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Soft Dental Night Guard


72 customer reviews
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  • Get instant relief from facial/jaw pain, headaches, & tooth sensitivity. Sleep better. Feel better.
  • You choose your thickness! 1mm ,2mm or 3mm (1mm for light, 2mm for moderate or 3mm for heavy grinder or teeth/jaw clencher)
  • Protect against teeth breakage, cracking, damage
  • Combats pain or tenderness of the temporomandibular joints
  • Protects veneers, crowns, dental work
  • Prevents disrupted sleep patterns
  • BPA, Phthalates, Silicon, Latex Free and FDA approved materials. Just like the dentist. 100% satisfaction money back guarantee
  • Easy to use do-it-yourself impression kit ships within 24 hours after purchase.
  • Upon receiving your dental impression, 4-9 business day turn around time, fastest delivery!
  • 90 day money back guarantee
  • 6 month replacement warranty
  • Superior Fit- Proper Jaw Support- Maximum Breathability, Comfort, & Protection
  • ALL INCLUSIVE FREE SHIPPING IN US (International orders are responsible for shipping on return mailer only).


All Sentinel Mouthguard Company Products are BPA free, Silicone free, Latex free, Phthalate free. Please see our materials pages for more details.

Free Shipping

We have zero hastle approach when it comes to shipping. Each purchase has all inclusive shipping. Shipping is included whether it is from us to you, you to us, or us back to you.

Moneyback Guarantee

Try it out! If you’re not satisfied, you can always return the mouth guard within 90 days for a full refund. If you are dissatisfied with your product for any reason, you can either contact Sentinel within 90 days for a full refund or opt to continue working with us until you get a great fitting guard. Our commitment is 100% satisfaction. We stand behind our products and exacting methods of fabrication. We guarantee you will love your Sentinel Athletic Mouth Guard! 90 Day Guarantee

72 reviews for Soft Dental Night Guard

  1. (verified owner):

    The fitting process was quick and easy and didn’t take long for the custom night guard to arrive (approximately 3 weeks from start to finish).

    Upon first wear, I was in shock at the positive difference! My first night went smoother and I felt like I got better sleep & zero soreness upon waking.

    This company will even keep your teeth impression on file for future orders which is a major plus.

    Thank you Sentinel!

  2. (verified owner):

    My daughter got a custom bite guard from a dentist before. He took a mold of her teeth just like this. As far as I can tell, the only difference was that it cost more to get the bite guard from the doctor. This product is working great. Prompt, hassle- free delivery.

  3. (verified owner):

    Hands down, the best night guard out there. I’ve used so so many.. I notice a difference in my teeth/jaw if I miss even one day. I have contacted the company with inquiries, and the customer service reps have always gotten back to me with great response. *****

  4. (verified owner):

    Love this brand!

    This is the only night guard that really works for me! will never go back to other companies.
    I discovered this company when I visited a wonderful healing center that was treating my TMJ with cold laser therapy.
    The doctor highly recommended this company and I’m grateful. Sentinel is #1 in my list.

  5. (verified owner):

    I bought this night guard for my son who grinds his teeth. We unsuccessfully attempted the first mold but Sentinel sent another kit out right away. So happy I could get this mouthguard at an affordable price. My dentist wanted to charge a small fortune! Thanks Ashley & the rest of the staff. You guys are great!

  6. (verified owner):

    A++++ fast shipping. Excellent correspondence & solid product. Thumbs up!!

  7. (verified owner):

    Love the free shipping and these are the best prices on the internet. I’ve been through other companies and you guys ROCK!

  8. (verified owner):

    Insurance wouldn’t cover my nightguard through my dentist. Read an article online and found Sentinel through the article. So happy I did! I paid a fraction of what my dentist wanted to charge me. Happy customer!

  9. (verified owner):

    Got the first one and it felt a little loose on one side of my mouth. Contacted Sentinel team, they told me that it was probably from the initial dental impression. Sent a new kit to me and the fit is flawless. My advice: Pay close attention when you take your teeth impression. If you feel like you messed it up I’d go ahead and contact them. They’ll send a new kit for free. Overall, I give 5 stars. Customer service was on point.

  10. (verified owner):

    By far, the most comfortable night guards on the market. These guys take pride in their work and will work with you to your absolute satisfaction.
    -Lauren Moudry, Baton Rouge La.
    Long term sufferer of Bruxism

  11. (verified owner):

    Same one my dentist made for me. Absolutely no difference at all except the cost. Such a relief!

  12. (verified owner):

    Wasn’t sure whether I should go with an upper or lower guard. I chose the upper and when I got it I just couldn’t get used to it. I’ve never had to sleep with anything in my mouth and I found myself taking it out at night. I emailed the Sentinel team and told them my dilemma. They suggested I try a lower instead and voila! Feels so much better. I was most impressed that they really did work to my satisfaction and did it without sneaking in extra charges or hidden fees. Honest and good company. Thanks.

  13. (verified owner):

    Great product. Knowledgeable staff & great customer service. Terrific job!

  14. (verified owner):

    Thinner than I thought it would be. It fits well and is comfortable. The whole process was very quick too. Thanks

  15. :

    Amazing customer service! You can tell this company are real people who care. No robots and very nice. Ashley answered all of my questions and was very friendly and knowledgable. Give her a raise!

  16. (verified owner):

    I clench my teeth. I don’t grind but I kept cracking crowns which is just ridiculously expensive. The thought of wearing a mouth guard over my teeth while I sleep just seemed unlikely. I tried the ones from CVS with no luck. I asked for a thin version of the soft guard and it’s perfect! Sleeping with it in took some training but if I have to wear one I think I got the best one I could get. Thanks a million guys!

  17. (verified owner):

    Affordable and comfortable. Worth the time involved to save so much money. I feel like I was being robbed by the dentist all these years. Thanks Sentinel team!

  18. :

    I checked out a few sites before choosing this one because I wasn’t sure if I was able to get a good fitting night guard since I don’t have the straightest of teeth. I was worried
    only a dentist could get the right impression. I went for it anyways and it has fit perfect since. No more jaw pain and I’m sleeping better. Sentinel was really easy to work with and I’m very impressed.

  19. (verified owner):

    I was really nervous about ordering because I have missing teeth on both my uppers and lowers and was worried about how well it would fit.
    Received my guard today and wow! The fit is just flawless. I’m glad I went with the soft because I think maybe the hard would have been too difficult to get this great of a fit? Maybe I’ll try the hard one next time. Thanks a ton!!!

  20. (verified owner):

    This is my second experience with an online night guard company, The first one gave me a shoddy product and then they wouldn’t answer their phone. I shopped around this time. Some other labs I saw didnt even have a phone number to call. Sentinel Mouthguards answered my call and tolerated my million questions. Got the kit within a few days. Th whole process took about two weeks. I am very pleased. Definitely will use this company from now on.

  21. (verified owner):

    Fast, affordable, excellent product! Simply great! Thanks Sentinel team!

  22. (verified owner):

    Beats the heck out of those cheapo CVS night guards. I have been wearing mine for 8 months now with zero problems. Perfect option for me. Thx!

  23. (verified owner):

    I contacted Sentinel because I have a very particular case in which I only needed a partial guard made for one side of my mouth. My dentist had been constructing this specific type of guard for me for years. It works well for my jaw condition but I do wear them down after a while and need replacements. This was becoming costly. Someone told me about Sentinel night guard lab & I’m happy to say they (Sentinel) have made me two guards about two years apart from each other and both fit and work perfectly. This has been a great company to work with and a steal compared to what I was paying before. Not going back to the dentist. Sentinel has earned a customer for life.

  24. (verified owner):

    Superb service and great product. No complaints!

  25. (verified owner):

    Just wanted to let you all know that I have paid the $500 to the dentist in the past and I am so glad I don’t have to do that anymore. This night guard is better quality and a better fit than my $500 one I bought through my dentist. Amazing! Thank you!

  26. (verified owner):

    Great service! Great product! Thanks!

  27. :

    I only wish I would have know about Sentinel sooner, a friend referred me here and I’m completely satisfied. Great company!

  28. :

    My teeth are really flat. I just needed something to keep things from worsening and it’s nice to find an inexpensive alternative. Thanks Sentinel!

  29. :

    Had my dentist make me one of these a few years back and this one is just as good as my first one. Hopefully I’ll be able to hang on to this one. Great job!

  30. (verified owner):

    This is my 2nd Sentinel mouth guard – Sentinel is a great company, and I love the quality of the products and the prices are unbeatable!

  31. (verified owner):

    These night guards are wonderful. My husband and I both purchased. We had not bought decent night guards since 2000 and I was tired of how quickly the “cheapos” wore out. We ordered these night guards and will continue to order more throughout the years. Don’t waste your money: buy these instead!

  32. (verified owner):

    Just ordered three more to last me for a few years. Thank you Sentinel. You’ve literally saved me hundreds. Hugs to you!

  33. (verified owner):

    Ordered this for my mother and was very skeptical as she is a light sleeper and needed something tolerable for her night teeth grinding. We decided on the thin version. I love the six month guarantee and she loves her dental guard! Great customer service. Smooth process. Thank you!

  34. (verified owner):

    Just a beautiful fit! Thank you!

  35. (verified owner):

    I love that I got to choose my thickness. I cannot sleep with anything thick in my mouth and the 1mm worked perfectly for me. Thanks

  36. (verified owner):

    I reached out to Sentinel about my teeth grinding issues. The Livechat operator was very informative. Instead of trying to sell me on their more expensive services, I was instead told that I was already in pretty good shape and did not need to spend the money on the more expensive mouthguard types. I received my Soft Dental Night Guard in the mail and I can’t explain how nice it is to wear an appliance that is custom made for you vs the store bought kind. Very happy customer! Thanks!

  37. (verified owner):

    I messed up badly with my order: I ordered a sports mouthguard instead of a nightguard, the wrong size as the plastic mold was too big to fit in my mouth, and I even messed up my print. Ashley from customer service was my saviour: she overnighted me a new mold, new putty, and when I received the nightguard, she even sent me the sport mouthguard replacement. Very high quality service. Praiseworthy!

  38. (verified owner):

    First, I do not like to buy things that I am not able to test before buying. We did buy these based on the most recent reviews on this product. I have had this dental guard for two weeks and it is GREAT! So much relief to find a superior product for way less than what my dental office was going to charge me.

  39. (verified owner):

    I didn’t think the nightguard would be as wonderful as it is because of the price, but after 3 weeks of using it, I don’t think I’m ever going to use my old ways of paying $500 to the dentist ever again. The material is soft and bendable. I chose the 1mm and it is thin, easy to sleep in and gets the job done. Be careful to watch your mixing time when mixing the putty for your dental impression because it dries up pretty fast. After I took my first impression, they had to send me a replacement kit to take the impression again. Definitely a steal at this price.

  40. (verified owner):

    Where do I start? Not only do I have an HSA account and was able to get this purchase covered by just sending in a copy of my invoice but I have never had a more comfortable night guard. I’ve been through so many dentists and night guards over the years. These guys are pro! BIG THUMBS UP!

  41. (verified owner):

    ‘ve bought 6 of the Sentinel soft nightguards over the years for myself and various family members. They last for years, and if you buy more than one they get cheaper. Some people can buy generic nightguards, but I need ones fit to my teeth. You can go to various doctors and get customized nightguards, but if you can follow simple directions you can get a custom fit at home using this method. I was nervous I’d screw it up the first time, but they have always come out right. I had serious bruxism for years, and tried most everything. I am convinced that these nightguards, combined with changes in habits have been instrumental in mitigating my pain. Of course every case is different, but I swear by these.

  42. (verified owner):

    What a relief – excellent bargain, much faster than the dentist’s office, easy to follow instructions, seller easy to contact and very helpful – highly recommend. Thank you and I’ll be purchasing again with you when this one needs replacing in a few years!

  43. (verified owner):

    These are fantastic, well-made, shock absorbent night guards. After multiple uses now, my headaches and jaw pain are non existent. I just don’t seem to have any issues anymore! Thanks for the excellent service you provide.

  44. (verified owner):

    I recently started biting my tongue and inside of my cheeks during sleep. Frustrated, I made an appointment with my dentist who said I needed both upper and lower bite guards to prevent any further damage. His quote was $700 for the set. I couldn’t pay his price and was so relieved to find this website. I got both for around $160 using the “big spender” discount code. They fit great! I chose the 1mm thin ones and they’re not bulky at all. Glad you guys exist for poor folks like me! 😀 I’ll recommend you to everyone I know!

  45. (verified owner):

    What a delight to find a company that doesn’t want to take every dollar you have. These guys are not solely about profit. They give a damn and it’s obvious. Huge thank you to you all. Thank you for making this affordable to the people who don’t have deep pockets. Love my nighttime guard. Will recommend this to everyone I know. *****

  46. (verified owner):

    Company was kind and cooperative when I messed up my dental cast the first time. Word to the not-so wise, be careful about your time when mixing the putty. I mixed mine for too long and it hardened before I could even sink my teeth. Second time was much easier. Received my Sentinel guard today. Really nice quality. Fits well.

  47. (verified owner):

    Perfect fit! Thanks! -E.D

  48. (verified owner):

    Perfect fit and above all, Sentinel’s customer service is excellent. I had an issue with shipping and it was immediately addressed.

  49. (verified owner):

    Ive had my mouthguard for about a year and a half now. Just had to use my warranty to get it replaced. Felt inclined to leave a review about my experience.
    Sentinel Mouthguard Co. stands by their replacement warranty. No questions asked, I simply attached a picture of my nightguard showing existing wear to an email to the company. Within 10 days I had my replacement. I don’t know of any dental office that has a warranty like this. Exceptional customer service & product. Thank you Sentinel.

    Gabriel M.

  50. (verified owner):

    Excellent mouthguard. Does not bother me at night or slip out. Actually fits better than one I had made my dentist. Will definitely buy from Sentinel again.

  51. (verified owner):

    Didn’t realize I would have to make a mold and send it back in to the company but am excited to see how it works. Kit seriously came within 2 days. Eagerly awaiting the final product to come back. Excellent company to work with!!!

  52. (verified owner):

    Love that this company lets you choose your own thickness. I have the worst gag reflex and needed a very thin nightguard. I’m pretty sure this is the only online company that offers the thickness choices. Happy customer!

  53. (verified owner):

    I received my new mouth guard, at first I thought it was too tight. But I continued to were it and it stretched out to a good fit. Satisfied Customer.

    Gary C.

  54. (verified owner):

    The fitting process was easy, no issues.
    The guard itself was comfortable.
    I ordered a 3mm on 1-23 and am now ordering a replacement on 8-31 (7 months latter, probably 6 months of actual use).
    I just started getting my “severe ear ache” sore jaw back so that’s my Q I have worn this out. I’m not sure 6 months use for $98 I am really satisfied with but it’s a whole lot better than the cost at the dentist.

  55. (verified owner):

    This the only mouthguard I’ve ever been able to wear. It’s worth every penny.

  56. (verified owner):

    November 20, 2017
    I’m honestly floored by how well the mouthpiece fits right out of the box. I have used grind guards for a few years for bruxism any to alignment, paid roughly $1000 a year and made more trips for adjustments than I could count. After getting this mouth piece, I don’t think I will be getting any more from my dentist.

    Molding was easy, and shipping was quick, even though it was the same time period as two big storms in Florida.

    Will definitely be ordering again!

  57. (verified owner):

    This is one of the most comfortable night guards I have used. But most importantly is the outstanding customer service! Although an easy process to make the impression, I messed one of these up and Ashley at Sentinel was extremely helpful and sent another out. I ordered two of the harder material night guards, one for me and the other for my wife. After receiving the harder one, my wife preferred the softer material. I contacted Sentinel where they were quick to respond saying one will be made and sent out. So much easier (and less expensive) and convenient doing this at home vs. at the dentist. Highly recommend Sentinel.

  58. (verified owner):

    Grinding was damaging my teeth and I could feel discomfort my incisors waking each morning. Wanting to have my natural teeth for many years to come I ordered this product after doing research on night guards. After receiving the custom fitted piece I was impress how it seated perfectly into place. I’ve ordered two different guards, the first was a lower guard which was a little less comfortable. I read that upper guards for many people are more comfortable so I ordered a second guard fitted for upper teeth.

    The upper guard is very comfortable to wear and I use it every night with absolutely no issues. From the very first use I knew it was protecting my teeth from damage and I no longer have discomfort from grinding. In addition to protecting against grinding I would imagine this guard is perfect to prevent teeth from migrating if one has a missing tooth. Teeth kind of drift if they aren’t opposed on each side. I’ve recommended this protect to friends who have missing teeth to help keep their remaining teeth from drifting over time.

  59. (verified owner):

    Just as good as the ones they make in the dentist’s office and much less expensive
    I am on my 3rd Sentinel mouth guard in about 3 years. I purchased mine directly from the Sentinel website. Wearing this night guard has almost completely cured the constant tooth pain I used to have due to teeth clenching while sleeping. While these are much less expensive than the ones from the dentist’s office, they work just as well. The molding process is pretty easy but you have to be careful and follow instructions to get a good-fitting mold of your teeth. You also need to take care in cleaning the guard daily with some very mild soap and drying it well. My first 2 guards eventually discolored and stiffened up because I wasn’t cleaning them right. The latest one has stayed soft and supple since I stopped trying to use fizzy denture cleaner type cleaners. I soak mine in CLEAR mouthwash for 30-60 minutes or so after I take it out, then wash with warm water and liquid castile soap.

  60. (verified owner):

    I am a pretty heavy grinder at night and my previous mouth guards I bought from my dentist @ a few hundred dollars per (and it last 6 months),and a sports equipment place.
    These folks were referred to me in a casual conversation from a friend as we were talking grinding, then cost from a dentist, and I mentioned I refuse to pay that ludicrous cost any longer, so I went with a off the shelf football mouth piece (which is not good for nightly use I am told, and it tears up my mouth
    I have ordered 2 guards to date and they are the same if not better quality than the dentist.
    My first one lasted about 8 months.( a bit longer than the dentist)
    I am on month 3 of my second one.

  61. :

    Purchased several mouthguards over the years from Sentinal and aways been happy with the products and the service. Thank you! Ben

  62. (verified owner):

    Excellent value. Fitting was easy. Just follow the instructions. The night guard arrived promptly and fit perfectly. Took a few nights to get used to wearing it, but now it’s the first thing I look for when I go to bed. I purchased a second one to use for traveling.

  63. :

    Easy fitting process and very comfortable to wear. Sentinel’s delivery was a little late, although the Company sent me two soft night guards for the price of one. Would definitely purchase again and recommend to my friends and relatives.

  64. (verified owner):

    I love my mouthguard from Sentinel. It is very comfortable, and I can’t sleep without it. I like that you can choose the thickness as well. It’s super convenient that they hold onto the mold so I can reorder when needed without having to make a new mold (although it is a very simple process to make the mold). I highly recommend Sentinel mouth guards.

  65. (verified owner):

    Fits very well. Wish the price was a little lower because my dog always eats my mouth guard so I have to buy them often.

  66. :

    I just received my 2mm soft night guard in the mail, and it is a perfect fit! As mentioned in other reviews, taking the impression was much easier than I thought, anyone with silly putty experience as a child can do this.

    After having paid my dentist > $600 for thses things in the past, I cannot ever imagine going anywhere else than Sentinel for these guards in the future.

  67. (verified owner):

    I couldn’t find a night guard lab locally, so I purchased this one online & I’m so glad I did. I use this product daily and nightly. The material is soft, clear and unnoticeable. I went with the lower teeth guard. Impression process was easy. I made a nice mold of my teeth. The guard itself is sleek, slim and not too tight. Once I use this one up, I’ll definitely purchase this night guard again.

  68. (verified owner):

    I clench my teeth a lot at work, and I’ve tried many night guards of all types.
    They never form well and they’re bulky. This night guard is nice. I can close my mouth, talk, drink water, etc.
    It’s the best of its kind I’ve used. I would highly recommend it.

  69. (verified owner):

    We use these in our family. My mother wears one, myself and my husband. We are a family of teeth grinders! We love these night guards and the great team at Sentinel!!!!! So bright and cheerful, they are always there to help us. These guards lasts a long time. Will absolutely order more in the future.

  70. (verified owner):

    This is a great dental guard. Nice and comfortable. Big thanks! -Jim

  71. (verified owner):

    I’m on my third nightguard right now and I could never go back! The nightguard fits perfectly and it is so comfortable. I can completely tell the difference when I don’t wear it. I absolutely love my nightguard! The service of Sentinel is great too! I had a crack in my guard, and they sent me one for free! I would highly recommend this! The only downside is that mine has calcium build up and has yellowed. I’d like to know how to avoid that.

  72. :

    Just wanted to say how IMPRESSED I am with the lower 2mm nightguard received. Over the years the price of night guards at the dentist office have been $400-$500 and my most recent quote was $798! The finished results at these facilities seemed less custom (even though an impression was taken). In addition, the appliances would require dremel-type grinding by the dentist on the actual appliance so that it would fit better in my mouth – I never expected that a nightguard from a mail-order could FIT LIKE A GLOVE, require no adjustments and feel so comfortable. I can even talk better with it in when compared to prior guards on my lower teeth.
    I do notice that after a week of use I have acquired a few minor rough spots on the guard from my obvious night grinding, so I hope that I have enough thickness, but that is not a complaint in the least. just a hope that I have the thickness is enough for me. Seems like there is always an option to go up in thickness if ever needed.

    A big THANK YOU for being an affordable and reliable resource in a time when dental and healthcare costs are soaring – I APPRECIATE YOU!

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