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What is the Best Mouthguard for Hockey?

Medically reviewed and verified by Dr. Greg Grillo on 07/01/20
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Finding The Best Athletic Mouth Guard For Hockey

You probably already know that every amateur and professional hockey player is required to wear a protective mouth guard when playing their sport.

Hockey involves high-impact forces and contact. Falls, collisions, and hockey pucks or sticks to the mouth can cause injuries to the mouth. If your mouth gets hit and you aren’t wearing a mouth guard, you may face severe injuries. Those injuries can include losing your teeth or suffering from a broken jaw. Even worse, you could end up with a concussion.

Because of these risks, finding a quality mouth guard and using it whenever you’re playing hockey is essential protection. You should get the right mouth guard that fits your mouth, is comfortable to wear, and offers the protection you need.

Read on to find out how to find the best hockey mouth guard and why you should consider having one custom-made for you.

So, what is the best mouth guard for hockey?

Hockey players often cut the plastic out around their back molars to make them more comfortable to wear. A player shouldn’t have to compromise protection for comfort if an appliance is made to fit them. A mouth guard can be trimmed and polished to make it fit like a glove over the teeth without compromising the needed protection.

The best mouth guard for hockey is custom made for your mouth.

If you’re looking to buy a protective mouth guard for hockey, choose one that properly fits and protects your mouth.

You don’t want to buy a mouthpiece that will displace from your teeth during activity. A well-fitting mouth guard should be comfortable, unobtrusive, and allow you to easily communicate with your teammates.

The best hockey mouth guard should be thick enough to adequately absorb collisions, falls, or blows with a hockey stick. Intense collisions are common in hockey, and a mouth guard needs to be thick enough to fully protect your teeth and jaws. Plus, a thick mouth guard made from quality material will keep your top and bottom teeth properly separated if you clench or grind your teeth.

How thick should your hockey mouthguard be?

At least 3 mm thick. 

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Taking proper care of your mouth guard makes a big difference. A mouth guard that doesn’t taste good can be a distraction and an indicator of bacterial growth.

Ever heard of mouth thrush? Keep your guard clean. Clean it almost as often as you brush your teeth. You don’t want a “flavored” mouth guard!

To take proper care of your night guard, you’ll need a toothbrush and mild organic soap.

  • Clean nightly.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Dry after cleaning and store in the original case.

Consider a deep clean every two weeks with a night guard cleaner or a denture cleaner. The longevity of your custom mouth guard depends on how well you take care of it.

Durable material

While playing, most players clench and grind without even knowing it.

Coupled with the saliva, this accelerates wear-and-tear of mouth guards. The best mouth guard for hockey should be water-resistant and made from high-quality material to ensure long-term reliability.

While you can find a good boil-and-bite type of mouth guard at a local store, be aware that custom-made mouth guards are far superior to standard one-size-fits-all mouth guards. Sentinel Mouth Guards are custom-made using quality thermoplastic material.

Here are a few reasons to consider a custom-fit mouth guard;

  • A custom fit mouth guard is not only professionally made to fit your unique dental anatomy, but is is also designed for your particular type of sport and the amount of anticipated contact.

  • The lab will adjust your mouth guard according to the size of your mouth and the level of your sport. A full contact sport such as hockey, requires a 3mm thick mouth guard.
  • Because custom-fit mouth guards are made with precision, you can expect a perfect fit with maximum comfort and safety. Boil-and-bite mouth guards don’t offer this level of precision. A custom-fit mouth guard will stay firmly against your gums and teeth without dislodging.
  • The thermoplastic material used for custom-fit mouth guards provides unrivaled protection. The material is specially designed to effectively absorb impact forces.
  • Custom-fit mouth guards are also unobtrusive. Unlike many boil-and-bite types, they allow users to talk without excessive movement. Since they stay in place when worn, they don’t restrict airflow and allow normal breathing.
  • Custom-fit mouth guards are also proven to last longer than the boil-and-bite types. They’re constructed with high-quality materials, and durability is enhanced by the form-fitting shape that keeps them in place during use.

Additionally, the Sentinel Mouth Guard comes with a 1 year warranty. If it wears down or warps during that time frame, we will replace at no cost to you.

Your search for the best mouth guard for hockey is over. Discover the benefits of one that’s custom-made by an expert technician. Now, you can take your dental impression in the convenience of your own home.

Custom mouth guards are clearly the best protective device for your teeth. This appliance comes with a soft clear inner lining that fits comfortably against the teeth. Featuring an exoskeleton-like shock frame that offers optimum protection, you’ll enjoy the fit customized for your unique dental anatomy.

Enjoy the top-tier in mouth protection. Dentist-grade quality direct from the Sentinel Lab with multiple colors available. BPA, Silicon and latex-free. On sale for a limited time.

Best Mouthguards for Hockey: The Bottom Line

There are various brands and types of hockey mouth guards in the market today, but only a premium, custom-made mouth guard guarantees protection, comfort, and durability.

The next time you shop for hockey mouth gear, check out our custom guards. Use the guidelines given in this article when shopping for a hockey mouth guard and you’ll dramatically lower the risk of serious dental injuries

Key points to remember

  • You don’t need to cut your mouth guard for better comfort. The Sentinel Mouth Guard is custom made for you and fits snugly to protect your teeth. Plus, you can breathe, talk, and drink water without complications. You don’t have to tolerate the bulky, poor fit of mass-produced guards. Many lab technicians at Sentinel Mouth Guard have played sports and have a personal understanding of what makes a mouthguard comfortable and tolerable.

  • Taking your dental impression is easy. The putty you receive in the package is a lot like play-doh. Once the putty is mixed together, submerge all the whites of your teeth. After 3 minutes, it will harden to a rubber-like consistency. For a well fitted sports mouth guard, you will need to make sure you submerge all the whites of your teeth and up into your gum-line.
  • The average person buys 3-5 store bought mouth guards per year at an average cost of $20 for each purchase. This equates to $60-$100 per year on mouth guards that don’t work. Most commonly, athletes purchase a new guard because they’ve worn through the bite surface. The Sentinel Mouth Guard is made with high-quality dentist-grade material and is made to withstand biting and chewing.

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