how long do dental retainers last

Many of our customers want to know the answer to the great question: “How long are my dental retainers supposed to last?”

Short answer: 2 years on average

To clarify, we’re speaking of the final set of dental retainers you receive AFTER you are done with your orthodontic treatment and the braces are gone. Most everyone gets a nice, pretty lingual bonded wire bracket behind their teeth and a clear set of dental retainers. These retainers are to be worn as often and as long as your dentist recommends.

But how long do they last? How often do I need to replace them?

It depends on the type of retainers. It also depends on how you’re taking care of them and if you’re grinding or clenching your teeth while wearing them.

The Essix Plus retainers do have more durability than the standard Essix retainers. This extra durability is to combat the retainer damage from bruxing (grinding or clenching).

How do I make my retainers last longer?

  • Refrain from playing with the retainers. Do not chew or bite on them. Do not take them in and out excessively.
  • Wash your retainers daily. View this article for a thorough explanation of how to clean your retainers
  • Store your retainers in their original case when not in use
  • Deep clean your retainers. Consider a deep clean once every week or two. Denture cleaning tablets are highly effective for removing odors and discoloration. You can get a big box of them for $6 at Walgreens or CVS. Take a tablet out, put it in a glass of water and dip your retainers into the solution for the time stated on packaging.

Types of Retainers

There are typically two kinds of removable retainers.

Hawley Retainer

You’ve seen this one. After all, it’s the oldest and most durable type of retainer made. This is the Hawley Retainer. It has a metal bar across the front of the teeth and an acrylic or plastic palate. This retainer is removable, can be adjusted regularly and will last a very long time.

Essix Retainer

Essix dental retainers are molded from a stone cast of your teeth. From there, they’re trimmed and polished and delivered to the patient. The retainers snap into place and are worn to keep the teeth from shifting after orthodontic treatment. They’re removable, safe and effective.

Essix Plus Dental Retainers are a newer version of the standard Essix retainer.

These Essix Plus retainers are quickly becoming the preferred option among consumers. Reason being, is because these retainers are more durable than others. The manufacturers have an additional component added in to the material to make them withstand the effects of teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

It matters how they’re made.

Cutting the retainers straight across and not taking the time to scallop the retainers to the individuals’ dental anatomy can cause unnecessary pressure and even pain.

If you’re cracking or wearing through your existing dental retainers and suspect you may be grinding or clenching, you may want to consider Essix Plus Dental Retainers as your next set to purchase.

How long should I wear my retainers?

This is up to your orthodontist and should not be left to the internet to decide.

Your teeth are vulnerable to shifting after braces are removed. If you were to perform a quick Google search of “teeth shifted after braces were removed” you’ll see that all that hard work and thousands of dollars can be flushed down the toilet within a relatively short period of time.

Prevent teeth shifting. Wear your retainers.

-Every dentist ever.

How often should my dental retainers be replaced?

This is for you and/or your orthodontist to decide. If your retainers are cracking, splitting, wearing through etc, it may be time to consider a new set.

Signs you need to replace your dental retainers

  • Holes, cracking or splitting in the material. This can happen overtime from continuous wear or if you’re grinding and/or clenching on the material. The jagged plastic can cut your tongue or gums. The splitting in the material can jeopardize the fit.
  • No longer fitting well (e.g. too loose or warped). Avoid placing your retainers in a boiling pot of water or a dishwasher as the hot water can warp your retainers. Sometimes the retainers can lose their shape overtime. If they’re not fitting well anymore, consider ordering a new replacement set.
  • Green discoloration or white with calcium buildup. White spots are an indication of mineral buildup. This can damage your retainer, making it susceptible to cracking or breaking. Do not allow bacteria to develop on your retainers as this is not good for your oral health.

Rather than scheduling an appointment with your orthodontist and risk being charged $550+ for a new set of dental retainers, you can have your dental retainers replacement set sent right to your door for a fraction of the price. Sentinel Mouthguards has been making custom removable dental appliances for over 10 years. Our long standing team will work diligently and meticulously to create an excellent set of retainers for your unique dental anatomy.

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How do I clean my retainers?

  • Brush your retainers daily with a soft toothbrush using a mild castile soap. Be sure to brush each tooth compartment in a circular fashion.
  • Rinse well with water.
  • Pat dry with a soft cloth.
  • Store your retainers in a ventilated mouth guard case

A set of retainers if properly taken care of can typically last 2 to 5 years. Pay attention to the quality and fit of your retainers. Are they becoming cloudy? Not fitting well?

Have a question about replacing either one or both of your retainers? Contact us!

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