jaw clenching.

If you’re a severe teeth grinder or clencher, check out our Extreme Durability Hard Night Guard

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The Hard Dental Night Guard fits snug & snaps to your teeth. It is an exact fit and leaves plenty of room for jaw movement.

Wake up Smiling or Your Money Back

Located in St. Petersburg, Florida, we specialize in night guard and mouth guard manufacturing.  All of our products are made in the USA by professional lab technicians with a combined dental experience of 20+ years. We guarantee:

  • 100% satisfaction. We stand behind our products and will provide you with nothing less than our personal best from our long-standing team.
  • 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t like your new retainers whether it’s a fit issue or comfort, let us know within 90 days and we’ll refund you in full.
  • 1 Year Warranty. If you grind through your night guard within 1 year of purchase, we’ll replace it for you free of charge.

FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA (international customers are responsible for shipping on return mailer).

Here’s how it works

protect your teeth

Taking your own dental impression is EASY (and you do not need to pay a dentist hundreds of dollars to do it).

What you get

  • Dental impression kit. We send you plastic trays, dental putty, and a a prepaid envelope to mail back to us.
    You need to have a timer, clean hands, & good solid teeth. No braces. Seriously, putty & braces do not mix.
  • (1) Hard Dental Night Guard
  • (1) ventilated retainer case

If for any reason you feel your dental impression did not turn out well the first time around, don’t worry!  We will send you a redo kit free of charge.




Additional Information

Product Reviews

  • Laura Mason

    Didn’t work out for me. I found out I needed extensive dental work after I ordered. Contacted the company and told them my situation. They issued my refund immediately. Suzanne is the sweetest! Thank you for making this easy for me and once I have all of my work completed I will definitely be back!

  • Nick W.

    Nothing fancy, but that was exactly what I was looking for! I hated how terrible my cheap, store bought guard fit. This does the trick and worth the wait!

  • Misty Larson

    This worked PERFECTLY. I clench my jaw during the day and at night and have sensitive teeth because of it. I had a $400 mouth guard from my dentist but it was so uncomfortable I couldn’t wear it. I chose the 2mm thickness after talking to customer service. It’s thin but the quality is still high. I will definitely never be buying guards from my dentist again. This is a wonderful product!

  • Jeffrey Hutchcroft

    I am sorry to say that the first go around was not a good fit. The lower part of the front teeth on the backside (tongue side) stuck out and cut into my tongue. I sent it back and they were able to smooth it out. Fits better now.

  • Steve Butler

    Really gets the job done! This is so fantastic. My teeth and I are thankful!

  • J. Dailey

    I HIGHLY recommend this bite guard! I found this company, read all the reviews and ordered. Took the guard to my hygienist and she was impressed! I’m a customer for life. Considering ordering a second as a backup!

  • D. Murphy

    The stress of the world was causing me to clench my jaw at night. I had a lot of soreness in my jaw. I chipped a tooth and after a lot of research gave this a try. This product has outstanding value as far as quality vs. cost goes.
    My dentist wanted to charge me $460 for a night guard. This is the first time I’ve been pain free in over a year. Thank you Sentinel!

  • Leslie Prestage

    Perfect fit. No need for adjustments. This is a very well made product. Super professional. I will update this post if needed but have been very happy so far!

  • Brendan W.

    Ok so heads up this will be a weird review and I am giving this such a high review for a reason despite the fact that I hate wearing a night guard. Period

    But here is why it gets a perfect review other than price:

    The night guard fits precisely to my teeth. The low profile makes it not press so tightly onto my teeth. It’s literally perfect. Not too tight but snug. The thing is, if you ARE a night guard wearer and have gotten lucky enough to have found a perfect guard, congratulations. I was not so lucky until now. This guard beats all other guards I have tried by a metric mile.

    Now, this should be a perfect review but I’m deducting a small percentage of a point for a scratch on my retainer case. 9.75 out of 10 for matching me with the perfect night guard. My teeth grinding pain is gone. That is what I bought it for so mission accomplished. Thank you!

  • Jackie

    I will admit I was nervous to purchase this after looking at the photos of how to take a teeth impression. It looked like it was something I could mess up quite easily. I ordered this because I grind my teeth and I’m now obsessed with Sentinel! I did mess up my impression the first time but it was because I was so nervous and should have waited until I felt comfortable but I went for it and mixed the putty too slowly. It hardened before I could even get it in my mouth! The company mailed me a retry kit free of charge.
    I was going to use this for just nighttime grinding but I use it during the day too. Which I can now say it works well for both day or night. All night guards will damage overtime so I know my double use is shortening its lifespan but with the prices (compared to the dental office) I’ll just buy another one. Love it!

  • Jocelyn R.

    Due to the pandemic, my teeth grinding went from bad already to worse. I’m currently on my 2nd night guard from Sentinel. Ordered my first one back in 2017 and now in May 2021. This is a great value. The product is high quality and a great bang for your buck. Customer service is always outstanding!

  • Lizette

    LOVE! You must buy! Honestly so great. Fits perfect and good quality for the price.

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