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Teeth Surface Stains vs Enamel Erosion

The following blog post is about the difference between teeth surface stains and enamel erosion. There are a lot of misconceptions about how to actually take care of your teeth. It’s important that you brush twice a day, use mouthwash, and floss once daily for healthy teeth that look their best. We hope you find this information informative!

Teeth Surface Stains vs Enamel Erosion

Don’t be fooled by all the commercials out there claiming they can whiten your teeth. Whitening toothpaste, strips, and treatments can help reduce surface stains, but they are not the only cause of tooth discoloration.

The difference between surface stains on teeth vs. enamel erosion:

1. Surface stains on teeth:

A surface stain is often the result of external factors like coffee, tea, red wine, smoking, and certain foods. They can be hard to get rid of and require professional treatments.

2. Enamel erosion:

Enamel erosion is caused by the internal build-up of acids from food and drinks (soda, orange juice) in your mouth over time. Persistent exposure to plaque also contributes to enamel erosion. The dentin layer of your teeth will eventually be exposed and show as a white spot on your tooth surface.

What are surface stains?

Stains are caused by external factors like coffee, tea, red wine, smoking, or certain foods. While the outer layer of your teeth (the enamel) can take on a darker color from these elements it cannot be considered as staining unless your teeth surface has been damaged or worn away.

Stains can be hard to get rid of and can require professional treatments like dental veneers or non-invasive procedures such as Zoom! Teeth Whitening. But there are ways to help prevent and treat stains effectively at home. Discoloration could be a result of dental cavities, aging, or other diseases that affect the teeth. So you may have to think about professional services and holistic treatments in order to get all your teeth whitened, or have the cavities filled.

Can teeth whitening products help you if you have enamel erosion?

Products available on the market cannot help people who have already lost the enamel on their teeth.

A product that can help is tooth-color fillers or bonding, but only if the erosion is not too advanced. This procedure must be performed by your dentist. If the enamel erosion is advanced, veneers or crowns may be considered.

Why doesn’t teeth whitening gel work on enamel erosion?:

1. It is only designed to treat surface stains and they cannot attack the enamel layer.

2. It will not improve your existing smile line — the space from one side of your teeth to the other — any more than it already is. Therefore, tooth-colored fillers or bonding are more for improving uneven color and reducing small cracks in your teeth.

3. The enamel is not present anymore so no product can help that area.

What are some signs of enamel erosion?:

1. If you have dentin showing on your teeth, it might be enamel erosion.

2. If you notice more and more white spots on your teeth as time goes by, that might be enamel erosion.

3. If you start to see darker areas where your tooth is exposed, that could be enamel erosion or cavities.

Reason to purchase Sentinel Mouthguards® Teeth Whitening System:

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What can you do if there is enamel erosion on your tooth?:

1. Seek professional help to explore your treatment options with a dentist or orthodontist.

2. Make sure to care for your teeth properly at home by brushing and flossing daily, even if you already wear a mouthguard.

3. You must also avoid any habits that can damage your teeth and make sure to protect them with mouth guards if possible.


So you have all the facts on teeth surface stains vs enamel erosion. Make sure to read this article again, or bookmark it so you can look at it later. You never know when this kind of information might go a long way in helping you understand your teeth and possibly take better care of them!

We hope this information was helpful. Thank you for reading.


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