It’s safe to say that a bulky, bad fitting mouthpiece can wreak havoc on an athletes’ performance.

Discomfort = Distraction. Period

Looking for the best mouth guard for MMA? If you are involved in any form of combat sport, such as MMA (mixed martial arts), you need a mouth guard that’s going to minimize or prevent head or oral injuries.

One of an athletes’ must-have protective accessories for that purpose is a custom made mouth guard.

So, what is the best mouth guard for MMA?

  • Custom made for you. Fits the athlete perfectly.
  • The correct thickness for maximum protection
  • Extends to cover the gum area and full teeth arch
  • High quality, dentist-grade material

If your budget allows, please avoid “one size fits all” types you can buy from a store. These types often are bulky, ill-fitting, and distract from the players performance.

There are several mouth guards used during sports activities


Stock mouth guards – These are over-the-counter mouth pieces and have higher chances of failing to fit. Just as the name suggests, they are stocked in the store and are the mass produced types.

Stock mouth guards are typically made with a lesser quality material that is easier to chew through or wear out.

The three most common complaints from those using these types of guards are:

  1. Inability to adapt or loose fit
  2. Wear down time – not durable or long lasting enough
  3. Bulkiness – the inability to breath, communicate & perform on a higher level.

Have you ever seen someone take a hit or fall and their mouth guard goes flying out of their mouth? This happens because the mouth guard is not properly formed to their teeth. This stock mouth guard type is simply the lowest quality and most inexpensive option.

Heat and form / boil and bite

(pictured) Boil & Bite Mouth Guard

These types of mouth guards assume the shape of your mouth when you boil and form them. They are therefore better fitting alternatives and are available in various sizes, prices and options.

Though they may fit a bit better, the plastic quality is still much lower than dentist grade material. Still, if you’re on a tight budget or in a pinch, this is an acceptable option.

Custom made mouth guards


“What is the best mouthguard for MMA?”. This is it.

A custom mouth guard offers the best fit, hence the best protection. It is designed from a model of your teeth – allowing you to comfortably breathe, eat and drink. Custom mouth guards are readily available online at affordable, discounted prices.

There are other types of high profile and low profile mouth guards, but they all fall under these three categories discussed above.

Low profile lip mouth guards – These are dual-layer design guards that protect the lower and upper lips, and feature centered airflow channels, a customized gel-fit bite surface, and high impact protection.

The best mouth guard should have the following characteristics:

  • Lets the player breathe and speak comfortably
  • Stays secure during MMA action
  • Offers complete comfort and fits perfectly
  • Is easy to clean and maintain
  • Is tasteless, odorless, tear-resistant and durable.

MMA is a full contact sport and so a mouth guard is crucial – especially a custom mouth guard, since it has all the of the features mentioned above.


Custom mouth guards for MMA are specifically designed to be able to distribute the blow throughout the head or mouth. Without this appliance, the blow affects the point of impact, causing intense pain and or injury.

A custom mouth guard for MMA has a well-built face to eliminate gagging reflexes in wearers which occurs when the inside is too thick or the guard extends too far back.

The material is well extended for tooth root protection, unlike in the boil and bite types where the material extends slightly above the teeth, providing little protection in case of a blow to the face.

A custom mouth guard for MMA is the best and most functional type of mouth guard. It is affordable and goes for roughly $100 – a cheaper price compared to the cost of replacing teeth with 2 / 3 unit bridges which may go for $1200.

This type of guard rids you of distraction, fits properly and gives you protection and safety. Okay, custom mouth guard. Got it. Now, which one?

What mouth guard Should I Buy for MMA (mixed martial arts)?

When training or participating in Mixed Martial Arts, one of the most significant pieces of equipment you should have is a combat mouth guard.

Simply put, without an appropriate mouth guard, you are more likely to end up with tooth fractures or trauma.

Whether you’re grappling or sparring, you should absolutely consider wearing a mouth guard because even a little punch or accidental hit by an elbow could break your teeth.

Teeth repair is expensive and avoidable with the right protection.

There are various mouth guards available for purchase at different shops all over the world. “One size fits all,” store-bought mouth guards exist at places like DICK’S Sporting Goods for less than $20. But do the cheaper guards offer adequate protection?

Some dentists are selling custom athletic mouth guards for $300+.

Making a decision on which mouth guard to purchase can be a daunting task because different materials, sizes and designs exist. We’re here to make it easy – your one stop mouth guard shop.

Your step-by-step guide to finding the most comfortable mouth guard available

What mouthguard should I buy for MMA? To answer this question, customized mouth guards have consistently been recommended by industry professionals as the most comfortable for your Mixed Martial Arts sport.

The main differences between boil and bite mouth guards and custom mouth guards are the fit, protection level, durability, and comfort provided by the customized type.

You should –without a doubt– take the step to purchase a custom mouth guard. Not only do they eradicate the forming issues that occur with the boil and bite guards, they increase your effectiveness as an athlete.

The company you choose for ordering your customized mouth guard determines the quality and type of the equipment you get.

In all instances, a true custom mouth guard means that an impression of your teeth needs to be taken (either by you using a mail order kit or by a dental professional) to obtain an exact shape of your teeth and gums.

Sentinel Mouth Guards considers your safety as the most critical principle, therefore giving production of custom fit mouth guards the highest priority.

This practice is consistent with recommendations from the Academy for Sports Dentistry and the American Dental Association that all collision sport athletes should use well-fitted custom mouth guards made with the most up-to-date machinery and materials.

About Sentinel Mouth Guards

Unlike various dentists who charge more than $300, Sentinel Mouth Guards allows you to purchase a customized mouth guard at a comparatively lower cost, starting for as little as $100.

This grants you the special benefit of evading the high consultation fees associated with visiting a dentist.

As an athlete, purchasing custom mouth guards from Sentinel will allow you to save potentially several hundreds of dollars. Better pricing is the key factor as to why Sentinel Mouth Guards is the best choice for athletes who need the highest quality mouth guards on the market and wish to avoid the expense of a dentist.

The Dental Impression Kit Provided

Dental Impression Kit

The dental impression kit, or teeth casting kit, comes with easy instructions to ensure that you have everything you need to take a perfect dental impression.

On the website, the drop down menu allows you to specify the thickness of the mouth guard you need based on the level of MMA you are involved in.

This gives customers enough freedom to decide the type of mouth guards they prefer based on various factors.

For no-contact or very little contact you may want to choose a thin, 2mm mouth guard.

For full contact you will want to choose a 3mm guard.

The team operating the Sentinel Dental Lab is responsible for sending a new, free impression kit in circumstances when results of the first kit are not satisfactory. This option is not typically cost free at your dentist office, and it remains an added benefit you receive as a result of purchasing your custom mouth guard from Sentinel Mouth Guards.

Any adjustments and problems are solved through our online system

Unlike purchasing custom mouth guards from dentists who may give you more appointments continuously – and as a consequence increasing the cost – Sentinel Mouthguard Company has made things easy by allowing customers to present their problems online without incurring other expenses like driving to visiting a dentist.

This online lab gives money back assurance for a great customer experience.

For adjustments (example: mouth guard is too tight) Sentinel Mouth Guard Company will mail you a printable shipping label now via email.

Upon receipt of the mouth guard, adjustments will be made within (1) business day for a fast turnaround.

The mouth guards offered by Sentinel Mouth Guards are of the highest quality

The high quality result from using superior materials and computerized machinery ensures that you obtain maximum comfort and benefit.

The custom mouth guards from Sentinel are slender to facilitate basic life processes; such as swallowing, talking and breathing.

This makes them far more comfortable compared to the bulky mouth guards often given by the dentists or store bought mouth guards that have unnecessary excess material.

The high quality nature of these custom mouth pieces promotes durability, preventing the expenses associated with purchasing more mouth guards after a short period.

Sentinel Mouth Guards are professionally molded

The mouth guards from Sentinel are molded by skilled laboratory technicians with great features such as design with individual comfort and protection in mind.

Producing consistent, professional results ranks Sentinel Company as the most efficient mouth guard company for athletes, specifically MMA fighters.

As an athlete, you should consider this professional mouth guard company to ensure that you purchase the best, custom, high quality mouth guard for your MMA activities.

With Sentinel Mouth Guard Company, you will no longer ask “what mouth guard should I buy for MMA?” because the most affordable custom mouth guards are available right here without you ever having to leave your house.

How to clean your mouth guard

Taking care of your new athletic mouth guard

Once you get your new mouth guard, you need to take care of it.

A mouth guard is a breeding ground for bacteria. Don’t throw your saliva-soaked mouth guard into the bottom of your gym bag until your next training session.

When you get home, take a soft tooth brush & squirt a bit of mild soap on the tooth brush. We use Dr. Bronner’s Castile peppermint soap. You can dilute with water, and one bottle will last a long time. Plus, the peppermint smell is a nice bonus! Rinse and dry thoroughly. Store the mouth guard in your case.

So, what’s not to love about our services?

Need more reasons to choose Sentinel?

Email us at or visit our website and we’ll help you find the right mouth guard for your MMA needs via Live Chat.

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